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[Character] Lorelei


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Name: Lorelei

Real Name: Genevieve Desmarais

DOB: 24 June, 1998

Allegiance: Currently independent

Location: St. Paul de Vence, Provence, France

Nationality: French

Gender: Female

Height: 1.6m/5'4"

Weight: 52.5kg/115lbs

Occupation: Opera Singer

Appearance: This petite young woman, when her quantum energies lie dormant, is largely indistinguishable from any other Frenchwoman of her age group. Her long, ash-blonde hair is generally upswept into a messy chignon, she wears minimal cosmetics applied to subtle, flattering effect, and her wardrobe is comprised of simple, tailored pieces in classic styles. She is rather pretty, after the fashion of J.W. Waterhouse heroines, but lacks the phenomenal beauty of many other novas in the public eye. When her quantum signature is active, however, the effect of "quantum backlash" becomes apparent: blonde fades to silver, then to white, and finally to the translucent greys, blues, and greens of the ocean as her "hair" waves about freely. Tiny droplets and irregular tendrils of seawater flow with the currents of her emotions, moving smoothly, placidly when she is calm and roiling chaotically when angry.

Powers: Currently, Lorelei's quantum expression seems limited to the manipulation of existing water sources. Her force of personality and stage presence have markedly increased, and the already emotionally-charged sound of her singing has recently been proven to have profound effects on the psyches of her listeners.

Known Facts: In a statement released by her publicist shortly after her eruption last year, it was revealed that Genevieve/Lorelei was vacationing with classmates in Antibes along France's Côte d'Azur when she was nearly killed. She was struck while swimming by a passing jet-skiier, forced underwater, and caught up in the current where she rapidly began to drown. Precisely what transpired beneath the water is unknown, but eighteen people died and countless others were injured when the only recorded tidal wave in the city's history violently struck the shoreline moments later.

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