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[Fiction] Death of love? 21/3/2017


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The days were running together. Life was pointlessly dull. She wanted to break the mold and do something novel.She wanted to break the mold and do something without reason. She wanted to something stupid. She walked the fine line of reason and humanity even if only on the surface to long.

Walking to her lover she looked at the form her love was in, and saw past it. The body was not what she loved. The body was mutable. She spoke to her sleeping beauty

"You have seen it all, nothing is going to change that. We went all the way. You wanted more. You always want more. I give you everything, and you want more.Nothing I can give you will ever be enough. So I am not going to try. You do not love me. You love yourself. You love what you can do to me.. I know what you call me when you do not think I listen. I am your pet. Your toy. You tamed me, when others couldn't."

She knew her love could not hear her.Even if her love did hear her, the words would be meaningless in her love's deep bliss. She walked away.She went to Rio, a small skipping stone for her. She wanted to let her rage out. She wanted to let her betrayal out. She was going to find an effigy for this game.

She found one. A young woman. Yes, typical. beauty takes the form of a young woman. Still soon, there would be no more beauty in that woman.

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