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[Character] Conner "Tempest" Presley


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Real Name: Conner Presley

Identity: The Tempest

Nicknames: “Pres”

Occupation: High School Student

Legal Status: Citizen of Canada with no criminal record who is still a minor.

Aliases: None

Place of Birth: Hamilton, Ontario

Age: 17

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Ian Presley (Father), Sarah Presley (Mother), Grant Presley (Twin brother-deceased)

Allegiance: Receiving training from the Toronto Rashoud facility, but otherwise none

Base of Operations: His parents house in Hamilton

Height: 5’ 9”

Weight: 212 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Distinguishing Marks: None

Strength Level: Conner possesses the strength of a young man of his age and size who engages in intensive regular exercise

Known Quantum Powers: Conner has 2 separate and distinct “core” powers. The first is the ability of flight. Conner has been clocked at max speed capping out at around 2,000 kph although his comfortable cruising speed seems to be somewhere between 300 to 350 kph. While it is unknown just how he achieves this, it is currently theorized to be some sort of gravitational manipulation.

His other primary ability is to generate and control electricity and magnetic force. At its most basic level he can shoot lightning, but in the short time he’s been a Nova he’s shown an outstanding level of control. Other “tricks” he’s learned include creating a protective field of electromagnetic force, creating an electromagnetic pulse, magnetizing objects, locking up a persons ability to move with electrical current, and most recently, controlling electronic devices.

Abilities/Special Skills: While still in High School, Conner is an excellent athlete. His skill on the football field is equal to any of the professional players and he is trained in both weight lifting and wrestling. Conner is also a skilled singer and guitar player who writes his own music.


• Born in 1999.

• Younger of a set of twins. Grant is one minute, fifteen seconds older than Conner.

• While both boys were loved by their parents, Grant was generally considered the “favorite” son due to his academic achievements.

• Conner is a “jock’ although he is also a talented musician and songwriter.

• Conner is considered outgoing and easily likeable by most people and has friends from all social groups in school.

• At the age of 14, Conner came out of the closet with mixed results. Most of his friends accepted him but there were negative consequences as well.

• Conner feels his “coming out” was just one more strike against him as far as his parents are concerned.

• To combat what prejudice he was subjected to at school, Conner started a GLBT support group at his school.

• In October of 2016 Grant and Conner were struck by lightning while walking home in a thunderstorm. Conner erupted as a result but Grant was unfortunately and unexplainably incinerated, leaving nothing but a pile of ash.

• Conner was taken to the Toronto Rashoud facility and has been under the guidance of Don “The Sponge” Macklin, a Utopian trainer, ever since.

• Conner has returned to school to finish his last year at the insistence of his parents and has been taught how to Dorm as a safety measure. Unfortunately the school has forbid him from participating in any contact sports activities even with his ability to Dorm.

• The School and Utopia have also put the family into grief counseling help the Presley’s deal with Grant’s death.

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