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[Character] Lynette 'Indigo' Ross

Lyn 'Indigo' Ross

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Name: Indigo

Legal Name: Lynette Francesca Ross

Date of Eruption: 12/4/2016

Sex: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: The last person who asked got kicked in the groin.

Physical Description: Though not quite tall enough to qualify as a dancing girl at the Moulin Rouge, the nova called Indigo has a supple physique that would do any dancer proud and just enough curves to accentuate her sleek lines. Cut in layers between shoulders and waist, her dead-straight hair is mingled sky-blue and lilac in colour, framing elegant features that can say a dozen words with one expression. Her eyes are an indeterminate pale shade and are usually hidden behind glasses of some kind.

Though seen in a variety of garments in her public appearances at the Sydney Rashoud Clinic, one thing remains constant - her throat is covered to hide the vicious scar left behind by the knife that destroyed her vocal cords during eruption. She has no need of a voice, as her body language is expressive enough to get her point across without resorting to her telepathy.

Known Powers: In the one press statement that Indigo granted after her first stay in a Rashoud Clinic, she admitted that she possessed telepathic capabilities and low levels of superhuman flexibility and durability. Due to a marked decrease in her apparent physical age, some have speculated temporal abilities, though she has denied all such rumours and merely equates it to her node.

Known Facts: As befits one of Australia's senior intelligence operatives, even retired, details are difficult to acquire about Lynette Francesca Ross's life. It is known that she was born during World War Two and came to adulthood as a ward of the state during the paranoid 1950s. Three decades of sterling service followed, with known postings in Britain, West Germany and and Hong Kong, but it has been officially denied she did anything more than handle information and prepare briefings.

Her name only became known after the Cold War ended and the details of several operations between the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and M-I6 became public. Under the codename Indigo, she was responsible for handling information that caused the defections of three high-ranking Soviet personnel and the turning of six more, her analysis of personality traits proving invaluable. When she was officially retired, Lynette Francesca Ross chose to pursue a career as a criminal profiler with the Australian Federal Police to great success until forcible retirement in 2006.

Ironically, her eruption ten years later came around as a result of complete and utter randomness. Raped and her throat cut, Lynette clinically died before erupting, causing the death of her attacker in the process. For all the secrecy surrounding her life, the affair was totally public, as old friends and the police were the ones to find her in her apartment.

Nominally back in active duty with the AFP now that she has reserved the name Indigo, it is more or less expected that she will leave once her training at the Rashoud Clinic is formally completed. Official betting pools are divided between Project Utopia's Internal Affairs or DeVries due to the offers she has received from them both.

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