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[Fiction] Diary of a Fallen Angel [Mature Content]


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[Warning: Mature Content]

[Note: this takes place the day after the opening of Club Babylon]

Morning, I crack my eyes open and realize this is the first morning in the Windy City that I’ve slept in a real bed. I’d almost forgotten what it feels like. I wish I could say I’d forgotten last night. I’m such a dumb-ass.

The motel room I’d gotten with Revenant’s money is sparse, no Opnet access, but at least there’s a TV. I get up, stretch, and pull off the same dirty shirt I wore last night and toss it into the corner. It reeks, just like everything else I own. Grabbing the phone I cradle it in my ear and dial the number from memory.

5 rings later and I hear that Portuguese accent. “Talk.”

“Rui, it’s me,” I say quickly. “I need some help.”

“Angelboy,” he uses my street name. Ever since I was little my mom has called me her little angel. When I got older it got shortened to just angel, and the guys in the ‘hood warped it into angelboy ‘cause everyone who didn’t know me thought I was a perfect angel, never doing wrong. “You got my money?”

“No Rui I don’t.”

“Then why are we talking?” He sounds impatient, annoyed. “You only got a week left to come with 5 grand. You better not make me come lookin’ for ya! Where are you.”

“I…I’m in Chicago Rui but before you freak hear me out,” I say quickly. The silence on the other end of the phone is deafening. “Don’t worry I’ll be back to pay you on time. You know I made too many enemies in LA.”

“So what do you want?”

“I need to know everything you can find out about a nova named Revenant.”

Another heavy silence from the other end of the phone “Why? Angelboy what are you up to?”

“Look Rui I can’t go into it but if you want your money than I need to know” The lie comes so easy. Wrap it up in what your mark wants and it doesn’t matter how believable the lie really is. That was my problem last night. I was too desperate. This Revenant guy must’ve spent so time on the streets ‘cause he read me like a book. I should’ve played it differently but when you’ve got withdrawal pains going on, you get sloppy.

The conversation doesn’t really go much further. A few threats about what Rui will do to me if I don’t pay; a few more platitudes from me, same shit different pile. You see, Rui is the only person who really knows I’m a nova. Oh there are rumors and that stupid “angel watch” back in Los Angeles but he’s the only one who knows for sure. We have this weird fucked up friendship that I can’t really explain.

After hanging up I head for the shower shedding the rest of my clothes in the process. Fuck do I need this…

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Water cascades over my head, washing away the first layer of oil and grime from my hair as I slide the bar of soap across my chest. What I wouldn't give to have a pair of hands massaging my back right now. My scalp tingles from the shampoo and the soap feels like it’s carving the sweat and grime off of my skin in layers. This is the closest to heaven I think I’ve ever been. It’s not often I have this kind of luxury so I take my time to savor it. It takes about 20 minutes to get completely clean and I spend at least another 15 just enjoying the water.

I spend time admiring my new body again. My fingers caress the muscles in my arms, sliding over my biceps and up to my shoulders. I glide my hands across my chest, massaging my pecs and stopping to tweak my nipples before moving my hands further south, down my washboard abs. I get hard again but resist the urge to jack off. It’s been eight months since I erupted in that alley and I still get turned on by my own body. For just a moment, with my eyes closed, I almost feel like I’m still at home.

The moment fades quickly and the reality of my situation comes screaming back to me as I towel off in the tiny bathroom. Where the fuck am I going to come with all that money? I mean I know I’m good but there’s no way I can fuck my way to five grand in a week. I could rob a trick but that means going for the credit cards. I’m going to have to find a rich trick ‘cause I don’t want to do that more than once.

I sigh heavily as I take in the state of my room. Heroin and needles are still on the night table beside the bed, leftovers from last night’s Mickey D’s are still on the dresser and my clothes lay scattered on the floor. The bed looks like world war three was fought in it. I grab my duffel bag from the corner and root around for the cleanest things I can find before shoving every thing back into the bag. With the last of Revenant’s money it’s time to do some laundry…

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Having wings is one of the coolest things about being a Nova. I mean I can do all these different things but nothing beats flying. Soaring above the city everything looks so small and unimportant. Up in the sky I have no worries. But I’m not in the sky right now. I’m on the ground, walking the streets of Chicago, looking for another trick.

The day has been long. Between the crazy lady at the Laundromat and the crowd at the internet café I’ve had enough of stupid ass people for one day. This whole Nova worship thing freaks me out. Back in LA freaky and fucked up is a way of life and no one gives a shit.

I spent the morning washing everything I owned then hit the café to do a little checking up on the best spots to cruise in the Windy City. That pretty much ate up the last of my cash. I also drew a crowd. You’d think these losers had never seen a Nova before. I mean they have a whole fucking team of them with those WCK ‘tards. Why the fuck do they have to bug me? I got what I needed and got the hell out of there as fast as I could. The rest of the day I spent flying around the city getting familiar with the place.

So now I’m looking for another trick. I’ve made 75 bucks already by blowing a couple of guys and jacking some old guy off but it’s not nearly enough. I cut through Grant Park to hit South Michigan Ave, and start heading north. This isn’t a typical cruising area but heading towards “The Magnificent Mile” means heading towards money.

The same black Lexus passes me for the third time so I slow my pace and come to a halt, leaning against a lamppost. On the fourth pass, the car slows and stops. I wait for a moment, ignoring it, playing the game. Another minute and the passenger side window rolls down. I saunter over to the car and lean in to the window. The man behind the wheel is older; I’m guessing somewhere in his late 30’s. He’s good looking in a sort of older, dignified way and he’s wearing a black pinstripe power suit.

“Are you a cop?” I ask him. If he’s a cop then by law he has to answer yes.

“What? No, no I’m not,” he says with surprise. I didn’t really think so. Cops usually don’t use high end luxury sedans as bait cars, but it never hurts to be careful. I open the door and slide in to the front passenger seat. There’s an awkward silence as we both take another long look at each other. “So….”

“So,” I cut him off. Knowing what he’s going to ask. I don’t want to go there. “What are you looking for?”

“Uh, that depends. How much do you cost?” His eyes dart from my face to my crotch and then back to my face.

I smile reassuringly. He seems nervous, up this close he can see I’m a Nova, and I’m starting to think this is first time picking a guy up like this. “You want a hand job or want to give me a hand job? That’s 25 bucks. Blowjobs are 50 and swallowing is another 25. Fucking is 100 and bare-backing is 200. Anything else is negotiable and kink is extra.”

“Blowjob,” he says his voice a barely audible whisper.

“Well, let’s find somewhere more private,” I nod to the steering wheel and slide my hand onto his thigh. He grips the wheel and the car leaps forward as I start to trace circles with my fingertips, giving his inner thigh the slightest of massages.

My john makes noise low in his throat but doesn’t take is eyes off the road. I take that as a sign and move my hand to his groin, continuing my light massage. I feel him hardening under my touch so I unzip his fly and pull him out. I give him a quick wink before engulfing him…

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The john’s head bobs aggressively in my lap. Only a couple of minutes before I’d sucked him off earning me another 75 bucks. I was about to get out of the car when he practically attacked my crotch. I pulled my dick out of my fly and he gobbled it down like a starving man finally being fed.

I lean the seat back a little to give him better access and he slides his hand under my shirt to begin playing with my nipples. I groan and grab the back of his head, pushing myself further down his throat. I can feel him gag for a second before he adjusts and continues to work my dick with his throat and tongue. Picking up rent boys may be new to him but he knows how to suck a cock. In minutes he has me squirming in my seat.

“I’m gonna cum!” I whisper urgently as I twist my fingers through his hair. He only redoubles his efforts. Seconds later I’m shooting into his mouth. I sit for a moment, catching my breath and basking in the afterglow of just having gotten off as I listen to my john’s breathing return to normal before we both begin to put ourselves back together.

“That was amazing,” he says quietly as he pulls out his wallet and hands me 150 bucks. I contemplate just knocking him out and taking his wallet, with my strength it would only take a tap of my hand, but a better idea comes to mind.

“So, how long are you in town for?” I ask him casually while he adjusts his tie and starts the car. He looks surprised and a little worried that I haven’t gotten out yet.

“I uh…” He stutters before regaining his composure. “A couple of days. Then I fly back to Ne... home.” He stops himself from telling me where he’s from. Smart. “Can I drop you off somewhere?” I’ve got him curious; I can see it in his eyes.

“No I’m good. Listen, I know you had a good time. If you want to hook up again I’m available tomorrow night,” I lean in close with my lips just barely brushing his ear and whisper “All night.

I reach into myself and find the spark, that inner light that fuels my powers. I feel myself suffuse with the energy and direct its invisible flow into the man in front of me. I find the cooling embers of his waning desire and gently stoke it back to a slow burn. “What ever you want, however you want it. We can find somewhere quiet and comfortable and I’m all yours.”

I open the door and step out of the car. “Wait!” I smile to myself and turn back to look at him. His lust is obvious. “How much?”

“A thousand bucks,” I say quickly but firmly. “Pick me up in the same spot at ten.”

The john drives off and I quickly count the evening’s take. 225 bucks in one night isn’t bad and tomorrow's prospects look even better. I close my eyes briefly as more of the energy flows through me. There is that strange feeling across my shoulder blades as my white and gold feathered wings grow to their full size. Time for a little night flying…

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“Rui? It’s me.”

“Angelboy. You got my money?”

“Soon. What about Revenant? You learn anything?”

“Not really. Look, what the fuck is going on Cole? You’ve pissed off a lot of people lately. Dante wants you back here now. The Menendez boys are gunnin’ for your ass, and I want my money! What the fuck are you doing!”

“Menendez? Shit. Look Rui, just tell me what you do know about this Revenant guy and I’ll be back in town at the end of the week. With your money.”

“Fine. Revenant is a ghost Cole. The fucker doesn’t exist; at least not in any way that can be tracked. But I have heard rumors. This guy is fuckin’ scary! They say he can suck the life out of you. That he can steal your soul, if you believe in that shit! This is not a guy you fuck with Angelboy. Not like what you did with the Menendez Brothers. You want my advice? You see him, you run.”

“Well that’s just fucking great! How the hell am I supposed to find this guy then?”

“You don't. That's the point."

Fuck. All right, how would you find him?"

"Me? Well If I was suicidal enough to try, I would use message boards.”

“You’re joking right?”

“Nah, I’m serious. Look anyone that deep down a rabbit hole has to use the Opnet unless they’re livin’ in a cave. There are a few Opsites that are Nova only. Try leaving messages there. You never know you might get lucky.”

"Nova only? How is that possible?"

"You don't wanna know. Fuck, I don't wanna know either."

"Yeah okay but I don’t got a computer. Can I hit you up for another favor Rui?”

“Jesus Christ Cole. Yeah, I know a guy who can get you what you need.”

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