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[Fiction] Walking the streets


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Ben turned down Adams as he logged out of the Opnet chat. He had barely been paying attention to the world around him and as he finally slid the phone into the hip pcoket of his well worn jeans he took stock of where he was. Skyscrappers surrounded him in the heart of Chicago it was a impressive view actually being in the canyon of buildings. Moving the American girl bag from one hand to the now free hand he pondered what he would do for the next six hours before Club Babylon opened it's doors.

A family of four made their way past him one of the children talking in a loud and animated manner about how he looked forward to going up to the top of the Sears tower. That sounded like a good idea and so falling in line behind the family Benjamin made his way to blocks and entered the immense buildings visitors lobby with the family ahead of him.

A ten minute wait in line, one ticket and a long elevator ride later the blond haired man stood looking out of the tall building. Looking eastward toward the great lake. It was an impressive view he had to admit and offhand he tried to recall all the things that he could have seen from here over the past year. Procyon's fight at his aerie on the Fordham Spire, Someone crashing a Charger into the side of this building 100 stories above the street. The distant flash of Revenant and Wakinyan fighting along the shore to the south. The explosion and subsequent fireworks of a group who tried to kill Wakinyan after he attacked the CPD and that event. He shook his head and wondered if chicago should install cameras up here to record and sell all the hijinx that went on with the Novas who came and went from the city.

Twenty minutes passed as Ben went clockwise around the observation area taking in the sights. The child who had been so excited about coming up here was now bored and trying to encourage his parents to take him to the natural history museum. To which he was being told no and that they wouldn't make it over there in the traffic before the building closed. Ben smiled to himself and approached the family.

"Hey if you guys would like a easy way over there I can help you." The father of course was the one to speak up. "Uhm no thanks we have a rental car but thanks for the offer."

Ben smiles and suddenly a point of blue light swirled to life and then irised open in behind him. The granites steps and entryway to the museum lay upon the other side of the wormhole.

"Really. It's no trouble at all. I am heading over there himself." Actually Ben hadn't considered going over there until just this moment but still he wanted to make the offer.

The kids went nuts upon seeing the display of Quantum while the parents and others on the observation deck went silent. Ben smiled in a warm and friendly way. "Seriouly no trouble."

The mother nudged the father who looked like he was still about to say no. Ben stepped backward through the horizon of his making and waved them through. The little boy was through before his parents could stop him. "Wow!" He screamed as he began running back and forth from one side to the other. The daughter was soon doing the same laughing and giggling as they did playful circles through space time. The parents followed almost timidly and finally when he saw everyone was through the portal winked out of existence leaving the son most disappointed.

"You folks have a good day." Ben gave them a nod then trotted up the steps, he had always wanted to see Sue the dinosaur and it was a way to waste time before the big event.

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