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[Fiction] Vixen - Getting used to the idea


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"You can lap if you want to."

"I am not going to lap."

"Hey no one is here to see it. It'd be easier if you lapped."

"I said I am not going to lap."

Mitch shrugged with a smile and leaned his face close to the glass of wine he held in his hand and flicked his tongue out and lapped up some of the red wine. "See that wasn't so bad." He said as he wiped a little of the beverage off of his chin.

Roxanne grumbled. "Very cute smart ass but I am not going to lap." The pretty vixen girl's mouth went to the straw sticking out of her own glass of wine.

"It just seems wrong to drink wine with a straw."

She took a drink and narrowed her emerald eyes of her husband. "So lapping is better?"

"Well it's kinda sexy."

"Yeah I am sure." Vixen rolled her green eyes and put the glass down next to her. She turned back to her husband and tried her best to ignore the TV that quietly murmured. "I've been meaning to ask you but, things just haven't been in a good place lately. Are you okay with me this way? Not being able to dorm?"

"That is a silly question Roxy. Of course I love you and always will."

"That isn't what I asked. I said are you okay with it. I need to know because I am not even sure I am."

"It's who you are Roxanne what can I say. It doesn't change the way I feel about you. It only changes the day to day operations like pulling out the softball size hairball from the shower daily."

Mitch's humor helped somewhat. Vixen grinned but stopped as she realized it was a full rows of sharp teeth and fang. Mitch caught it as quickly as she stopped herself. "You can still smile it is good to see."

The vixen instead just smirked a little. "There is more to this though. Since that attack I mean... You have been acting differently. I am worried."

Mitch took a moment and another drink from his glass trying to figure out what to say in his mind before putting it to words.

"What can I say. I would say just read my mind and see it but I know you don't like doing that." Mitch took a moment then began.

"Roxy we have been together for years now. A lot has happened to you, to us, your family. I mean I know a lot of your Nova friends get into more trouble than you do but trouble seems to find us. When that guy came here to kill me it dawned on me that the weight is all your burden. Your the Nova so everyone expects you to do everything. I don't want you to have to shoulder that burden alone."

"But I don't you beat that guy on your own. Your strong and smart. I am happy with you as you are."

"But I am never going to be strong enough. I know I am know Singularity and probably wouldn't be even if I did erupt but... Call me old fashioned I guess I just want to be the strong husband for you."

Did erupt? Roxanne puzzled that in her mind for a bit but kept the conversation going. "I think I understand. You are strength to me you have always been there for me."

"I guess it is just in a more literal sense. I am not ever going to be the knight in shinning armor who comes to your rescue. Rather you get to save me. While I don't mind you being what you are I just wish I could pull my weight more is all."

There was not a lot more to say. Mitch was going to have to deal with this on his own but she would be there for him as much as she could be. So she leaned into his and nuzzled his neck with her cold nose causing him to flinch and laugh spilling a drop of wine on his shirt.

He set his glass down on the end stand and leaned toward her, yet another one of the awkward processes of having a elongated face/muzzle was kissing. It could still be done but the biomechanics of it all were different. Though as his lips found hers the effort of figuring it out was well worth it.

In the month since the attack they hadn't been very intimate and both had been fine with that. Between all that happened neither had the time or the inclination. Now however was a good time, a moment just to themselves. Roxanne returned the kiss with gusto her long tongue seeking his as he pulled her closer wrapping around one another on the couch.

It was going to well, she didn't realize until to late as she flexed her jaw with the kiss. A sharp canine grazed her husbands lip instantly drawing the metal tang of blood. Roxanne withdrew instantly, Mitch looked surprised and raised his hand to his nicked lip. "Oh no! I am so sorry!"

"Don't worry about it. Accidents happen if we are ever gonna make out again these things are gonna happen." An honest smile expressed as he wiped the small trickle of blood on the back of his hand. Roxanne sighed and thanked whatever higher power for giving her husband like him. Though for some reason she felt a yawning pit in her stomach and slightly light headed.

The smile upon Mitch's face faded as suddenly as it began. With a tremble fear began to fill his eyes. "Roxanne?" Is all he managed to get out before his body was wracked by a seizure.

"Mitch!" Vixen screamed and grabbed him at him weakly. Before she even had a chance to try and figure out what had happened to him the change began. It could have been horrifying to see a body contort but it wasn't like that. A haze of emerald flowed over his body as it passed he changed. Skin becoming rust red fur a human face giving way to a canid muzzle. As it happened it dawned on Roxanne, she had bit him. Just like the fox had bitten her all those years ago. The transformation was over in seconds and she was looking at her husband as a kitsune like her but not just like her. He was still taller his fur red not white, one large tail as opposed to her many tails.

"Ow." Mitch groaned as he pushed himself to sit upright. "Are you okay?!" Roxanne screamed as she hugged him. "I am sorry, I'm sorry!"

"For what? It was just a nick Roxy I will be fine."

Roxanne was numb all she could do was stare at the handsome kitsune on the couch in front of her. Mitch didn't even seem to notice the change he just gave her a questioning look until finally she pointed to the large mirror in the living room. Mitch glanced then did a double take then stood and walked over to the mirror and looked closely as if trying harder would give away the 'trick'.

She thought he would freak out. Scream at her or leave but he didn't do any of that. Instead he just stared at the mirror for what seemed like forever before finally turning back to her with a crooked and feral grin. "Not exactly what I had in mind you know."

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