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Character Contest Summary


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2005 Writer's Group

Month One: Neil Preston

Winner: Pride and Anger by Prodigy

Month Two: Long

Winner: Dead Men on my Doorstep by Preston

Month Three: Endeavor

Winner: Futures by Alchemist

Month Four: Alchemist

Winner : Frustrations by Jager.

Month Five: Samhra

Winner: The turning of seasons, the changing of self by Alchemist.

Month Six: Ashnod

Winner: Reactions by Prodigy.

Month Seven: Amped

Winner: Watched You Fall by Samhra

Month Eight: Wakinyan

Winner: Dreamtime by Ashnod

Month Nine: Slattern

Winner: Tough Nut to Crack by Ashnod

Month Ten: David 'Dr. Troll' Smith

Winner: Parent Troubles by Alchemist

2006 Writer's Group

Month One: Singularity

Winner: Spanish Sandelwood by Quanta

Month Two: Carver

Winner: Revolt of the Tin Soldiers by Timeslip

Month Three: Quanta

Winner: Coda by Timeslip

Month Four: Dorothy Roberts

Winner: The Gentlest Heart by Carver

Month Five: Symmetry

Winner: The Competent Man by Flicker

Month Six: Jager

Winner: All's Fair by Alchemist

Month Seven: Cade

Winner: Poor Relations by Ptesan-Wi

Month Eight: Hugin

Winner: In Between by Vixen

Month Nine: Vixen

Winner: Bad Hair Day by Timeslip

Month Ten: Ptesan-Wi

Winner: Long Winter by Carver

Month Eleven: Flicker

Winner: Word of Mouth by Vixen

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