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And the Winner is ...

Neil Preston

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(sorry it took so long. I just kept going over the stories in my mind time and time again. It has definitely made interesting conversations at home and at work.)

To start of, the winner in Month #1 is Pride and Anger by Prodigy. I liked all the stories and many of them got me thinking in different directions and for that, I truly thank you. What follows is a little critique of the stories.

Regan, I loved it. You opened the door for others to explore alternate worlds and scenarios for our characters to be seen in. I especially liked the way you had Neil’s simple courage effect people.

Alchemist, I liked the way you explored the choices Neil goes through and how you left it open to the emotions that go through when he chose to help, or not to help. I consider the story part of canon.

Ashnod, we talked and your story is canon. I liked the way you walked that fine line Neil walks exploring the world opened up by his powers.

Prodigy, you won. It was how you explored the emotions behind the choices Neil makes and how it changes his approach to the world. Canon.

Kirby loved it. Yes, it was Otherworldly, but I still think you captured much of what power means, along with cost. Thanks.

Dr. Troll, consider the story canon. I liked how you showed Neil working in a group environment, how Utopia would work with any concerned nova in a crisis, and the thinking Neil goes through when he makes those tough calls of when how much is too much.

Long, Dude! Ya killed me. You also explored the dangerous nature of the Aberrant World. The ruthlessness that accompanies those who walk with power, or in its shadow. When Neil steps up to heal, he takes a certain risk. One day, it may catch up with him.

Amped … what is it with killing Neil off? Honestly, I loved the story. It bespeaks a time when Neil may take on too much, or fall into another novas trap. Then, what does one have left save the legacy of what you’ve done? Nice.

Totem, thanks. Consider the story canon. Your story was as much about who Neil was, how he has changed, and what forces from his past is still very much a part of his life. He walks in the shadow of the son he was and there is still so much confusion and grief were his mother is involved.

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