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Onyx Path: Leath Sheales Has Passed Away

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It’s with regret I’m announcing that long-time writer, developer, and friend of Onyx Path, Leath Sheales, has passed away.

Leath collaborated with a huge number of writers and developers at Onyx Path. One of my colleagues explained this morning that Leath’s contributions heavily shaped the Trinity Continuum game line into what it is today. I can attest that his amazing work on both Werewolf games, the upcoming World Below, and more besides, made so many of us respect his creative skill.

But more than a creative, he was a friend to so many of us, and beyond that, a husband and father. Always generous with his humour and affection, Leath was a mainstay on our teams not just for coming up with interesting rules or setting elements, but for his laughter, his (often irreverent, very Australian) wit, and the great deal of support he provided his colleagues every step of the way. He championed his games, but he also championed his colleagues. More than one author overcame difficulties in their writing because Leath was there helping them.

I’ve been in a lot of chats today with people who worked with Leath, and unanimously, his co-developers and writers have commented on how highly they thought of him, how easily he made them laugh, and their respect for his style when it came to handling fans, readers, and customers.

I enjoyed working with Leath tremendously. I enjoyed just chatting and joking with him too. I enjoyed hearing about his family and his life outside the RPG industry. And I’m certainly not alone when I say I’m going to miss all those things, but especially his presence in the world.

Thank you Leath, from all of us at Onyx Path.

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