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Fiction Wish List Thread?

billy Horrorshow

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So the newbie has a question, or well maybe a few...Hopefully this makes sense.

How do you guys go about organizing multi-character fiction?

Is there an etiquette for getting involved that one such as myself has just yet to learn? And I'm just asking to know for a future moment...I don't have some "Grand Masterwork" that I want to start or anything. I figured the fastest way to learn would be just going ahead and asking.

Is there a place where you guys talk about future in-game story lines or do they just happen and people hop onboard?

Oh and in my defense I can write things quite different from "Billy's conversation with Forest "Horseshoe Crab" Gump"...it wasn't conceived willingly. But if one person found it funny than it accomplished its mission. Levity is still cool from time to time too, right?

Bah. Lame-o Newbie signing off.

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Multi-person fictions come up for various reasons. They're organized by PM, in the 2014 RP forum, in the fiction discussion forum, occasionally elsewhere. There is no formal ettiquette, other than not joining a fiction unless invited to do so.

I'd also suggest reading the FAQs posted at the top of most of the forums. They're very helpful.

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