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Lore of the Fallen

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Over the next few weeks, I will be written up 'Software Files' which contain Lore associated with parts of this History. I will be writing these in order of popular demand. So, if there is a part you would like to learn about. Then leave a comment and I'll prioritize. I have copied and pasted it from the VSS to here.






A Brief History For The Fallen


I will expand upon these over the next few weeks with a dedicated history thread.

As such, I will be writing out the expanded Lore in order of popular demand. Let me

know what you would like to read about first!



The year was 1971. The air was fresh, Jimmy Fouche was still president and the city was at peace. The God Machine designed, programmed, it this way and allocated a constellation of four very important angels to protect the software and they stood there diligently. You could see them from the top of buildings. They stood there as star above the sky pointing in the four directions of the compass surround the moon.


Oyadina North, the leader and Sword of the God Machine. Lachina South 'Aunty Nancy' Nancy the Engineer. Helegba East the shield to protect the moon and Xango Westhor, the social specialist.


It was a good system an effective system until May 21 - The First Night of Falling.




Since that long and fearful night of '71 the four custodians of the land ran. They traveled around the world to try find inner peace. However, they were hunted by there previous master for years on end. It had been at least 16 years since any member of the star system spoke to one another. They had, individually, seen the world. For North to South, East to West. But, the only place that felt like home was Cape Town. The constellation regathered on that night of the 12th of August 1988. They came together with the realization that unless they worked together, none of them would be complete. None of them would be safe and they could never be free. Much like a compass they were all fashion from the same stone and, as such, were useless apart.


That evening the Ring known as the Constellation was formed.




The 90s were a difficult time for The Constellation. They faced adversity from many foes. - The God Machine had reestablished control of the city with their absence and Cape Town was its fortress. The Demons tried to establish a presence and little by little they succeeded causing several Angels designed to hunt down ring to fall and join the cause.


It was the dark day of August the 5th, 1995, that the ring formally recognized that to expand, and to continue the fight against the God Machine, The Constellation had to become an agency.


As such the, 10 demons smiled as they signed the paperwork to form the first temporal agency of Cape Town. - The Constellation was growing.




As Y2K approached The Constellation had a plan that could put the God Machine back on the back foot for years to come. It was simple and, in fact, was inspired by human error. They snuck into compound X, a precious stronghold for the God Machine as well as a vital piece of infrastructure for the important data files associated with the city. The Agency worked together, editing the God Machines files so that rather than moving onto January the first the software would error and record it to be the 0th of January 1990. This was the Second Night of Falling as the God Machine's tools and infrastructure drastically malfunctioned due to this virus.


The Third Night of Falling was the God Machine's own fault. On the 6th January the remaining Angels created a code that would realign the dates to the mortal world thus saving all future pieces assets. The sudden date and time change awesome caused some angels to fall.



By year 2007, The Constellation temporal Agency declared Cape Town to be an Angel free city. - A sanctuary for Demon kind.




The storm begins. Increased reports of missing persons and domestic violence. As well as a greater than average rain fall in the wet season.



Reports of God Machine infrastructure being formed on the outskirts of the city. Particularly Rooi-Els, Betty's Bay and Pringle Bay.



On the 21st of December the Demons of Cape Town were sombre. This day is now known as 'The Day the Angels Returned'. Helegba was kidnapped by the God Machine and taken back to enemy infrastructure at Kleinmond.


Then, on Christmas Eve, the original Ring of Demons that formed The Constellation went to save East. They succeeded and Oyadina successfully Angel Jacks into an enemy cover 'Amelia Jones'.



Oyadina uses a lot of her influence to manipulate the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design to name Cape Town the World Design Capital.


In March the following train stations were closed for 3 weeks due to flooding: Van Der Stel, Simon's Town and Sunny Cove.



Intel suggests that the God Machine is trying to reclaim Cape Town. - Increased sightings of enemy intelligence in the city.

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I'd like to hear more about the time leading up to 2007 when the "Agency declared Cape Town to be an Angel free city". My own character would have come onto the scene circa 2005, so that transitional period is of considerable interest in defining my character's relationship to and integration into the Agency and city.

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