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Agencies and Rings

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Hey guys, I'm currently working up a VSS for Demon. But part of that is writing up a history. I have ideas for an NPC agency (ultimately to become a PC owned Asset) to allow new players and those whom haven't read all the content yet to get into the game. But I don't mind if players wanted to start with a player operated Agency.


I'm also a fan of Rings forming in the game and intend to award beat rewards for when PC actions are, for better or worse, influenced by their Ring or Agency.




This was my idea for an NPC run Agency which is definitely open to discussion if the players would like neither to use a Player Owned Agency from game start nor this idea.


The pros of being part of an agency generally include security and a share of the pacts/souls/covers that the agency earns through deals.


The downside is that you are required to be an agent and complete missions for the organisation.


I was imagining the Agency having two main fronts. The first is a large law firm designed to obtain pacts for their legal services. The second being a medium sized Security Company, which the law firm recommends to its clients. The goal being to forge pacts with those who want/need protection from domestic threats… which are very common in South Africa… (2800% of the UK’s Domestic Crime rate)

Catch is: The agency also sends out agents, or mortal allies, to cause domestic problems, preferably indirectly. However, if they have an appropriate cover – blatantly to the point works too.

They also have a deal with the police to not prosecute their agents. This ties into the underwhelming police force of IRL South Africa. But also, into the themes of WoD.

Another possibility is that this deal be made between two supernatural factions. Perhaps another genre owns the police force? As such it could promote positive cross-genre in the domain.


I had the following ecosystem in mind:

  • Agents cause a crime to occur.
  • Victim comes to the Law firm for help.
  • Agents at the firm make pacts with the unwitting victim.
  • Law firm suggests that their ‘client’ gets protection. In the form of security.
  • Agents in the Security Company make pacts with the victim for ‘their protection’.
  • The Agency informs the Police of what has happened and shares a percentage of the monetary profit, as a donation, to bribe them into not investigating the matter.
  • The police ‘misplace’ information regarding the crime and the investigation is dropped.
  • Repeat cycle.



Anyway, let me know your thoughts,


Sam :)



P.S. Attached is a guide to building an Agency as provided by the books. For those wanting to start with a PC agency I hope it helps with some inspiration. :)

Building Agencies.pdf

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Mnr. Kores Webb joined the Agency nearly a decade ago. Mnr. Webb is a Psychopomp Inquisitor, hesitant to speak of its past actions. While occasionally alluding to serving as a naval engineer (no further details provided) before its Fall, Mnr. Webb now is deeply connected to Cape Town's telecommunications industry. Mnr. Webb serves to provide active intelligence to the Agency, identifying potential clients, electronically tracking movements of clients and threats, providing secure communication channels, and securing access to various facilities across the city under cover as is needed. Mnr. Webb maintains an active watch across existing telecommunications infrastructure for potential new developments of the God-Machine or its agents in that field. Mnr. Webb has proven very adept with electrical engineering, computers, and welding, throwing together complex electrical machinery in short order. Tech-focused Gadgets (and gadgets) may have come from Mnr. Webb.


The only Cover that Mnr. Webb has displayed while interacting with the Agency is that of an unassuming, Caucasian, 30-something tech geek with a pock-marked face and quiet voice. Mnr. Webb is nearly pathologically precise, evidencing discomfort at deviations from pre-existing plans even when acknowledging them as necessary. While it is always hard to tell with the Unchained, the only times Mnr. Webb seems at peace is when deeply enmeshed in building something.


Anyone interested in building in some backstory ties with Mnr. Webb, positive, negative, or mixed, feel free to contact me. I'd also love to hear more from other players about how their characters fit into the Agency historically.

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