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Atlanta Renato: Shifter 411


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There are two major Sept Caerns in the Area:

An Urban Caern located at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA and a Primal Caern located at Etowah Indian Mounds, Cartersville, GA.

Caern of the Electric Vines

This is the rename of the caern from a year ago after the old regime fell in the attack on the blight. The new Grand Elder was the practically exiled for speaking against the actions that lead to the actions of the lose of so many. As such for the time being the name of the old caern and its former Grand Elder are not spoken.

Type: Urban

Totem: Uktena

Level: Four

Council of Elders:

Grand Elder: Jonathon, Filters the Truth, Johnson Elder Philodox of the Glasswalkers



Master of the Rite:


Keeper of the Land: Eshae, Walks the Fence, Richards Uktena Kin

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(Verbena Adept)

Master of the Challenge:

Master of the Howl:

Caller of the Wyld:



Wyrm Foe:

Caern of the Reborn Union

This is a caern that transcends the barriers set by many as it's core is a native american tribe. They are "family" so no matter how you "awaken" this is your family first. Though their power is without question, the choices they have made leave the ostracized from garou society proper and ignored for the most. Still they welcome those that come in search of wisdom and defend against those that wish to destroy what they are.

Type: Wisdom

Totem: Bear

Level: Five

Council of Elders:

Grand Elder: Li, Eye of the Storm, Chang Elder Philodox of the Stargazers

Warder: Raindance Smith, Illani Daylight of the Pumoca


Master of the Rite: Taihi, Eye of Night, Brown Athro Theurge of the Uktena


Keeper of the Land: Amadahy, Child of the Dreams, Master of the Dreamspeakers

Master of the Challenge: Momma Treebender, Bon Bhat Daylight of the Qualmi

Master of the Howl:

Caller of the Wyld:


Talespinner: Anya Z, Illani Twilight of the Bubasti

Wyrm Foe:

***left spots blank for people to apply for positions...they will be filled before live play though.

Recent history

Truly the changing breeds of the region are just recovering from a time of chaos, a time where the garou lost 5 war packs in the destruction of a blight. This great lose majorly shifted the mindset of the garou that remained. For if not for the assistance of the Caern of the Reborn Union, the packs would have lost their lives for naught. Additionly, the blight would have remained and possibly destroyed those that were left.

Many songs are being created by the Galliards that remain, most try to save face for the old Grand Elder though just like the story of Bunyip, there are those that are being written of the truth...

Still garou survive and that is what is happening in the city, there are those that are leaving and many that are arriving, though not many are staying as experience has taught those here a lesson that many others refuse to understand until they sit in her class themselves.

More information granted on a case by case basis.

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