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World of Darkness: The Academy - [Mortal] Ray Venkman


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Concept: Too curious Student now in a fantasy adventure.

Grade: Junior. (Was)

Age: 17.

Virtue: Hope

Vice: Pride


Brown hair with dark brown eyes, of moderate height, and he is fit, strengthened by a rough training regimen. He wears regular clothing whenver possible, simple t-shirts and shorts. Right now, stuck with the Chiderans, he's been wearing furs and armor. In his presence, slightly improbable events occur regularly, such as coin tosses always coming up “heads.”


Ray's parents packed him off to Dalton in an sharp effort (as they saw it) to get him to actually make some real friends for once in his life. Not that his interest in learning wasn't good, but his soaking up of facts, and the outdoors and interest in novels, particularly fantasy books, seemed to crowd out a genuiene social life. And to be fair, Ray has indeed made some friends in school, but his nature at heart still very much led him into a misadventure.

A year ago at Dalton, he found some odd things investigating the school's odd past, and in the process, he wound up on the other side of the Door. Except they were responsible, not he. He's been missing from Dalton for a year.


Ray is sociable and intelligent, with a few friends, but he has a very strong strain of curiousity and occasional impulsiveness that can get him into trouble, as he tends to want to find out things for the sake of knowing. As such, and for personal preference, he enjoys the night time much more than the day. When problems arise, he will often try to sidestep them when he can.

Since the arrival with the Chiderans and being trained by them, he has toughened up somewhat, but that flaw is still there.

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