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World of Darkness: The Darkness of Space - [Darkness of Space] Glitch

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Name: Glitch

Real Name: Thomas Froit

Age: 20

Height: 5'7

Weight: 172 lb.

Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Thrill-Seeker

Essence: Dynamic

Tradition: Virtual Adept

On the Base

Job Title: Head Information Technician, Chief of Computers & Communication


Born on the high-tech world of New Detroit, Thomas Froit was surrounded by the advanced. Unfortunately, this world was one dominated heavily by the influence of the Technocratic Union. The Union held much of the planet under their direct control, and mages were scourged as Reality Deviants and natural terrorists the world over. His parents were people of rank and influence, and so they both, especially his Technocrat mother Marianne, held no truck with the idea of magic.

Thomas loved technology, but could not suppress the idea of magic as a creative spark, one that could be melded with technology. In time, he came to associate with a group of traveling indigents, who he knew to be mages in disguise, helping others. One of them, a devotee of Hermes, was powerful enough to not require foci, and it was a private show for Thomas that broke down the remnants of his parent's teachings- and awoke his Avatar.

The price of this rebirth was officially being disowned and a purge conducted by the Technocracy against the band, boy and all. Thomas fought as long as he could, but when Marianne killed his to-be mentor, the son retaliated and shot her fatally. He then fled, tears streaming down his face.

Years later, the Virtual Adept Glitch has emerged, careening through life with a certain abandon, looking for new challenges and experiences. Currently staffing the computer systems at the United Planetary base, he searches for the way to create new advances and other things- such as the way to truly forget what he did on New Detroit.

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XP Log

6/22/11- +12 XP, Balance: 12 XP

06/22 - 06/26 1 XP

06/27 - 07/03 1 XP

07/04 - 07/10 0 XP

07/11 - 07/17 1 XP

07/18 - 07/24 1 XP

07/25 - 07/30 1 XP = 17 XP

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