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Mutants & Masterminds: Emerald City Sentinels - [Fiction Seed] Interview With AEGIS

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At the end of session 3 the heroes are invited to speak to AEGIS in the interest of fostering a better working relationship between them. Here is some information that will be useful if you decide to write a fiction about your character going to meet with AEGIS.

Any of the players of the live gaming sessions who complete a fiction about their interview will have an extra HP to use in their next session.

Agents McKenzie and Nguyen (pronounced “win”) are friendly but businesslike… they don’t want to antagonize the heroes. The purpose of this meeting is to find out as much as additional information as they can about the heroes. They ask lots of questions, they even ask about things they already know about, just to make sure their information is complete.

Some sample questions are below, feel free to make up more if you like.

• Can you please give us an overview of your powers inasmuch as you’re familiar with them?

• How long have you been operating as a “hero?”

• What motivated you to start?

• What were you doing on the day of the Silver Storm that you were able to get there so quickly?

• Did any of you know each other before?

• Are your powers dangerous to others in any way… other than when you use them on someone?

• Where did you get your powers, or if you’re not comfortable revealing that, what’s their origin?

• How long have you had your powers and how experienced are you with them?

• Why did you decide to become a, pardon the term, vigilante instead of joining a government agency

or program?

• Do any of you have military experience?

• Do any of you hold advanced degrees of any kind, such as engineering or the like?

• Do any of you know first aid?

McKenzie and Nguyen will apologize if any of the questions offend the heroes, but they want to learn as much as possible about the heroes so they can properly support them and vice versa.

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