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World of Darkness: The Darkness of Space - Grimm [DoS Character]


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Name: Grimm

Real Name: Morgan Rand

Age: 11

Sex: Male

Height: 4'4"

Weight: 70lbs

Concept: Precocious Sorcerer

Nature: Loner

Demeanour: Loner

Essence: Primordial


Morgan was born Awakened, the child of two Asatru-practicing Verbena that had settled on the frontier world of Verdure, a predominantly agricultural and wilderness planet ideal for a coven of the nature-based mages. Always a precocious child marked from an early age with an Avatar so powerful that it manifested in his appearance - for those knowing what to look for - the circle knew he was destined for great things once fully initiated into the Verbena as an adult. The child grew up very different, as happens in the rare instances of Awakened birth. Rather than playing with other children his age, he would sit and listen to the initiates as they talked about and practiced their lessons, then go off somewhere alone and practice himself. Gifted as he was, it was no great feat for him to duplicate what he learned with a little trial and error. This made many uneasy, however, when they saw the boy already exhibiting magical abilities a child should not be 'playing' with. The fact that Morgan didn't play with them, but used them with the judgement and skill of a much older mage, taking the craft-name 'Grimm' at the age of seven, did nothing to allay those worries. In addition, his gift of prophecy and an uncanny tendency to speak inconvenient or unpleasant truths that he should not even be able to understand made him unpopular even amongst other Verbena. Morgan's family left Verdure, deciding to take the boy to visit the other colony circles and the Elders on Earth.

But even in these times, 'witches' have enemies. On the visit to Earth, as soon as they landed the small family was attacked by religious extremists with a sinister agenda: to kidnap the boy and twist him into a tool to use against other witches and sorcerers. Well-equipped and trained, they killed Morgan's parents before they even realised what had happened. Morgan only barely escaped, using his innate talents for 'slipping the minds eye' ((Arcane)) to hide in the spaceport before sneaking off-world.

Morgan grieved as a child does - possibly the first time in his short life he had acted as a child. Alone and curled up in an empty passenger compartment of a cruiser, the boy sobbed out his sorrow, heartache and fear until there were no tears left. He swore an oath that night to make all involved in his parent's deaths suffer thrice-fold what they had caused. And as the ship's chronometer ticked over to 'morning' and he awoke, with tear-stained eyes he began planning how to bring this about.

He considered making his way back to Verdure, but the boy reasoned that would simply draw the hunters to the rest of his parent's circle. For all he knew, they would blame him for what happened - he certainly wasn't popular there. Cursed with insight, he'd seen the looks and heard the whispers: widderslainte, the more ignorant members of the commune called him behind his back, and made signs to keep off ill luck. Wearing his father's cloak, and with his fathers library in his mother's magical pouch, the now truly alone boy decided instead to make his way to the world on the edge of the Universe, to see the Mysts and hide there, growing in power and skill where, he hoped, none would find him.

Until he wants them to...


Social Stats: Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3

Grimm appears as a fairly typical eleven year old boy. His thick dark brown hair is tousled and unkempt, his clothes usually look as though he pulled them on in the dark and didn't bother looking into a mirror, and he's skinny enough to be all knees and elbows. A multitude of thin scars cross his hands and the backs of his arms, quite possibly self-inflicted.

The ragamuffin only goes skin deep, however. Grimm is a mage-born, and has a quiet air of indefinable knowing about him that unsettles even other willworkers. His grasp of magickal practice and theory is equivalent to a mage three times his age, and his self-sufficient maturity can be daunting - particularly when Fate speaks uncomfortable truths through his child's lips. His mismatched eyes, one pale grey and the other a vibrant blue, are always watching, assessing, and taking in what happens around him, and seldom give anything back in return.

Personality: Still grieving his parent's death, the naturally solitary and self-reliant boy is if possible even more withdrawn. He says little and listens much - unless he believes it necessary to do otherwise. Years of discussing magick with older mages have removed the usual shyness and diffidence that a child has in the presence of adults - not that Grimm had much of that to begin with. Precocious and intelligent, he can be unsettling in his direct manner of speech, speaking with the authority of someone much older. Those who entertain even loose ideals about how children should behave are likely to be startled and dismayed.

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