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Mutants & Masterminds: Struggles of Iannin - [SOI] Azath - Lord of Frost & Fire

Kakita Zoyu

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Azath - Lord of Frost & Fire, He with a Hand of Fire and a Hand of Ice, The Unyielding Forge

Aspects - Fire, Ice/Cold, Water, Metal-Smithing, Endurance

Though born of the Twin Suns Tal and Len, Azath is a harsh god, with a blue-white hand that burns and orange-red hand the freezes, blood of magma and bones of ice. His fires and waters are necessities of life, yet when they rage, they rage fiercely, wrecking devastation. And he expects life to endure it and survive, or die, making way for those more hardy and persevering.

He is also a master of the Forge and Metal, heating it with one, and tempering it with the other. Azath is at odds with Beltok, who creates, just to create again, where as he seeks that which endures.

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The Clysm-Brides - As the First Race forced Cataclysm upon the world and heavens of Iannin, so has Azath forced his portion to become the mothers of his more destructive influences on Iannin. He lays with them, and their offspring are broken glaciers and tumbling avalanches, tidal waves and terrible blizzards, the eruption of volcanoes and the searing winds of siroccos, heat waves and cold snaps.

Clysm-Brides, when they walk the face of Iannin, appear as slender women with gravid bellies, their expressions at once meek and hard. Their skin is a pale, almost translucent white with a faint blue tinge, eyes a burning blue hue edged with the yellow-white of forge fire, and their long hair is a deep, smoldering orange-red. Their voices are the crackling of flame and ice, and their appearance usually portends an approaching disaster, it's immediacy congruent with how swollen their bellies are.

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