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Mutants & Masterminds: Struggles of Iannin - [SOI] Quaress - The Trickster

Kakita Zoyu

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Quaress - The Tempting Trickster, Song Maiden, The Twist of Love, Lady of Larceny

Portfolio - Deception and Trickery, Luck and Chance, Performance Arts, Love, Passion, and Desire and their darker mirrors Lust, Envy, and Jealousy

The most beautiful of the gods, Kaer's charming and fickle daughter is generous in her gifts. But behind her divinely smiling countenance, resides a shadowy strain of Chaos from her father and every gift is barbed, as much as she gives, she takes, though even her thefts often leave behind a hidden gift, if her victims can but see it.

Randomly bestowing luck and beauty, or taking them away is a great favourite of hers, leading to the phrase: Kissed by Quaress. This refers to the envy and jealous great fortune or beauty can draw, or to someone losing these things, yet finding their life more fulfilled.

She stirs the passions of all, delighting in star-crossed lovers and ill-conceived matches, and thrills to prick and bring low the pretentious and arrogant. A central tenet of hers is: Leave them unsure. And she means it for mortal and immortal alike.

She is the patron (inconstant though she is) of Bards, Rogues, Gamblers, and the Fey.

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The Fey - Undermining the hubris of the First Race in full - and seeding doubt into the Gods themselves - Quaress saw no need in punishing them, other than denying the chance to reside in the heaves, instead regulating them to the Feywild, and Iannin when the barriers between the two are worn thin.

Beautiful and Hideous, fickle and vain, malicious or uniquely honourable, the Fey largely govern themselves in their various Courts, more bargaining and dealing with Quaress than truly serving her, though Quaress ensures she always comes out on top, in the end. And the Fey deal likewise with the mortals of Iannin, forced to obey the letter of their oaths, if not the spirit.

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