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Mutants & Masterminds: Future Imperfect - Posting Guideline


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A guide to (good) posting in FI

This is meant to be a guideline and is not meant to critizise anyone or offend. Please take it as opportunity and some feedback regarding what I expect of an entertaining and enjoyable read (post).

It is not about quantity. A good post doesn't necessarily have a minimum count of words, even a short sharp comment can add to a situation as much as a well rounded and detailed post.

So what makes a good post? For me an enjoyable read always includes something that gives me more insight into the PCs personality and his motivation. Internal monologue and reflection of ones emotion always help to understand why someone is doing something.

"What the hell is he talking about?" You may ask yourself.

Let me try to give some examples.

Before you make a post ask yourself what is your Character thinking and feeling about the current situation. Don't just rush your post and flatly state what you're doing. Try to add some more flavour, describe your action and maybe add some personal information to it. I want to know what drives your PC, I want to know if he has doubts about his next move or if he's confident with something because he's proficient at it and knows it.

If you need some more information before you post, don't hesitate and ask in the OOC-Thread for more details or jump into Chat and ask there. If it's something that requires discrecy then PM me.

This general rule also applies to combat situations. I know sometimes you can't do much but attack or try to avoid being hit. But instead of just posting that you're using Power X or Weapon Y and then roll your dice you could also describe how you use your power or weapon. Maybe your PC is left handed and has a custom made handgun for leftys, or if you use a thrown weapon tossing it up in the air to judge its weight before you actually make your throw just adds to the atmosphere. Even a simple blast of your Mutantpower could get some personal flavour if you would describe how and where your blast hits your target (or even misses). Instead of simply reflecting what the dice tell (a hit, a miss), just describe its effect. A miss of your fire blast could melt sand and turn it to glass where it impacts or destroy a wall or door. Use your creativity, give the reader something more of substance to better picture and imagine the scene.

Why am I asking this of you, even demanding it?

My posts can only be as good as yours and if I lack information I cannot provide you with much details aside from the obvious facts. If I know more about your PC (and not only your Background) and his development then I can better relate to what he is doing and why he is doing it.

All I'm asking are some really simple basics: Inner Monologue (thoughts, emotions, etc.), details about your actions, not just simple facts but real details. Some more substance than just stating that your PC nods or disagrees with something. Tell us why, tell us more about your decision making and thus learn what makes your Character tick.

I'm by far not perfect and I personally believe I lack variety and vocabulary in my posts but I try to provide my readers with as much details as possible and generally give some bits and pieces about my Characters to make them more believable and easier to access.

Unfortunately this medium we are using is lacking one of the most important "tools" we use in our everyday lives. Bodylanguage, facial expressions and of course our voice. All this is missing here and in order to compensate for this we have to be more descriptive in order to transport our message.

I hope to have provided some kind of "guideline" and for some of you this may be old news but maybe it'll help you or the rare guest to improve his own writing.

I am not claiming perfection - and I never will but I believe this to be a good starting point to improve and grow.

Thanks for reading and remember - this is meant to help, not offend. If I did offend by using bad language or poor choice of wording than I apologize in advance. It is not my intention to cause an argument

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