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Aberrant/Trinity: East of Eden ; prologue Lusungu


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Sitting on my knees I wait for my senses to start making sense again. I never really like the whole teleporting of the uepo. Don’t get me wrong I like the uepo a lot less uptight than some of the other orders, and I never really bought the whole uepo are evil message put out by the other orders.

And now that there all back it seems like there is still a lot of distrust between the other orders and the uepo. Not with me. Which brings me back to my present situation, many people don’t really trust the uepo and they certainly don’t trust the aberrant of eden. So they need someone to make contact with the eden nova’s and there resources. Someone expendable like me I guess.

I take a look around, I’m at a garden behind a large building. It’s a large flat 2 story compound surrounded by a lush garden. I feel a hand on my shoulder and look up. Are you alright john, Hasran asked concerned.

John got up. So this is the embassy of earth? John asked

Yeah we deliver right to the door Hasran said joking.

Come. Hasran said showing the way. John followed.

So hasran you’ve been here before right. Mind if I ask some questions?

Yeah Hasras said stopping and waiting for john to ask his question

So I read the reports and are you sure I don’t need any.. you know money.

No really unless your trying to hide. As soon as people know you’re a psion you’ll probably won’t need any cash. But still some high value commodities you can trade for local currency.

Yeah so what about the aberrant, I still find a hard to believe it..

Yeah I know friendly aberrant sounds weird, but its not like that. You should not really think about them as aberrant call them nova and you’ll do fine. Also some of these guys are really old and grumpy but they have laws here and you should be safe unless you go around insulting these nova’s. Let me take you to the ambassador.

Yeah sure lets do it I’d like to see the city and some of the friendly aberrant erm nova

John was lead to the ambassador’s room. Although earth had no formal relationships with eden. They could not acknowledge that not all aberrants were evil. The public would not understand. They did send a delegation to keep in contact with the aberrants

Welcome mister materson the ambassador said. He was a small man with sharp eyes.

Thanks ambassador yuang. John answered as he sat down in the smaller chair in front of the desk that dominated the room.

So what are you going to do on Eden mister matherson. The ambassador asked looking at the papers in front of him not meeting john eyes.

I’m just here to check out the place and meet these so called friendly aberrant. John said sitting down and looking around the office. There was a picture of a scene of a vista somewhere in china. A large window and several framed diploma’s haning on the walls. All in all it was a rather Spartan office.

Yuang looked at john trying to hide his interest. Really, I can help make contact with the aberrant.

Thanks but I already have an appointment with some people.

Really with who are you going to be talking. Annoyed ambassador yuang folded his hands in front of him.

Just some people who I met.. John kept smiling to piss of the ambassador, it wasn’t because he disliked the man he just did not like uptight people, especially those uptight ministry psions

You just arrived. I can help. Ambassador yuang told him keeping his voice level.

Yeah but read the reports as well. I think I can make my own choices. John said looking uninterested by the whole conversation

I just want to help john these aberrant are dangerous as you know you fought against them. Ambassador yuang told him growing more annoyed than he wanted to show

I know what they are; I don’t need your help. John dismissed him

I just wanted to steer you clear of some of the trouble makers we have met.

Really like who. John asked a little interested now.

Like the aberrant jarun. ambasador yuang told him conspiratorially

Yeah that’s what I thought, look I have a job to do. John cut him off

No you must listen we have had dealings with him and you must no.. yuang interrupted john heatedly

Look I apreaciate you opinion and all but I’m still gonna talk to him with or without your blessing.

I tried to help you and if you get into trouble you’ll be on your own head then.

Yeah thanks for the heads up goodbye ambassador.

John left the ambassador and it went about like he had thought. The man was clearly hiding something. Probably some intrigue with the abberant but that was not really why he was here. He was here a sort of scout. At least that’s what he thought of his mission. Well mission, he was a corporate employee now.

Hasran had given him a computerized map for his PDA. He looked it over. It looked small city, at least it would have been a small city on earth but it was actually one of the larger cities in the colonies. Well except Alpha Centauri.

He found someone who was a lot friendlier than the ambassador to help him. An old friend from the army Lusungu would help, maybe a place to stay and some insight on this culture. It sounds pretty weird to be regarded as a celebrity because of being a psion.

He looked through his list of contacts the corporate handlers gave him. Several exploration companies on Eden he was supposed to talk to about biotech samples. Well that what I get for dealing with corporations.

Biotech samples don’t that sound just thrilling. John sighed

Ah well it was good to be working again. Lets go see if lusungu has a place for me too sleep.

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"Well, knock me over with a feather! John! What kind of trouble brought you here?" Lusungu asked, standing up from her table in the common dining hall in the embassy. The Edenite humans were appalled at the thought of posthumans eating in a mere 'cafeteria'. The wry grin on her face was reminiscent of the ones she'd worn when she'd been younger, and doing her level best to minimize the amount of trouble John had gotten into.

"Actually, at the moment, I was coming to track you down, Lusungu. I just got here, and I need a place to crash," Matherson responded, with his wildly faux-innocent grin. "After that, some biotech samples to complete, some sights see."

"Well, the first one's easy. If you're staying less than a week, my cozy apartment will probably fit the bill. It's only got enough space for, oh, maybe a dozen people or so," Lusungu rolled her eyes melodramatically. "If you stay any longer, the locals will insist on trying to move you into some sort of palace of your own, then you won't want to leave again."

"As for biotech samples, I'm sure we can get you some, but I have a feeling you're not looking for any of the really easy to get ones, are you? I don't know myself, but I hear the biota around here and the sea biota have been sampled so often they come with standard issue perforations now." Lusungu shrugged in melodramatic apology.

"Nothing too crazy, but yeah, my corporate masters are looking for something a little more exciting, or they would've gotten a nice proper rex with a degree, instead of one with a combat background like me." Matherson shrugged, and tilted his head towards the weather-worn combat duffel bag he'd set at his feet.

"Well, it should be exciting then, but we better take one of the natives as a guide. Things in the wilds of Eden are a little crazier than back on Terra. The jungle here really is out to get you! But first, you should probably take a seat. Sonia there behind you has been waiting to take your order for at least a minute now, and she's starting to get anxious. If you're still eating like I remember, the Beef Stroganoff is surprisingly good. Something about free range, no antibiotics, blah blah blah. I think it's just something in the water here." She finished off with the classic joking smile that she only used with her friends.

Matherson turned to see the slight brunette in a white shirt, black pants and vest, who was standing slightly behind him with a menu. How'd she come up behind him so quietly? "Would you like a few moments to examine the menu, sir? We can also make most requests with a little bit of time. If you have any dietary requirements, please let me know."

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