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Aberrant: Prometheans Unbound - Experience Points

Blue Thunder

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And now how to handle XP?

There are two XP issues:

1 - Downtime XP

Like with temp Chrysalis I was thinking of awarding XP during downtime to represent how your characters continue to do things in between Chapters, since the game will focus on the main events of the NOLK.

For every month, 3 XP sounds fair. If you're in Chrysalis, you don't get XP.

2 - Gametime XP

XP gained from roleplaying will be awarded to each character seperately through PM, so no one feels bad if they recieve a point or two less than someone else. XP will be determined using the same method from the book, except there will be 2 auto XP after a game instead of 1 auto XP. Any extra XP is determined as normal for each category.

I might give bonus XP for other things...I'll wait to decide when they come up.

Thoughts? Opinions? Glaring errors?

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Sounds good to me. ::biggrin

However, as listed in the book, the xp are awarded at the end of a 'story', whereas you've been talking about 'chapters'. How do these measure against each other?

Will you be handing out xp at the end of each Chapter? Or will there be multiple 'parts' to each Chapter?

Also, about how long do you expect each Chapter will take to complete? (I realize you can only give the vaguest of answers to this last question given the nature of pbp play, but I'm asking anyway...)

I ask because the above listed system for awarding xp sounds good to me. But only if we're getting the xp on a semi-regular basis (i.e. if I have to wait six months for every downpayment of xp, that's gonna suck!). Assuming the intervals are more reasonable though, I have no problems at all with this system. (to clarify; if each Chapter is likely to be an incredibly complex, incredibly long play-through, then I'd like to get some xp at intervals during each Chapter. But if the Chapters are likely to be relatively straight-foward affairs or aren't going to take until next Christmas to complete, then I'm cool)

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So the xp system listed in the book is designed for the "standard" tabletop group...you get around 3-5 xp per session which is assumed with most groups to be once a week..

Online its ongoing but MUCH slower....may I suggest having awards be more in line with the in game time that would be spent during a 6-8 hour session once per week?

the reason I ask is that Im the kind of guy that likes to save up 60 xp to put into a Chrysalis so if we arenly getting 4-6 xp per chapter that takes months it will take me years to save up...

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Good point by both of you. I kinda thought the XP award was low, considering the downtime bonus, but threw it out there anyway.

Chapters I see as taking 2-3 months average, depending on activity. It also depends on what the Chapter is about (the main goal, really) so it could take 1 month or maybe 4 or more, depending.

So...two choices for XP now:

1 - Double XP awards after Chapters.

2 - Give XP at intervals in Chapters.

I favor the 2nd option simply because we can't predict how long a Chapter will last. Some Chapters will last longer than others...so wouldn't more XP make sense? If it's given at intervals (those intervals can variate between different character groups, if any, within a Chapter, and are decided by me) it makes more sense.

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So BN gives xp by episode (and no of course you dont have to copy him but just for reference to what others do).

Each episode is *supposed* to take about a month real time though the greek world one took like 4 months. He gives out between 6 and 11 (IIRC) for each episode, which seems to work nicely.

Incidentally how many chapters do you have so far? How long would you like to keep this campaign going, given your druthers? This to keep in mind the bigger picture. ..after a year of realtime it would be nice to have between 100-120 xp advancemet to feel really substantial (this I think is how BN has it and it just feels good to me...) so thats like 8-10 month.....that sounds maybe too much though....so to be honest Im not sure....someone else give input...

also...BN lets us vote for an episode "trailer". This works great since his series plays out like a tv show but it doesn't seem like the feel you are going for. SO how about other opportunities to earn some cheddar?

Like maybe award a base of 5 for the chapter and add in a few for good roleplaying/posting, post rate etc. and have a chance to earn more through journaling or [whatever]...

just my $0.02...

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I'd rather just leave the XP for gameplay. I don't want to feel like players just do journal entries and such for the XP...I'd rather they do it if they feewl like doing it. Or are really bored, I guess.

I don't have Chapters pre-decided really...I'll probably only have the follow-up Chapter decided at any given time. I'm usually a compulsive pre-planning whore when it comes to RPGs (I hate falling back on randomness in my games since I focus on the plot, though I do a lot of on-the-spot bullsh*tting and making-up and such) but for this game I'll be more freeform.

That's not to say that if the characters are supposed to be investigating the murder of a prominent Terat in a certain city, and they decide to go crash the Phoenix Room at random for no reason other than to do it, I'll let it fly. I give the players plenty of room, but only if they use reason. I'm sure none of you guys need that speech though...otherwise you wouldn't be playing a WW game, which all revolve around storytelling.

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I favor the second option you mentioned as well BT. Intervals would give a real nice sense of regular progress, which is pretty much all I'm looking for. But I'd also like to second what Alex said, this is pretty much your call, and I'll go along with whatever you decide. (even if it is giving out xp once every six months)

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