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[OpNet] Working for the wargods...

Fortune's Son

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LNSE I thought I'd move it over here since it had nothing to do with jovian holidays.

Endeavor enthused;

Jack: DeVries. They signed me up to their Technology Research and Development division. I finally got hired! The orientation is in a week. Then, training with their in-house protocols and security procedures, and with their computer network. In a month's time, some of you Elites will have to talk to me about requisitioning tech. The role they have planned is more of a PR thing, as the boss said, "I have a cute thing going the kids like." I'd have to agree. So, if any of you guys are going on missions, I'll probably be the tech-support you'll have to deal with.

Congrats and welcome to the band! Got a couple of thoughts for you on requisition but don't be surprised if what they brief you on next week sounds different. There's the book then there's how it really works.

Tech requisitions does get affected by influence no matter what anyone says but not necessarily in the way you think. Yeah Stryker can get anything he wants for a mission but then most of his contract briefings take place in Annie's office. What does that tell you?

Then you have people like me that get the gear directly in exchange for the ocassional errand or project on someone's behalf. The majority of Elites are somewhere in between the two extremes and usually go through their handler's. That's where it gets a little funky since each of the handler's has his own style and walks a very thin line between keeping their charges happily equipped while protecting the company interests.

That's something Jager could never seem to grasp and always ascribed the outcome to some machiavellian turn of mind or hidden conspiracy. See, sometimes you have overzealous like Gustov that equip VB with a whole satchel of hell grenades. Was he trying to get VB killed? Nope, he just had no idea what the things were capable of and when a nice pallet of "new" antipersonnel grenades turned up in the compound, he decided "his" Elite deserved 'em.

Does anyone really care about the cost for stocked gear? Probably not in the way you think, at least not in the requisition phase. Elites are the ones footing the bill and paying for their own gear by reimbursing the company for resources used, which means everything from satellite coverage to rounds of small arms ammo. Influence within the company has a direct correlation to how fast you can lay your hands on some juicy toyz at the drop of a thin dime, or whether limited resources get used to support a Fortune Op or a Stryker Op.

Don't worry; Rachel Alinsky is the patron saint of Elites and she'll train you well. She takes care of us and in return anyone that even thinks about laying a hand on her is going to spend their short remaining time in this life praying for death. Rachel is part of what seperates us from the other node sparks running around trying to look like badasses.

Survival tip of the day; do not mess with the wizard of DeVries.

Follow her lead and you'll do fine.

And LNSE? Keep it simple. When a storm god is raining lightning on one side and Shrapnel is cutting your flank to ribbons with molten metal on the other side the only way out is hitting 'em hard and fast right between the eyes. The difference between life and death is measured in fractions of a second at moments like that.

But we do love "fire and forget" tech. Beautiful stuff and can keep your ass in one piece when the turn of the card goes against you and you need a force multiplier immediately.

Welcome to boot camp by the way. In case they didn't spell it out for you, everybody gets tactical training - even the secretaries. Annie insists and nobody gets a pass out of it, not even the lawyers. Because you're nova with some intrinsic offensive abilities you'll probably get a longer training session and might even get to see the HellTown trainer but it'll be nothing like the 3-6 months the combat Elites get.

Not unless you're planning on moonlighting. Welcome to the band.


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*grins* I'm well aware of the hell I'm about to go through. Trust me, I bet I'll be sore for some time. I made a slight change in my preferences for position. I don't exactly mind working in the field. Simply put, if I can help protect you guys from getting plastered, the happier I'll be. Simply put, I'm one of those techies who like playing with their toys. They'll never laugh at LNSE after I get a few missions done and some experience in the field. My adventure with you recently convinced me I want in. I'll be a better person for it.

Besides, Anna-Sensei said I have potential. Just as long as you don't mind me popping in on missions once in awhile. You'll discover just how good of a team player I am.

Also, I'll have to get to know my future colleagues. Including my instructors. Hopefully I won't have any guy who thinks this is "Full Metal Jacket" and start going all Marine Drill Instructor on me. But otherwise... I feel I'm ready to go. mad LET'S DO THIS!

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Originally posted by Sakurako 'Endeavor' Hino:
Hopefully I won't have any guy who thinks this is "Full Metal Jacket" and start going all Marine Drill Instructor on me.

You might get Vile Bill or Sandovahl at some point as they both do the group tactics module. I think Valkyrie or Phantasm is designated for the next two combat modules but you'd have to check the duty roster to be sure.

I'm still out of the rotation until the leg heals.
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Misadventure? Nah, just the price of doing business. You know how it is, Doc; any wound that doesn't kill you isn't worth bragging about. I went back into a hot zone to assist someone but couldn't get out with him. Mass limitations.

Then I got to see some of what serves as cutting edge ordnance in the rest of the world up close and personal. Nothing as slick as what Rachel plays with but a couple of nasty pieces of tech anyway. One in particular was a semi-portable flechette gun. 3000 razors per minute but I only took around 70 rounds through mainly the right leg. Instant hamburger. Hurt like hell but luckily they were too freaked to press the advantage and I swam into the sand dunes to play piper crab while the node dealt with it. Pain in the ass hobbling my way to the Caspian Sea since I missed the back up evac.

It was touch and go with Popper though. He's going to make it but a good safety tip is not to take a MASER burst in the stomach.

[ 10-16-2002: Message edited by: Jack Chance ]

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I bet he lost his lunch. :P ewww.

Thank god I heal faster now. If it wasn't for my node figuring out I could regen, I probably would still be in the hospital!

Well, I start on Monday, I'll be hopping on the nearest flight to the US to get to the training grounds if you will. I'll probably be absent from the boards for th first few days as I acclimate to the increased activity schedule.

I can take it. I should have enough fortitude. mad

[ 10-16-2002: Message edited by: Sakurako 'Endeavor' Hino ]

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Sakura sez:
Well, I start on Monday, I'll be hopping on the nearest flight to the US to get to the training grounds if you will.

PS: If Annie is sending you to the US she's either sending you to a school or she's giving you a test. But let us know when you hit Africa. The Helltown trainer is on a nice little 200 acre compound that I don't recommend you flying directly into without three levels of authorization and a pass from Carrington. Even Annie doesn't fly in without escort.

Accidents happen.


[ 10-17-2002: Message edited by: Jack Chance ]
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Actually I'll be covering all clearances needed with the instructors. And if I don't get 'em, I take it as I'm not welcome in those areas. I'll step lively.

Oh, Dr. Smith, I don't mind taking advice from you, but, try to keep calm. My right arm still isn't fully operational. The nerves are still recovering from the smack you gave me on Europa. It should be at 100% though by the time I start going to the school of hard knocks.

Dodge? Pshaw, If you can do it, do it. If not, take it like an Elite, or like a bitch. Either way, you're taking it. No returns allowed. That's my policy. I'll post 'em on the wall where you can see 'em.

I don't mind the LNSE jokes anymore. Strange. Perhaps I'm a massochist after all. Heh, god knows I deserve the attention I get from doing what I do. *sigh* I wonder if there are any Trekkie novas out there... Just curious...

[ 10-18-2002: Message edited by: Sakurako 'Endeavor' Hino ]

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