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[OpNet] Endeavor, you are in need of funds?


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Endeavor, I understand from your recent posts that you are short of money. Would you perhaps like a chance to increase your liquid wealth?

I believe that you still have a number of technical designs of your mother's invention that have not yet been made public? If this is true I would be more than happy to purchase access to those schematics. I have more than adequate access to funds and would be willing to make this worth your while.

Let me know and we can exchange.

Your's Truly,

James Meehan III

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Tough one. I'm still funneling in royalties from patents, but those checks don't come in every day.

As for turning over designs, as you can see from Kuro-Tech, those designs aren't yet "ready for prime time". Makes me think the tech-restrictions PU has make sense. :P

But, I have a few programs, and other things I think would be safe to release. But this would take QUITE a while to work out, and I just got hired for a job so money will soon be flowing a bit better.

But I believe you could help me get my mother's vision out into reality.

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Endeavor honey, you don't need that owlhoot. You wanna make some cash I know plenty of deep pocket mother fuckers who'd love a chance to party with ya.

No, I ain't talking about you having to toss yer ankles behind yer ears neither. PYT like you can make some serious cash just flashing a smile, flying in for a quick date with some software making geek. Just flash a little quantum show at him and you can make a quick six figures, no problem.

[ 10-14-2002: Message edited by: Vile Bill ]

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Originally posted by Sakurako 'Endeavor' Hino:
Makes me think the tech-restrictions PU has make sense. :P

I will attribute that remark to youth and malnutrition brought on by a diet of junkfood and sodapop.

However, I'm not interested in anything you feel emotionally attached to. It is just, when given the opportunity I don't mind perusing another Nova's work. Differences in style and personality can make an enormous difference in the end product.

The dollar amount I am offering is significant, and I would not be asking you to turn over patent rights or anything of the sort. I would simply like to take a look at them. The same offer would of course stand to any other Nova who had designs 'just laying around'. My curiousity knows few bounds.
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Heh. I didn't mean that line in the way you picked up. I was being scarcastic.

But, if you want the headaches from trying to figure out her computations and designs, I'm more than willing. I can't figure out her work alone.

One thing though, I'll tell you what you'll be potentially dealing with.

1: Unified Theory?!? (Wild Goose Chase)

2: A still malfunctory MHD Ion Engine design. (Works in both air and water)

3: An experimental exoframe design (Which I'm now working on from time to time)

4: A fully functional charged particle emmitter (Cuts through titanium like butter, but has short battery life.)

5: A theory on FTL propulsion.

6: Planned refits to the yacht (but why do we need AA guns and EMP shielding? What was that woman planning?)

7: Not to mention several different aplications for Hinopolymer.

Head spinning yet? Here's the kicker:

A design for a variable geometry mechanical platform. In other words, if her designs were valid, this technology could be applied to make multi-environment vehicles.

I know the "transforming robot" jokes I'll get for this, but I bet this theoretical engineering method COULD be used for such things... If technology would catch up with her theories.

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Kiddo, you didn't ask but here's a couple of observations for you. Just a few worldly facts to consider before you make up your mind about Prodigy's offer.

  • If someone like Prodigy wanted into your system he'd be there. They got the video of your party and that was just N! using some nova ninja for a jack-n-skip job.
  • You're broke at the moment even if that situation is going to change by the end of the year.
  • Information is perishable. The Kuro-Tek project is dead but the information is still out there and someone somewhere is going to be using it, refining it, solving problems, feeding the poor or making bombs. You killed a specific project but that doesn't change the fact that the info is out there. Prodigy in this instance is paying for your mama's take on the designs. He could get the designs of the MHD just as easily and more cheaply from Kuro-Tek.

You didn't ask but I got a little advice for you. Feel free to ignore it 'cuz its worth what you paid for it but you may want to think about this in light of the above.

  • Negotiate a flat perusal fee to let Meehan scan the database and see if anything interests him.
  • Lease him the material that does while retaining the ownership as intellectual property.
  • Sell him the development rights.
  • Stipulate a 1% royalty from anything that gets manufactured based on or derived from the designs.
In a year this info is going to be worthless but today its a marketable commodity with an intrinsic value. Do as you see fit but remember this is coming from somebody that has a net worth greater than 190 or so of the top 200 Elites; none of which is directly due to contracted fees.

Vile Bill is right that you could do the pretty people thing we've been talking about on other threads. But regardless of which way you jump timing is everything, LNSE. This info is going to be yesterdays news someday. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a decade, but either way you can't develop it while the info is bleeding edge in your current financial situation. Maybe Prodigy can.

[ 10-15-2002: Message edited by: Jack Chance ]

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Endeavor, Mr. Chance's first and second suggestions would be of greatest value to you. I have no intention of publishing any of my work for profit, or of trying to manufacture anything myself or having a third party try to do so either. So, there would be little to gain for you through the third and fourth options.

Of course, merely for perusing the database, I would still be willing to part with a dollar amount in the mid eight figures. I would assume no ownership of said data.

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Prodigy: Your offer sounds tempting, but DeVries is now asking for some goodies too. Tell you what. When I get these vultures satisfied with some cloak and dagger, I'll give you the prime cuts. I sorta think it'd be in good hands with you. I don't know why, but I am thinking that.

Jack: I'm no longer worried about money, bud. But, when I start working for you.. or actually, when DeVries assigns me to you as your techie, try not to dent up the toys. wink

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I tend not to go for Greytech or Blacktech designs, Endeavour. Despite my... unsavoury reputation Utopia has yet to make any S&T violations stick to me, and I'd like to keep it that way.

While I won't say that I have a spotless Blacktech record, I try not to get involved in Tech exchanges with Saisho companies. No matter how low profile I try to keep it, Utopia always manages to find out, and they naturally managed to find some excuse to take it away from me.

However, if you are interested in a little tech exchange... that'S somEthing i can't hElp you with, My friend Endeavour...

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I said that, because I was starting to muse on the dynamism of time. It's like a hungry worm, changing the landscape through it's process of digestion. Fertilizing the ground with new tomorrows...

See what I mean. If I was a philosopher, I'd be one. But I'm not and have no bearing or experience to say ANYTHING about ANYTHING.

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I certainly am no model practitioner of this silly etiquette thing. I just think it's funny for li'l E to get so upset about nothing. Some people are just so touchy. I swear, her head is going to pop right of her shoulders some day.

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