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Big announcement from Heritage!


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Hello, all. So here's the deal: I've started working on a proposal for a comic mini-series, tentatively called "Grim and Grimmer: The Empty Man". It's a four-issue series that (I hope) would lead to more minis, since they require less commitment from a publisher and can be easily repackaged as graphic novels. I haven't been this excited about a project in over ten years; I've discussed it with many friends who's opinions I trust, and the reactions have been universally positive. Does this mean I'll get a sale? Hell no, but I've seen some of the stuff that gets published in the indies, and I KNOW I can do better, so I might have a chance. I'd being doing this as a writer only, since I can't draw for crap, so I don't know if that will improve or decrease my chances. I'm pitching it to Dark Horse first, and then every other indie company I can find.

So how does this affect EON? Basically I'm slashing my other creative commitments down to the bone, which unfo means putting WJ on hiatus for a while ::sad, for how long, I cannot say. I hate to do this, but when you sit down in front of a computer and your brain is being flooded with new ideas while you stare blankly at an empty posting box, you have to make a decision. I want this proposal to have the best chance possible, and I don't want to just throw together a half-assed WJ post once every two weeks and call it filet mignon. This also means dropping out of Asbjorn's game (sorry, dude), but I have to admit my commitment there has never been as strong as it should be; maybe I should have played a chick ::tongue

I hope to be able to return here in a few months; I'm sorry to leave folks hanging, but this is something I literally have to do, or the damn thing will keep me up all night; I'll try and pop in from time to time and say howdy and see what's going on with everyone. As always, sorry to be such a drama queen, but at least you always know why I disappear from time to time.

Take care, and everyone have a great summer!

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