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UK Gaming Nationals

Jackson Creed

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Hi all,

Don't know how relevant this might be for folks but I will be at the UK Student Gaming Nationals in Sheffield this weekend. Just wondering if any other EON Aelumni will be there (Aeon + alumni = get it? ::biggrin ). I'm gaming in the WOD category (any White Wolf game) so I could end up with anything from classic Vampire to nWOD Mage. Old World of Darkness is my speciality, especially Vamp and Werewolf, but since there's both a Futuristic and Supers category, I very much doubt I'll be lucky enough to draw Trinity, Adventure or Aberrant ::sad ::sad ::sad

Anyhoo... if anyone else is going to be there from EON, I'd love to see you (I don't look much like Elrond in real life though!)



P.S. I'll be the one getting rat@rsed at the bar in the evenings!!!

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