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[OpNet] Strike One


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Well, the State Supreme Court struck down our "No Tolerance" Policy. I doubt the State's AG will take it any farther. It has spent over a year fighting this and the U.S. Supreme Court isn't likely to overturn the verdict.

The ACLU declared it a great victory for Novas' rights as human beings. Whatever.

In the 25th hour, we learned that an unknown group of novas aided the ACLU lawyers in preparing their briefs. Our people did their best, but their was no bending in the judisiary.

The Boston Globe also went on to say that the next target is our "State Sponsored Concentration Camp", aka: the North-Eastern Nova Containment Facility. The city and the state plan to fight, but the mood around here is gloomy.

I am sure some of you are either cheering or sitting back smug in your superiority.

I will clue you into a little something.

This city (and a few others I cannot mention) have 'unofficially' decided that there is no point in arraigning any nova criminal unless there is a state-side prison facility.

Why? Think about it.

Putting a nova in a conventional facility is ludicrise. All it does is put the guards and the othe prisoners at risk.

That means Project Utopia and Bahrain. Utopia is widely known for not respecting juristictional matters were novas are concerned. Once they apprehend a nova criminal or a nova criminal is handed over to them, they are gone. In a few high-profile cases, they have drug the suspect before the World Court, but that is rare.

It is not worth the time and money for the District Attorney's office to try and get the suspect back. They have yet to see anyone win such a case. They will file the appropriate paperwork and let the matter die.

The crusade to do away with any alternatives is perpetuating this gross violation of a nova's civil rights. It remains incredibly easy to get rid of any law-abiding nova. Just frame them for a felony. Make it nasty. Then, they are gone. Either they are on the run, or they are in Utopia's custody. Innocence is not an issue.

Are you all still happy that "MY" fascist little boot camp is most likely a dream that will die in its infancy?

Hell, the trials would have been boring anyway. Who needs due process of law? A few thousand people world-wide lose a little more legal protection, but is it really important? Don't worry. Project Utopia will protect you.

Not your fellow citizens. Not even the countries you live, work, and most likely contribute to.

Trust in the faceless, nameless people in some dark closet, somewhere. The people who run PU and we don't even know who they are.

Anyhow, novas on both sides of the aisle have already chimed in on our expected demise.

Director Laragione says that "it is too much responsibility for any one court or nation to undertake alone."

Count Orzaiz says that "it was only a matter of time before the American Civil Government realized that it is not their place to sit in judgement of the One Race."

They both had more to say, but that was the heart of it.

What do the rest of you think?

Are we doomed to fail? Are there other alternatives that the city and state should look into?

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I was always a bit doubtful about the "No Tolerance" idea. The phrasing alone brings to mind Tampa. I think you are on firmer ground with the jail.

As for arresting novas, I don't see why you couldn't put most of us in a normal jail. Most of us are not walking nukes. For that matter, Yes, lots of us could escape, but that would bring problems of its own.

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Don't bet on that.

Consider the ramifications, the cost and current status of precedence. You remember the day you spent on the economics in the poli-sci section of your entry training? Apply the principles to this situation. How do you think the federal government of the United States feels about assuming that responsibility? Or the state about the expenses? The taxpayers?

Don't confuse the vocal minority with the power players. Or passionate zealots for leaders.

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