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Adventure! RPG - Adventure: Evil Overlords


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Perhaps your players have played all the heroes they think they can in adventure? Perhaps your last criminal mastermind did not have that special something?

Well, no fear, for here comes Adventure: Evil Overlords, the supplement for all your evil deeds, with everything from new knacks to a few new vices.


Well, first of, evil overlords have only two kinds of inspiration types (Criminal Mastermind and Henchman), however since they need to be superior to the hero's (hero's almost always wins, so therefor successfull evil overlords have to adapt faster) they may pick any knacks from one of the other inspiration types, but only from one of them, choosen upon creation.

Second, since no selfrespecting evil overlord would ever have a virtue, they dont. The only way for them to regain lost willpower is between adventures, at the end of a storie and while resting.

Examples of Criminal Masterminds are Mad Geniuses, Mistresses of Intrigue or Warlords.

Examples of henchmen are Femme Fatal, Hassasins and Trappers.


Death Traps Architect (1 tp, Henchmen)

You did not expect the car to suddenly fill with 500 pounds of icecream now did you?

Every once in a while, those pesky hero's tries to foil the evil villans plans and it often involves destroying his or hers carefully crafted lair. Enters the trapper, a person who is very good at making death traps.

System: When creating a superscience device or gadget that is a trap, the character gains three automatic success on all rolls involving the creation. These successes does not count towards stopping botches (for example, Martina the intrepid builder of Lord Melkiors latest deathtrap rolls 1, 1, 2, 5, but have Death Traps Architect, this however still counts as a botch).

Master Planer (2 tp, Criminal Mastermind)

Thought you had cought me there did you not!

Sometimes the hero's manages to destroy the evil overlords plans... well, ok, usualy they do, however the evil overlord almost allways have an escape plan...

System: The costs of dramatic editing when editing for an escape plan or device is reduced by one.

Look out Sir! (2 tp, Criminal Mastermind)

Jolly good man Watkinson, forunately he took the bullet instead of me. Unfortunately he died. For him.

Your minions will fight for there lives against the hero's and intrepid adventurers, not becous they fear for your wrath but becous bullets aimed at you have a tendency to hit them, with fatal consiquence.

System: If there are any minions close to the Criminal Mastermind, they are hit instead of him (the would be assassins will still have to hit the Criminal Mastermind, but the hit itself is transfered to the nearest minion). This only works against ranged weapons and only against minions, not Henchmen.

New Vices


Some people just needs to gloat and laugh at others predicaments. You are one of those.

System: Spend a willpower point not to gloat once you have your enemies secured. Spend two willpower points not to tell of your Masterplan to the hero's if You have them in a deathtrap (unless you plan to set them free).


System: Spend willpower not to kill the nearest underling when you recive notice of a plans failure.

More to come. ::laugh

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I think I might have a crack at this one...

Bogeyman (lvl 3, Criminal Mastermind)

AAAAGHHH!!!!!... Just a dream, it was just a dream, oh god please let it be just a dream!

There are some villains who just inspire fear in their enemies, there are the rare few, however, who are just too unsettling. Something in their manor, their voice, their look, or just the way the sun catches thier eye, makes even the most fearless people look twice, and then the dreams begin, Villains with this Knack truely are the Bogeyman.

System: All who see the Mastermind are affected by his presence, to varying degrees, typically giving them a casual "that guy gives me the creeps" feeling, children and those of particularly low willpower(3 or less), on the other hand suffer the same effects as if the Mastermind focussed his power on a target. On making eye contact with his target, the Criminal Mastermind activates the knack, amplifying his unsettling effect on an individual. That night and subsequent nights equal to the number of successes the target will suffer recurring nightmares where the Mastermind is the focus. This causes the target to gain penalties on all attempts to take any action against the Mastermind, including investigations, etc. The penalties begin at 1 and increase by one each day untill reaching the total number of successes rolled by the Mastermind, the penalites remain untill the next time the character sleeps after that final night. In addition to this, unless the target can somehow ignore the effects of fatigue, should the nightmares last for more than 2 days, the target suffers a fatigue penalty +1 difficulty to all physical and mental rolls.

I apologise for all the poor gramar and omissions, I'm extremely sleepy and I'll get to editing this to be alittle clearer when I'm in a better state.

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