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Trinity RPG - Scarab Crew


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Just getting back into trinity and trying to finalize an npc crew I began a long time ago ... for the 16-man crew, I am looking for:




Navigator / Co-Pilot

Medical Officer

4 Gunners

2 Locust Pilots

5 bioVARG pilots / marines

I did find this post:


I'm trying to figure out if this crew designation makes sense (I believe it does) and if so - what specific disciplines would each have?

EK would be primary since it is Ogretek

PK probably second

Also - assume all disciplines are available (1 of each except EK & PK)

Enginner obviously would be EK

Navigator - Clair maybe? maybe teleportation?

Pilot - as navigator?

Medical - Vita

Captain - no idea? maybe Clair?

I am thinking most of the gunners, locust & VARG pilots would be EK in general?

Also - is there any new coverage on bio equipment in the new rulebook? Do they talk about scarabs? Are there graphics?

Thanks in advance


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Not necessarily all psion ... although I wouldn't be opposed.

The ship has 16 (I was wrong - originally I thought it was 14 for some strange reason).

I am basically making it either an aeon or option-8 vessel.

If aeon - it would be proteus. Reading through the players guide - it is interesting. Would there be like 3 groups represented?

Pilots / Captain / Crew - Apollo

VARG pilots - Titan

Medical Officer - Mars?

I was honestly under the impression that both Option 8 & Proteus would be either mostly or all psion. I am open to non-psions obviously :)



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Well the gunners and the bioVarg pilots/marines are easily replaced by non-psions as you can have hartech VARGS instead, come to think of it the locusts can be replaced by hardtech fighters aswell with no downside at all. I've always been for an Aesculapian doctor onboard but again not totally necessary.

Overall psions are fairly rare, on a scarab your pilot, navigators and engineer are going to be psions that's not including your pc's. It's a fairly high concentration of psi vs. non-psi on board imho, but then it is your decision, if you want an all psion crew go for it.

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