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Basically, Neo-Venus would have to be the Planet of ( Some ) Novas, not the Planet of ( All ) Novas. One of the biggest stumbling blocks would be "Baselines, yes or no?" Does Neo-Venus allow baseline residents? Saying "no" means you discourage all the novas who have baseline family from emigrating, saying "yes" opens up the nova/baseline relations can of worms again.

For the Teragen, this is a feature, not a bug. It means that the planetary population self-selects for people lacking strong emotional ties to baseline society or specific baselines.

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(oh, as for how he got that fast? Simple: calc the distance you can throw someone if you dump about 20 quantum all into increasing your throwing distance. Then some dramatic license to have it result in them going very very fast, rather than extremely far but bizarrely slowly. Hey, works for me.)

Having been the guy the DM tapped to work out the math, it broke out like this.

First off, the relevant rules cite:

"When throwing objects whose mass is less than half their base lifting ability (e.g. a nova with Mega-Strength 2 attempting to hurl a 1000-kg automobile) they may multiply their normal throwing distance by their automatic damage successes." Page 236, Aberrant core rulebook.

The nova in question having might 5, strength 5, his normal throwing distance was 50 meters. Multiplying that by the 25 autosux for Mega-Strength 5 gets you 1,250 meters base throwing distance.

Now, dump in twenty-five points of quantum (i.e., virtually his entire quantum pool) on the Thrower enhancement for ten doublings, that's 2^25 or x13,3554,432 base throwing distance. IOW, approximately 26 million, 314 thousand miles.

So, assuming that a thrown object reaches its destination point within the same combat turn (i.e., 5 seconds), we ended up with a velocity of 5,242,800 miles/sec, or approximately 28.1 times the speed of light.

And that's how Quetzalcoatl became the first nova in the Ancient Aberrant campaign to achieve FTL velocity. :P

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Which is why, hopefully, any Terats involved in colonization would be of the Orzaiz "sane faction".
Whether or not his faction was "sane" is (IMHO) an open question.

Teras attracts anarchists and gleeful psychopaths. If the moment as a whole is going to stay sane, it needs to reject those and either deal with them themselves or help others do so. I see no effort, even in theory, by Orzaiz to do so.

I'm good with the idea that Novas are a new species. I'm good with the idea that they need special/different laws, that they should have a ton of input on making those laws. But I see no effort, even in theory, by Orzaiz to help pass those laws.

I wouldn't mind living next door to Orzaiz... but he accepts the unacceptable, forgives the unforgivable, and facilitates the disintegration of society. These are not small things and they shouldn't be expected to lead to good things.

I see Orzaiz as a modern (and nova) member of the far left. In the 60's he would/could have joined a far left commune which functioned "without law". He's civilized (and certainly not evil) himself, and as long as such a group only needs to deal with like minded people, it's possible for society to work. But such societies don't deal well with non-like-minded people, and they especially don't deal well with the existence of evil.

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