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[OpNet] Stirring up the Pot


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Well, someone did somethng nasty and its beginning to come to a boil.

Seems someone(s) attacked a Michaelite backed padre about a month ago. They freaked out him and his whole church revival meeting by turning into some sort of Dark Angel (the video is quite stunning...and all over the net). Burned (figuratively) the father good, they did. Unfortunately, the resulting stampede injured 67 people, 3 critically, and a police investigation ensued.

1) Police investigation reveals nova involvement, which leads to

2) the Directive coming in and opening its own investigation and running into a stone wall. (Good job, whoever you are)

3) Party or parties unknown are brought in and learn clues to the identity of said individual(s) and a hornet's nest of activity begins among both the Directive (Michaelites have become a significant factor in US politics and said padre was heading down that path - ala political conspiracy by novas to influence baseline politics 'unduly'~ whatever that means) and the Michaelites.

So now the father is a 'martyr' to the cause and a victim of vicious nova attacks and slander (that's his spin, anyway). Now he is pedaling this vast conspiracy theory about "cabals of novas destroying the careers of 'right thinking' men and women so that they can enslave the earth with their deviant ways."

That man is stealing my conpiracy thunder and I won't have it! smile

Seriously, this could turn into something real bad, real fast, public opinion-wise.

Whoever did this had better stay frosty. You may be good and it took me this long to give up on finding and warning you myself, but someone else seems to be better and/or have greater resources to throw at the matter.

If anyone has some useful information on the subject, contact me privately through Chosen.

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Well, Jager, give me a day or so, I'm trying to build a profile of a few suspects for my own purposes. I'm waiting for Alex's friends at NovaCom and a few of my friends elsewhere to call me back.

The thing is, a nova like this, if what he did was actually power up (I'm having doubts about that, I'm going down there in a few hours to take a few scans), would be extraordinarily easy to find. The instant he powers up again, he's got instant recognisability. When I get my info back to confirm my suspicions, I'll contact you then.

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Find him? Jager, my old friend, my old nemesis, frankly, I wish I'd thought of it.

Then again...aheh...maybe I did.

-- Avenger

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Oh, Jager? I'll send you a full report when I get back to a secure line, but I'll point out the basics:

  • It's nova-related, but not necessarily nova-caused.
  • Shadow inconsistencies point out that the Dark Angel wasn't solid, or at least not light-absorbing. Yup, It seems to be a holographic image.
  • If there were novas present, it seems there were multiple novas. My scans indicated no less than 2 but no more than 4 Quantum IDs. Unfortunately, I don't have a very large catalogue of QIDs, so apart from the info above, not much is avaliable. But, some Nova-made devices tend to resonate with a nova's QID, so it may be that it's only multiple novas' devices.
  • Strangely enough, not a single person seems to be able to identify who was sitting in the pew position that the Dark Angel came from.

That's all I could grab out of it. As I said, the full report I'll send when I get to a secure line.

[ 06-26-2002: Message edited by: Teknokat ]

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