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Aberrant RPG - Favorite Character Builds


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Hello everyone I'm pretty new here so...what's going on? nice to meet ya.

Anywho, What are your favorite starting character builds, they can range from:

Favorite themed character

hardest character type to have survive but is a blast playing

strongest character

You know a character that makes you laugh and love the game

I would start off, but I just started playing Aberrant and have only made one character. Have fun

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I have very strong ideas regarding what I like to play (Flight, Force Field & Q-Bolt types), however I always ask the ST & other Players "What does the Party want? What does the Party need?" If the group (3-6 PC's is our norm) has 1 Mega-Strong, 3 Flyers and a Martial Artist/Speedster Who is going to Heal the injured? Who is the transport for the non-flyers (In our group we Flyers do often carry the others until they can travel under thier own Powers;Q-Leap,Hypermovement[Running]and so on.)?It is every Player's responsibility to make a PC that will (at least) not clash with the others, and hopefully, compliments the others in design. Not every PC needs to have a "Class" for the others, although a little forethought goes a long way. If you want to play a Flyer with a Force Field and a Quantum Bolt, go ahead. Just try to remember that if no one in the Party has a type of Power, then the whole group is denied that Power. The X-Men have a Psychic, a Blaster, an Acrobat, and a Specialty type in each team they field. Why? Because it works very , very well. Look at the Cartoon Network: Justice League; They have a Gageteer with mad Skills, 3 melee-Heavies (Hawk-Girl Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter) as well as a Speedster and 2 Generalists (Super Man an Green Lantern). Manhunter is also the group Psychic, as well as an infiltration Expert/Specialist. This is just for starters. I hope you take this as it is intended: A quick study of mine about what seems to work best, to answer you excellent question regarding Character Building. ::halo

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I have to admit that I prefer creating a concept and then choosing powers to fit.

My most unique concepts include:

Veil, a Turkish belly-dancer who could manifest silken scarves (Body Modification: Adhesive Grip, Chromatophores, Extra Limbs x 10, Tendrils x 10, Webbed Hands/Feet and Patagia) and had Mega-Dex (Fast Tasks, Perfect Balance, Physical Prodigy), Mega-Perception (Hyperenhanced Hearing), Mega-Wits (Artistic Genius and Multitasking), and Mega-Socials (Appearance Alteration, Seductive Looks, The Voice, Natural Agitator, Seductive and Soothe). She was also an empath and her dancing had a hypnotic effect.

Codex, an Aussie librarian who had Information Manipulation (Translation), Molecular Manipulation (Animate, Destruction, Shape Alteration) and Transmit (Incontiguous), all linked to books and text. She also had some Temporal Manipulation (Internal Clock, Age Alteration), was a psychic and had serious Mega-Mentals (EM Vision, High-End EM Scan, Eidetic Memory, Linguistic Genius, Investigative Prodigy, Speed Reading, Artistic Genius) and some Mega-Stamina (Tireless, Adaptability). I play her a lot at N! Prime, and she kinda mutated there and became a semi-feral nova. (Long story, don't ask.)

Sparrow, whom I play at a PBEM, who is an English blueblood who gained the ability to hear and speak after being born deaf-mute. She's unique because she hears everything, including thoughts, but is otherwise possessed of abilities somewhere akin to Diva's from Wildstorm's StormWatch, including the sonic telekinesis, and is incredibly persuasive with her voice. :D

Just my two cents and concept-bragging.

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Same here. I thought of a character, then build his powers.

My character was Psychon. My theme was a master of psionic energy (not PSI) who could do the usual stuff a psychokinetic could do (Telekinesis) he could trap people (Immobilise), pick himself up (Flight), create a lashing weapon of psychic energy (body-mod, Tendril), protect himself (Force Field) and concentrate psionic force into a powerful blast (Quantum Bolt). His powers concentrated his mind and body, augmenting them with psychic force (Mega-Wits, Mega-Dexterity)

As I played him, he started developing more subtle mind powers, i.e. ESP, Telepathy, Domination.

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