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[OpNet] Our Bodies, Ourselves


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Some of the posts in the current debate have got me to wondering about the lives my fellow Novas are leading when it comes to our physical forms.

Our Nova states bring forth a variety of changes. They can range from the simple yet pleasant, such as our optimized metabolisms to the complex and horrifying, such as the previously mentioned good lady's need to consume human flesh.

I myself have experienced little in the realm of physical changes, mostly out of choice. I long ago learned how to consciously develop my quantum gifts and have seen little reason to change my form. I still sleep and eat for example. I still need to. I have seen no reason to cease to need to. I enjoy cooking, I am quite good at it to be honest and see no need to deprive myself of the fruits of my labors. I still sleep, again because I enjoy it. My unique gestalt personality makes my dreamscape a fascinating place for me to visit on occasion.

I do have certain, 'side effects', of my quantum growth that have expressed themselves in a physical manner, one by choice the others unconsciously. I consider them minor minor quirks however.

How have you found your bodies changed due to your status as a Nova? We have heard from some of those who dislike their current status, but what about others? Perhaps through sharing our experiences we may help others who one day come up against the same issue.

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Only because it's currently that time for me I feel the need to bitch about my skin shedding. It sucks. I itch like crazy and am even more irratable than I usually am(if you can possible imagine that.)

Sometimes I have nightmares that one day I'll shed and my arms will go with my old scales. Does this mean I am holding to closely to my human form? I dunno, maybe. My evolution that seems to take me more towards the realms of darkness doesn't seem to frighten me, but the bestial side of me growing stronger, I guess I just wonder how far it will go. It's not that I don't know how to direct it, but sometimes it just gets away from me.

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Apep-I have alway's wondered at my Terat brother's and sister's who claim that staying in a human appearing form is clinging to our baseline identities. Why is that? The fact is that our human forms are fairly useful. I am sure the Confederate doesn't appreciate the fact that he must take extra effort not to burn those items he comes in contact with. What is the usefulness in his physical change other thant being 'inhuman'?

You should feel no shame in desiring to retain your arms. This is not fear on your part in becoming something different, merely the acknowledgement that they are usefull and would be missed.

Jager-Why do I suspect something of import has happened to you as of late? Why do I suspect that it was not altogether pleasant?

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I think my inputs are going to be of limited value but here they are anyway. Regarding what Jager characterized as "adaptation on a pinhead", I find that a certain baseline author described me well; that which does not kill me only makes me stronger.

Provided it's a constant demand my physical form seems capable of shifting configuration to adapt without my conscious awareness. This shows itself in no longer needing to eat or sleep without detrimental effects. After our recent conversations I performed a small experiment and tried eating again to see how I had changed. I found that even small amounts of food were enough to make me feel "loggy" and lethargic. Nice to know I can still process "baseline safe" nutrition but I still see no reason to other than the pleasure certain foods give me.

On sleep; I can't. I seem to have adapted sufficiently to the physical demands on the body that I just have no need of sleep. Maybe if I were in a highly exerted state that would be different but I don't think so. The real adaption seems to be in my brain chemistry.

There is one thing that might interest you though. This was actually several months ago, shortly after I erupted. I found myself in an inhospitable city and needed to get out quickly. The usual routes were blocked to me and then one of those weird out of the box ideas hit me. I'm strong, I'm fast and have this way of adapting to environmental condition...

I made it to the bay, dived deep and then sucked in a lungful of water. I can tell you right now this wasn't the most pleasant experience in the world and if I hadn't dove deep it probably would have been over in the first choking second. I freaked out just like a drowning man and darted for the surface even though I knew there were hostiles waiting form me and that I probably couldn't make it before I drowned.

I calmed down when I started breathing the water.

That was the longest swim I've ever made and by the end of it I noticed several changes;

- Tiny delicate scales formed along all my exposed skin.

- My skin color shifted from that pale pinkish color baselines call "white" to a deep emerald green and then later to a brown that was almost black.

- My eyelids merged with the skin around my eyes and became translucent.

- The skin between my hands and feet lengthened and formed a kind of webbing. It made it much more efficient to swim I can tell you.

The adaptations began to fade as soon as I emerged from the water with the webbing and the eyes being the last to go. That took almost 15 minutes to completely fade although it started to change within a few minuted of being out of the ocean. After the skin for my eyelids split apart and became opaque I experienced some irritation to the eyes but that faded within a few minutes.

That's all I have.

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A friend of mine reminded me of something that you might find of value. It happened shortly after the swimming incident.

There as a period shortly after my eruption that I was working almost none stop. Most of it was intrusion and acquisition work with some body guard gigs thrown in to make it interesting. Part of the reason I was playing with my sleep needs.

Anyway, I was rolling from one gig to another with just enough downtime to rebrief, equip and then hit the airline. I finally got to one job where I burned a lot of juice fast and was pushing myself even harder to stay ahead of the semi-pros on the other side.

After we were clear I realized there was this stuff under my skin. Kind of a reflective gray color like steel but warm and pliable. As it through the skin it formed a hard shell over the skin, or maybe it replaced the skin. I'm not really sure. It was stiff at first but after a day or so of working it the stuff articulated at the joints.

I took vacation time off to deal with it but it didn't get any worse. During that time I stayed off the juice almost completely and after a couple of weeks it just seemed to dry up and fall off in metallic flakes so no harm done.

I was thinking it was some kind of funky adapatation to all the physical work I was pulling and the fighting but now I'm not sure. Like you saw from the last post, most of my adaptations fade pretty quickly when they're not needed but this last a while. Now I wonder if it had less to do with the fighting itself than with the amount of juice I was burning at the time.

After reading Apep's comments I'm starting to wonder if maybe eruption is only the beginning of the changes. The world wants us to fit into this nice little niche of comic book superheroes and play time legends but the real world isn't like that.

Like I said, no harm no foul, but sometimes I wonder.

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I'm not certain if what I will mention here is quite what Mr. Meehan is refering to, and it is definately not as impressive as some of what I can see described by others here, but I think that I should put in what I have noticed about myself.

On the surface, I did not change appreciably during my erruption. I can look into the mirror and see what I had seen before with only a few minor differences.

It is the little things that bother me when I notice them. I will try to list a few of those which I have noticed in myself here.

Before I errupted I wore spectacles and I continued to afterwards. What suprised me greatly is that recently, when I took them off, I noticed that there was no change in how clearly I was seeing things. There was a moment of transition when I put them on or took them off, but it was no greater than looking at something close by then another far away.

Soon after my erruption I had reason to draw sketch in charcoal which is, at the best of times, a messy process. It was only when I went to wash my hands that I noticed that the black residue that should have been there was completely absent as though the dust had simply been unable to stick to my hands. I have noticed the same occurs with paint when I am producing a work, but if I touch either outside of such situations they colour my skin easily.

A number of other, even smaller, things have added up togther as well but they may not be purely physical. If I look at a landscape then after a few moments I find myself able to pick out hues and shade of green which I had not seen before, each as distinct as blue from orange. If I turn my eyes to the sky then all the colours from cerulean to azure will do likewise after just a minute or so. An assosiate has told me that when I look at things in that manner, my eyes seem to change colour ever so slightly.

These are not spectacular changes which others may have had occur to them, but as they have developed they have been what I have noticed having changed about my body.

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