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[OpNet] Nova Affiliations


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I am going to have to side with Ashnod on this one Jager. The Novas that you include as being affiliated with Utopia include a great many whom I would describe as tenuous in their loyalty at best. With the number of subsidiaries Utopia controls and the resulting power that they wield from their Utopian contacts it is not unreasonable that these companies would have the resources necessary to hire or contract with a great many Novas. However, many of those Novas have chosen not to work with Utopia directly and would be suprised to find out that their paychecks were in anyway related to that organization.

Again, the population figures you are using for Novas strikes me a bit low. There are more and more of us appearing each day who do not contact Rashoud clinics for one reason or another. That and Utopia, I strongly suspect, has been tinkering with their data regarding how many of us are out there for quite some time.

I would claim that at this point in time that a large majority of us are independents, or at least trying very hard to maintain their independence. I have severed my ties with my former company, NextStep Inc., however they are still a successful entertainment and consulting firm employing 26 Novas, a remarkable number. There are many more independent, smaller operations that have come into being as late. The entertainment industry is filled with a large number of Novas, each of them unconcerned with greater politics. Hundreds of corporations have put a lot of effort into having at least one or two Novas in the R&D departments in the vain hope of reaping a little bit of non-supressed Nova technology.

The independents among us tend to have a fairly low profile, hence I can see how they would be overlooked. I simply make an effort to keep track of as many Novas as I can.

However, in the end I do have to agree with Ashnod completely in one sense. Her particular road is trod rarely, more is the shame.

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