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[OpNet] Firebug problem.


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OptInput1: Helllloooo?

OptInput2: Shhhh Burn, that mike is on.

OptInput1: Oh right, sorry folks. Hey, look, what I'm saying is comming up on the screen. Cool! Luuukkke, Iiii aaammmm yooorrr faatthherr.

OptInput2: For God's sake Burn, shut the fuck up.

OptInput1: Sorreeee, Crash. Can I have a hug?

OptInput2: I'll hug you round the earhole in a minute if you are not careful. Anyhow, what we are here for is to see if there are any nova's out there who know about aiming.

OptInput1: Yeah, I have a little problem with my aim, typical bloke I know...

OptInput2: What my boyfriend - adorable moron that he is - is trying to say is he has problems aiming his quantum power.

OptInput1: Hee, hee, hee.

OptInput2: Do you want me to come over there?

OptInput1: I'm off for a fag out the back door, be back in a minute.

OptInput2: By the way that a cigarette, I don't encourge Burn to have homosexual relations on the back porch in December. smile

Anyhow, Burn and me got our powers together in a car crash about a month ago and since then Burns powers haven't seemed to work right.

The sod can shoot fire from his hands, feet and other places but can't seem to control where it goes very well. Most of the stuff in the flat is scorched pretty badly and I am pretty sick of getting the fire extinguisher every time flamebunny there decides to try and light a cigarette indoors.

We've tried the Utopia clinics but they just gave us a bottle of pills that that gave him the shits for two days. We've also tried setting up a few targets on a bit of wasteland but its really hard to get peace to practice as there aren't many novas in london and the fucking press are all over us. Any help would be great.

OptInput1: I'm back.

OptInput2: Great, give me a ciggy will you? I'm gasping here.

OptInput1: All yours.

OptInput2: Cheers. Hey, anyone got any idea how we can make some cash in this game? Neither of us are very good athletes, I can fly, Burn can, well...burn things. We are both pretty hardy when it comes to fire and impacts and we heal real fast.

OptInput1: Don't forget about the thing.

OptInput2: And we are not really hot on the idea of dying so the Elite thing is totally out.

OptInput1: Logged off.

OptInput2: Oops, better go, the pizza has arrived. Bye.

OptInput2: Logged off.

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Curious, your problem with control, is it simply limited hand/eye coordination? Or does the flame actually change trajectory in midstream, thereby hampering your control?

If it is the former, you've already hit upon the most important thing, practice. If it is the second however, practice still may be what is called for, with willpower and determination replacing simple physical aiming. But it could also be a sign of a greater problem.

Sorry to hear of your problem with adrenocilian, I found it quite useful early on in my own career. Is your reaction an allergy?

Welcome to our little forum, I hope that those here may be of some help.

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