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[OpNet] Where did everybody go?


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Hello? Where is everbody? Wizard are you still there? I'm scared and my mommy and daddy are gone! They left me alone with my nanny and they haven't been back! Are you gone too?

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I'm still here and was just about to answer your last question to me. Sorry I was away for a little bit but I had to go see an enchanter about a box. Not Prodigy; this was another friend of mine named Ba Bing Zhu. Her name mean Eight-ways-like-the-essence-of-bamboo.

We mostly spent the days trying to figure out how she puts her entire house into a box no bigger than your mother's jewlery box. Basically more Wizard stuff but I taught her a couple of secrets and she taught me her big secret. This is one of the ways that wizards get better at what we do. Some magicians don't like to share but Bing is different and she likes to learn. She hasn't been able to do enchanting for very long and she was a little worried about what other people would think if they found out she was special before she was ready to tell them.

Bing lives in China, which many people think is not a nice place for special people to live. I find it's really like any other place though; there are good people and not so good people. The good people are very good although they have a completely different way of looking at the world than you do. They were a little scared of what Bing can do but I think everything is okay now.

Bing has a little boy name Fei Mao, who is about your age I would guess, and is very curious. That makes sense because his name means Fast-moving-cat.

Mao actually snuck into the house once while his mother was folding it and unfolding it but luckily he's okay. She scolded him but that was only because she loves him very much and she was afraid something bad would happen accidentally. He was very sorry but he told us what the house looks like on the inside after its folded and that was very interesting. He said his favorite part was walking on the ceiling. We checked the house and you know what? There were little Mao footprints all over the ceiling. Bing made him go wash his feet after that and we went out to eat until after the jets decided to leave.

Mao and Bing had never been outside of China before but they liked the chinese food in San Fransisco. This is good because the only other good chinese restraunt I know is in Edinborough. That's a nice place too but I was worried that it might surprise them since they had never been out of China before.

The family that owns the restraunt was a little shocked when they asked how long she and Mao had been in America. Bing wasn't sure how to answer but Mao explained that we were just visiting and that we had ripple walked all the way. I think they were a little worried about that but he explained ripple walking was better than real walking because the trip only lasted a few heartbeats. They know me, a little anyway, so I told them it was okay and that we were only on a walk about until the jets stopped coming over Mao's village.

Anyway, Bing and Mao are taking a walk in the park right now. Mao never saw a bridge like the Golden Gate and he's pretty excited. I thought I would check in here and then I saw your message.

So what would you like to talk about?

[ 11-12-2001: Message edited by: Wizard ]

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Sorry if I seemed bossy over there.

They did hear you before and when they are finished they will take the time to thank you. Or at least one of them will. Right now, they have what my special friend calls his 'game face' on, and they have to concentrate only on what they are doing now. They aren't ignoring you. Really. It's just that they are focusing on what comes next.


[ 11-13-2001: Message edited by: Wizard ]

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Hi Wizard, sorry I'm late. My mommy and daddy got back and they brought my second family with them. Now I have 2 Aunties and 3 Uncles. I even have a new sister! She's my age. My whole second family is all special too.

Your friends from China sound really nice. I think it would be fun to walk on the ceiling. One of my Aunties is chinese too; her magic name is Magnificent Dragon (Hehe, it's a cool name) and I like her 'cause she lets me play with her pet dragons. At first I thought they were big snakes 'cause they don't have wings and don't look like the dragons in my picture books but Auntie Wu taught me all about the dragons of China and Japan and Celeste's Court. I have to go now, Uncle Jocomo and I are going to have a snowball fight in the back yard.

Oh, I'm sorry, I understand what you are saying before about the people hunting the bad man. I just hope they catch him soon 'cause he makes lots of people cry.

I have to go now Wizard, I will see you later!

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Hi Wizard! I'm back. Sorry I was gone for so long, but we moved again. Some Bad People came to our house and daddy and the others don't want them to find us again.

Our new house is really cool! It's big and has lots of space. Anya, thats my new sister, says to grounds are very big. She can fly and has looked at our house from very high up. The house is near a lake too.

Mommy says its ok if we use our special powers here because there is no one around for miles. I wish I could have you over so I can show you my new room but I don't think my mommy and daddy would like that. no one is supposed to know where we are.

I have to go now-bye!

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Hello and welcome back. I missed you.

Your new house sounds wonderful! I wish I could see your new room too but your mom and dad are probably right about being a little careful right now. It is very good to hear your uninvited company didn't run into a problem.

I'm kind of inbetween houses right now but that's not really a problem. Having an occupation like wizard pretty much guarantees a lot of travel anyway.

I hope you're getting ready for the holidays. Mine are going to be pretty busy I think. I have the finishing touches to put on a gift for the friend I told you about, family dinner for the first time in a long time, and a special friend of mine gets to meet my family for the first time.

I'm sure it will never come up up, but if it ever seems like your mom or dad would like a hand you know where to contact me.

Say hi to Anya for me and have fun.

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