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[OpNet] Elites

Vile Bill

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Wolf, I was serious about leavin' Avenger's thread alone. So, let's show some manners and you and I can discuss our differences here. That sound good old son?

Okay, I am so sorry that I didn't answer your oh so important damn questions. How bout you just look up my profile under DeVries? It's all public info Sonny. But, hey, maybe you don't read so good so I'll go over it here.

How does killing people make things right? Well hell boy, what are you doing in the business if you don't know that? We kill the bad guys and they stop doing bad things. Pretty damn simple if you ask me. Sometimes we have to whack people to send a message so the bad guys stop doing bad things. Am I going too fast for you?

Is being an Elite the only thing I can do? No, thats a pretty stupid question. I could drive a truck or fix cars. I've done both. But the money sucks. My daddy always said you get paid what you're worth and son, I am worth a whole hell of a lot.

Is it worth killing all these people? Hell yeah! I don't know how much you pull down but I get a shitload of cash everytime I walk out into some godforsaken patch of third world hell and turn it into a parkin' lot. I make a hell of a lot of noise and they can run. I don't chase em too fast. If they wanna die they just gotta hang around.

And yes, I am an Elite because I have a choice. But it's more than that, I am an Elite because that's what I am. I am just that damn good. I am just that damn mean and I am just that damn scary.

Son, if you do the job and hate yourself for it, thats too damn bad. You're weak. You don't like it, quit. It ain't a tough decision. So, start bottlin' your piss like you said and start sellin it. Just stop buzzin in my ear about your sad pathetic life.

I am an Elite. I am part of a Brotherhood of ass kickin, world stompin, fear inducing, warriors that walk the earth like gods. Armies are the past hoss, I am the future. I will pound skulls and rip out hearts, I will cash the checks and I will bang trim. I am Elite.

[ 10-27-2001: Message edited by: Vile Bill ]

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Glad to know you are happy at your work. Please try to look at what you do in perspective. You kill people for profit. That bothers most folks. Its just the way it is.

You hang out with your fellow elites because either 1)idiots are fawning over you and telling you how neat and powerful you are. Only those few who play at the business need that kind of hassle, or, 2) most normal folks treat you like a sociopath (which you just might be). So, you hang out with people who enjoy the same interests as you do. So do teachers, cops, and diplomats.

You say the rampant slaughter that you partake in doesn't bother you. Why are you bothering to defend yourself then? Truth be told, if killing folks doesn't bother you, you're insane. It is natural for the death of another persons to be disturbing. Its also pretty healthy to not dwell on it til after the mission is over.

Are you ready to talk about it or are you going to tough it out on your own?

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Well Mister Jager (or is that Jagermister, hehehehe) don't think I ain't heard o' you. You don't exactly toot yer own horn now, but us in the bidness, we do listen to whats going down. I respect you, you are a nasty piece of work and I'll treat you like a man, you've earned it.

Well son, to be real honest I do take advantage of one of DeVries less advertised employee benefits and I talk to a shrink on a pretty regular basis. She's a smart lady and we jaw about anything I've been doing. So, that is how I am able to stay the picture of mental health that posts here in such a charmin way.

Now, if the civies out there wanna think I am just some crazy ol bastard thats fine with me. I don't give two shakes about what the public thinks. It helps my image if they do their damndest to get the hell out my way when I'm walkin down the street. Makes my life a little easier too. laugh

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As long as the man at the end of the day is akin to the man who went to work, I've got no problems. More soldiers should remember to make use of that little service you mentioned.

I no longer work for DeVries because I like calling my own shots. When I was under contract, I always felt obliged to do what they told me, no matter how it fit in with my personal compass. Call it stupidity or professionalism, I don't care. The only person I have to live with, is myself. Still, the day was fast approaching were I was going to cross that line between assassin and soldier, I swore I wouldn't go back to that.

FYI; a soldier his payed to get a job done. Usually that involves inflicting violence upon others as a means of accomplishing that objective. People might get killed in pursuit of that goal. That's what soldiers do.

An assassin is payed to kill someone. Period. From the moment you take up that contract, you are dedicating yourself to taking another person's life.

To some folks there is no difference what so ever. There both killers. To others, it is all the difference in the world.

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i am curious . How does one become an Elite.

Since im no longer allowed to gamble in many gabling institutions,( The ones who know me anyway) My income is dwindling. Are there any Qualifications. to become an Elite. Do you have to have special trining or do you take anyone with the right skills and mind set.. Also about how much do you guy get paid??

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  • 7 months later...

Not a clue Endeavor. I gave up trying to speak spook.

As far as being Elite; it depends a lot on your temperment, your foresight in contractual obligations and luck of the draw where the personalities you interact with are concerned. Any node-spark can become a mercenary for hire but the only Elites come from Devries despite what you hear on N!. Don't think I'm boosting the corporate image here. Half of what they do is pure corporate PR magic not that different from Utopia, but the other half is where it gets interesting.

I might be off a bit here but it sounds to me like what you really want to know is how Devries works. Bill and I both know more than a little bit about that. So as does Nimrod. Anybody else was just doing free agent work.

So ask away.

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Actually you may call this advanced intelligence. It's the way I usually handle things. It took me 1 whole year to make a post on this page. And all I could manage is a typical Troll-like intro. So as you can see, I definately need info.

The thing I wonder is just how much of the rep you guys have is earned, and how much is hype? I mean, no insult intended, I just gotta know.

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Originally posted by Lovely Nova Senshi Endeavor:

The thing I wonder is just how much of the rep you guys have is earned, and how much is hype? I mean, no insult intended, I just gotta know.

Now my little dash of wasabi, ol Bill is gonna be right honest as hell right now. Yes, DeVryes does make a whole lotta effort to make sure the Boyz don't ever look bad. Losin' cuz someone just outbadasses you, that's one thing. But DeVryes don't ever want you to make the company look bad by gettin' punked out, not even punkin' out each other.

So, what do they do? Fer one thing, no one ever comes to Bill with a job that he can't handle. No pencil pushing little twister ever looks at a prospectus and thinks 'hmmmmm, what we need here is stealth, cunning, the ability to walk through walls that a firm hold on French, oh, I know, let's call Vile Bill!!' They do that and I look bad and DeVryes looks bad. And honey, the one thing you never, ever wanna do, is make Mama Anna look bad. Lovely woman of breedin she is. I can't even curse right when she's around. But, she will make a man pay for fuckin up. Just failin' ain't gonna piss her off. Hey, the client takes a risk, we all know that. But out n out fuckin up. That's bad.

Second, when they do send us in, we know all and see all child. I don't talk about the gizmo's too much cuz I ain't some techy, but I use em. Ol Bill has been working for DeVryes for quite a few years now and he's got a rep that's pretty good. Like I said, I ain't Totentaz, Stryker or Pursuer, but I'm up there. So, that kind of seniority makes sure that I get choice gadgets whenever daddy goes a huntin'. Thermal goggles, hush mikes, movement detectors, tridense core 'brass knuckles' for that extra oomph. I get it all.

So, the rep is real, but it is protected and it is cultivated (fancy word eh?).

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Bill's got the right of it for the most part. There are exceptions here and there but there's even company policy on how to deal with the exceptions.

DeVries is actually several companies but there's only two you need to know about unless you're a corporate lawyer; The DeVries Agency and DeVries National Tactical Solutions (DVNTS). Both Bill and I fall under DVNTS which is the one where the term Elite started, and also the one Jager is talking about when he uses the word mercenary. Both companies live by the same two mottos;

1. All novas are valuable but some are more valuable than others.

2. Any employees of DeVries, nova or baseline, in any particular contract must be able to exceed the client's expectations on professionalism.

See, Annie makes her money and her rep by providing professionals to do professional work and accomplish the mission for a client. If you screw her over by failing because you told her you could do something you can't, accepted a job and then violated your own contract, used poor judgment in the field or misled her as to the nature of the job then you are screwed. Doesn't matter if you're a contractor or a client, you've just pissed off the single largest employer of novas after Utopia. People only think Utopia is vindictive because they haven't gotten a pro like Annie after 'em.

Other than the above, she's pretty easy to work for. Despite what a couple of poseurs have claimed around here Annie doesn't accept jobs that she doesn't think she can meet the standards of. That may sound counter-intuitive until you realize she has more money than god, is courted by princes and potentates, and even Utopia can't afford to get in her face. They tried it once. Now they don't. So if you need something that she can't guarantee the success of then she doesn't take your money. She'll make suggestions and even sell 'advisor' services you ask but DeVries doesn't play games. It succeeds.

DeVries will make any deal that's to it's advantage but generally there are three kinds of contracts. The first is a simple freelance variety, which is what most of the poseurs on this forum claiming to have worked for DeVries got. Them and half the nova population including Wendy the Nova Wonder Secretary who can sharpen pencils with her teeth. wink Essentially it says DeVries can employ you and functions as a nova temp agency. When work comes up that they think would be up your alley they contact you. Otherwise you do whatever you want including hiring on with other companies. Annie takes a fee of 10 - 80 percent off the top, a variable amount because you can have access to nearly any company resource but you're going to pay for it up front and out of your commissions from a job.

The second is the low level exclusivity contract and this is what most novas see. You work for exclusively for DeVries for 2 - 5 years, Annie take 50% of all fees and you get a benefits package that even Utopia won't generally try to match. And you can expect to work your tail off training, learning and wondering why you thought the Elite lifestyle was so glamorous. Most of the poseurs get their wake up call at this point when they start to figure out they're not Spiderman and that this is work. A lot of 'em start to screw up at this point or suddenly find god.

Third kind is the contract the one that the most visible (and generally powerful) high level contractors like Totentanz or Pursuer get. Around 30% in fees, complete access to DeVries facilities and support as though they were Annie's long lost brother or sister. They also work exclusively for DeVries.

Are Elites bad or is it just rep? A combination of both actually. Elites are trained to fight, work together, and there are people employed for the sole purpose of figuring out how Endeavor's Storm Blossom Blast can be used with Fortune's Whim to take out a warlord's fortress in the middle of China.

On the flip side, Annie doesn't take any jobs she doesn't think she can pull off while exceeding client expectations. DeVries Elites don't go up against one another or without adaquate backup and intel even if that means hiring out a third company to get it. You get hurt on the job and she's going to take care of you, your family and interests even if that means you're going to be around for the next 200 years. She pushes education and self improvement the way a dealer pushes crack and Devries has an investment department that will take care of actually managing your money if that's what you want.

And while we're on the subject, most Elites don't die or end up as basket cases despite that melodramatic crap Spook likes to spew when he's reminiscing about his 'bad old days'. When we talk about attrition rates we're talking about the 22-31% that quit after the first mission and then the 45% that quit by their fifth. Of the remaining 24 - 33%... Novas do die and I won't sugarcoat that for you. I can tell you that DeVries is the largest employer yet has a lower mortality rate than anyone in the business. Are Elites better than novas working for other outfits? Not on an MR Node basis but we're better trained, better supported and more motivated than anyone elses novas or national military.

Now you got the the quick and dirty of working for Mama Annie. What's next?

[ 06-11-2002: Message edited by: Jack Chance ]

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Jack & Bill: Yeah, that just about covers 50% of what I wanted to know. The other 50% is either classified, or is something I'd find out If I ever get employed by "Mamma Anna".

As for my attack, I'm still working on a name for it, unfortunately I'm stuck with it manifesting a trail of translucent fading cherry blossom petals behind the energy ball which comprises the brunt of the attack. It's a concussive blast of force that goes off on contact with it's target. It's pink, cute, and leaves ONE HELL OF A MARK!

I guess my inner child is the one who wears the pants... or skirt... when it comes to my powers.

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Endeavor, what part of my post needs clarification?

Jack, your full of crap, but I guess the ringing endorsement comes with a fat paycheck.

Elites aren't sent into situations they aren't expected to win? That would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

Columbia; last year. Does this ring any bells or didn't you visit your buddies after T2Ms Americas and Central put a dozen Elites in the hospital? Funny how Anna didn't put any of her A-list into that meatgrinder. I guess sending in more 'green' Elites (as well as the discipline cases) was more profitable. You know, the ones still paying 50 to 65% of their salaries to her. Her payoff was over a billion by the end of the year.

Elites don't fight Elites? Hmmm...does Kashmir refresh your memory? Both India and Pakistan contracted with DeVries. That's a matter of record. Diat and Bloodhound on Pakistan's side and Pursuer and Kestrel 'advised' the Indians. That's why the two sides suddenly joined up when T2M showed up, not that it did them any good.

For the record, I took the two year Elite contract and served my time. 'Independant' Operations (that's DeVries 'spook' for espionage), Combat, and Cadre. Hell, I was in Chad when West Africa went up.

Endeavor, if you can do the work, its good, if difficult training. The contract can be a bitch, though. Worse case; you can't get any work as a nova while she holds it and she won't give you any contracts. Don't cross her and be careful, up front, to let them know what you won't do. She employees the second largest number of nova lawyers as well.

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Jager: I inderstood your post completely. When I said that covered 50% of what I needed to know, I ment the other 50% would have to come from EXPERIENCE. I'm sorry I came across any different. And yeah, I take anything said from Vile Bill with a grain of salt.

And I still wanna know what the word Jager means... -_-;

Bill: No insults intended. Just a trust thing.

[ 06-11-2002: Message edited by: Endeavor ]

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That's correct. My 'original' name was Jason, and that's what most of my friends call me. I don't use my given name anymore. I don't believe that anyone that is still alive knows it.

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a german police detective gave me the name Jaeger, and I kept it to remind me of who and what I was. When I joined DeVries I took it as my 'handle' and thats what most folks know me by today.

Jack's right when he calls me an 'old man'. That mainly means I ignored most of the advice I was given, did most of the mistakes a nova can make, and was somehow lucky enough to survive my own pride, ignorance, and stupidity.

I like to think I'm not as proud as I once was, but that just might be hubris. As for the rest, I'm not so sure.

What I do like to do is to help out younger novas who come looking for adivice. What you chose to do with that advice,and the advice of others here,is your business.

A good example is Jordan. He came to us for advice a few years back and still managed to stay alive, despite it all.

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Let me clear this up for you once and for all, and forgive me for being utterly candid here. I may have pointed out the intel density of this place but I'm not the one that reacted by conducting a purge so take it for what it is.

Jager, every day a few more of us erupt. A few more of us find our way without needing or desiring mentorship or approval. The world you knew is gone. This one is ours. End of sermon.

Jack, your full of crap, but I guess the ringing endorsement comes with a fat paycheck.

Ya gotta love a man that knows where he stands. It took us a while to get to this point but it's all good, J-man. In point of fact Devries does pay more than any other employer on average so you got me there. I get big bucks for what I do and even with the jobs I've turned down my networth still puts me in the to three percent of fabulously wealthy people on this rock. Its not that big a thing when you factor in the wealth of corporation and nations, or people like Anna that could buy me out a thousand times over just with petty cash, but you are right about the paycheck. The highest paid nova working for Utopia makes more than I do annually even without counting the residuals, endorsements and associated merchandizing but we still share the air up in the top ten.

Since you decided to stand up and be counted afterall I'll point out a couple of things that seemed to have slipped your mind. The first is that where Endeavor is concerned I start general and work from there until her questions are answered. Why do I bother? Ante up and pay to see those cards. Or piss off.

As it also seems to have slipped your mind, I would draw you formidable intellect to the fact that DeVries doesn't require endorsements in exchange for those outstanding paychecks. Oh, you'll do the meet and greet but you do it for the perks not the paycheck. I realize this goes against some of your pet theories but the fact is that DeVries doesn't manipulate people with money. Annie doesn't need to. If you want your family to share in the medical coverage you'll do it. If you want access to specialized weaponry not obviously required for the job you'll do it. If you want DeVries to manage and pump your cartoons, comicbooks or actions figures then you'll do it too.

In short, I get my money whether I think Carrington is a narrow minded baseline boy toy that Annie is only temporarily enamoured of because she hasn't met anyone more challenging that meets her personal tastes... or not. I don't currently do endorsements.

Elites aren't sent into situations they aren't expected to win?

DeVries Elites are expected to fullfil their contract with a level of professionalism and ability exceeding that required by the contract with the client as accepted by DeVries, the client and the Elites hired, yeah. Twist anyway you want, Jager.

Columbia; last year. Does this ring any bells or didn't you visit your buddies after T2Ms Americas and Central put a dozen Elites in the hospital?

I told you before I don't speak spook. Which is also why I have such problems with these paranoidal conspiracy theories of your. No, Anna DeVries isn't Mother Tereasa but then neither are you.

Are we discussing the Elites hired out as private agents, like you were, who were treated for wounds after the conflict? All of them lived, were paid, and received their bonuses with one exception. And she only lost her bonus not the check so yes, the contractual obligation was met.

Funny how Anna didn't put any of her A-list into that meatgrinder.

Yeah, funny that. Almost as if someone, like say the clients, got to make the decision as to who they hired? A decision which is always based partly on the financial consideration of who they can afford and what they want the Elites to do. You don't hire Pursuer for a knockdown brawl with Federales for instance though there are a couple of clients that insist on certain novas like Baseball players insist on wearing their lucky socks.

I guess sending in more 'green' Elites (as well as the discipline cases) was more profitable.

That's it? Now who's full of crap, J-man.

Your theories might send shivers down the spine of a green nova like Endeavor, though I doubt it, but you better be able to come up with something stronger than innuendo and paranoia for the rest of us. You've got freakin' Elites on the boards now so you better get your game on. Not people that 'sort of' worked for DeVries. Or 'have opinions' on how we're all prostitutes selling away our godhood for cash.

We're Elites, we're here, we were in Colombia and we see what happens both good and bad. This little sad story might have flown six months ago with the novas on these forums that don't know anything about the business but that's not the case anymore. You asked, you implied, so here's your answer in three parts to pull the plug on this trash once and for all;

One - You might not have broken the code on this during your brief stint with DeVries, but the high ticket contractors are the ones that get pushed first and foremost.


That's why Annie only takes 30 percent of the fee and gives them more lattitude on the perks. I'd have to take 7 - 20 jobs, depending on the contract payoff, to make as much for her as one contract for Totentanz does. Pay attention here; the mid-level contractors get the jobs that don't interest the high level contractors. Get it? We jockey for what's left after either the high rollers like Pursuer turn it down or the client decide they don't want/can't afford Pursuer.

Two - the 'newbies' are an investment that take a year, sometimes more, before either of the DeVries companies see a return. There are exceptions like the physicist that erupted with incredible intelligence and then gets contracts to work in physics but that's the exception not the rule. Say what you want or spin whatever theories amuse you but the bottom line is Annie doesn't throw money or talent away. It's not profitable.

Three - If DeVries novas get their asses handed to them then DeVries looks bad. If DeVries looks bad then fewer people come to DeVries to hire novas to solve their problems therefore DeVries makes less money with less prestige. You know this and I know it. You didn't really think I was going to let you slide on this?

Jager, if you want to engage in a little social engineering concerning Elites, or if you have a personal axe to grind, I don't really care one way or the other. I also don't get paid to be Annie D's knight in shining armor even if she needed one. But the next time you consider passing off this sloppy drek as hard information...


You're not talking with Avenger, or Prodigy or any of the others that have their opinions on us but don't live the life. You were their resident expert. Now you're not. Live with it.

BTW: If it were malcontents being pushed into it then I would have been in the group. Carrington runs DVNTS with Annie sitting on the board and he couldn't care less if I exploded into fine red mist under some misanthropes thumb or not. The job wasn't even offered to me. Not my area of expertise.

Elites don't fight Elites? Hmmm...does Kashmir refresh your memory? Both India and Pakistan contracted with DeVries.

Enough with the hidden puppetmaster agenda crap. Its old and tired and you're nowhere closer to proving even the possibility than you were the first time you said it. No, DeVries Elites weren't required to engage in mortal combat with other DeVries Elites. Picture two Elites squared off against one another with several days before T2M showed up on scene. Why do you think there wasn't a casualty, Slick?

For that matter, where do you think the custom of unmasking came from?

Before you even think about carrying this discussion forward you better be sure of your facts and able to prove them.


The group called Elites is comprised of several different groups ranging from hardcore mercs types that will kill you to climb a little higher in the N!Prime ratings, all the way over to Wendy the nova wonder secretary.

The contract itself isn't the bitch for the most part. It's what you may or may not have included in it. Legally, that contract is YOU. What you will do and what you won't do. The world is filled with sob stories by novas that got into this line of work without ever realizing what it was that they were getting into. Don't be one of them.

And if you even consider working for Annie talk with an ELITE first. Hell, talk with several of them and I'll even buy you an Ampwell at the club while you're talking. And do NOT, under any circumstances, allow a lawyer retained by your Mom to give a Devries contract the once over unless it's a former lawyer for Devries or you have an intelligent Elite standing over his shoulder.

Something that sounds reasonable and self explanatory in the contract takes on a whole new dimension when you're doing a halo drop into the middle of China during the daylight hours.

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Mr. Jack Chance, I got but one word to say to you brother.


Jager, I've been quiet as a little mouse cuz I wanted to show an old boy his props. But a lot of what you said just weren't right and Jackie boy showed the light to these poor, uninformed boyz n girlz and I give him mad respect for it. And he did it without callin you any of the names I would have used too. Tho, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I been in the game longer than Chance and I have hit the rung on the ladder where I get to turn down the occasional job, I'm lucky that way. It took a long ass time though. When I first signed up the bean counters were real good at making sure exactly how much moolah was being spent to make me look liken an Elite so that I could go out and learn how to act like one. Hell, I may not wear a fancy mask or a sparkly codpiece, but those designe hombres they've got put a shitload of work into mah duds. I'm the best dressed cowboy around son, and I ain't never even been to Texas. You know how much those guyz in wardrobe charged DeVryes for making me look like the stunning motherfucker I am? Well into the six figures. And I been told that it would have been more if I had made fun of the way the little gay guy acts, seems a couple of schmucks have done that.

So, Jager mah man, I wouldn't mind if you took a little bass out of yer voice when you talking about Elites. Appreciated.

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Well, well, well.

Nice summary, Jack, Bill. Down to earth and with none of that spookish conspiracy mumbo-jumbo that people like Jager and little old me is so fond of throwing around now and then. Part of the charm of the Code Name: Classified:s, even if Jager is more damaged than most.

Yes, Jack; as you put it, I´m in the know of what it means to be an Elite. Let´s make no mistake, though; I´m one of the "sort of":s. I´m no trading card-immortalized teenage wet dream, and you won´t find a vinyl version of Nimrod with thirty-six points of articulation in a toy store any time soon. It´s just one of them "forum handles". Nice, no?

So, any one of you military man hombres pulled the real graveyard shifts, pitch black ops? I have, and I do. If I´m not replying to your questions at times, it´s probably because I´m holed up in a highly unlikely location, waiting around just in case that one single-sentence order will be delivered right into my brainstem, telling me to act upon my nature.

It´s a whole lot less romantic than even the African ops, with their battlefield diseases and the constant screaming and the split-second air raids and the high-velocity bombings. Been there, lived and breathed the battlefield and waded through shit until I´ve forgotten my own name yet again. There are always worse places to go, compadres, and always another chance to save the world.

Or whatever I do, these days. Other people do that kind of thinking. I´ve had my mind wiped more times than a black market fuckpuppet, and I rarely ever have face-to-face conversations. C´est la vie, non?

You just never know where you´ll wind up.

I do, however, make a significant difference, which is more than you could say for a lot of bleeding heart, pussy ass, quasi terrorist whining little fucks like Boy Wonder Argent and his little pack of subversives. Everyone has their own fucking agenda, and everyone feels pretty fucking moral superior about it.

I freely admit to being ticked off.

Elites are, however, for the most part a refreshingly honest bunch.

[ 06-12-2002: Message edited by: Nimrod ]

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Jack, I agree that I am no longer an Elite and that the game has changed since I left the Agency. It doesn't mean I haven't kept in touch with the second largest employer of novas in the world. It doesn't mean that I haven't done work for them on the occasion, either.

On the flipside, I do talk to Anna as well as Mr. Carrington. When I left, Anna tried to talk me out of leaving...personally. You see Jack, unlike you, I was a 'team player'. I ran operations in the field and recruited teams for the missions. Yes, it was when everything was just starting up and I imagine it looks real primative to you now. The thing was, we evolved on those first battlefields. We learned how to use and not use novas to the best effect by making mistakes and we still succeeded.

Back to a point you brought up. I never said Elites were hired to engage other Elites in mortal combat. I said they were hired by opposing sides to fight each other. In such instances accidents do happen. After all, whichever Elite accomplishes his/her goal moves up in the rankings, right? Better contracts, perks, ect. For the loser, its just more of the same and just that much harder they have to work on the next gig.

Fact: Catamite (poor shlub, but he really ticked off Bruce) got assigned a security contract in the Sudan. He really wanted to make a name for himself and get the better contracts. He tried real hard, but...the name and all.

Starburst was a fast rising Elite. About a half dozen contracts under her wing. Very successful and had the look and the feel (as well as the skills) of an Elite.

They both knew the Agency's policy on personal conflicts, but Starburst was simple better than Catamite, and they both knew it. That comes from having ya'll train together.

From the footage, it appears Starburst put Catamite down, but not out. Catamite had tried, but failed. She was moving on to continue with her mission when Catamite hit her with everything he had and then some. Blew a whole clean through her.

Starburst was dead and Catamite, realizing what he had just done, fled to parts unknown. I have it under good authority that he's dead now. Had he gone back to Windhoek, things should have turned out differently, but he wouldn't face up for what he had done.

Yes, this was an 'accident', but saying that Elites don't engage Elites in mortal combat glosses over the fact that you've got two combatants using lethal force and have multiple motivating factors that compel them to succeed. Money, reputation, ego...and your putting that up against discipline, training and rational thought. It's damn lucky that we are as hard to kill as we are, because the next Elite I find that has been trained to hold back in a fight will be the first. They train you to be the best, Jack, and the best win.

As for Kashmir, you're absolutely right. No novas were killed until T2M intervened. Of course, 12,000 baselines died and over 100,000 were left homeless, but that is the nature of Elite combat.

Bill, Nimrod; yeah, your both stone-cold killers and damn good at it. Hate each other or love each other; you always look after your own. Fuck the rest of the world, because they can't understand what you go through.

I've never had a problem with either one of you. Probably never will. Just because I left doesn't mean I've forgotten.

Jack, Carrington is an ass because he's a soldier, not because he's a baseline or Anna's 'boy toy'. He earned his way in the DVNTS. Discipline and training are his way of life and its saved countless live of those under his command. It may not be pleasant, but at least your around to bitch about him. That's how DeVries reputation was created and why they still kick everyone's ass all over the globe.

If Carrington has a fault, its that he only sees things as a soldier sees things, not the bigger picture. All that fancy stuff you get costs money and lots of it. The use of force without a goal is not only pointless, its counter-productive. Frank's a bit blind that way.

If you think he wouldn't be pissed if you got killed on the job, your fooling yourself. When you in the field, your one of his 'boys'. If he wasn't this way, how difficult do you think it would be for him to get other Elites to get the job done?

Mind you, when your out on your own, he probably prays to whatever god he does follow that you meet a grizzly end. I never said he didn't hold a grudge.

On to the next point: Conspiracy theories? Okay, you've wandered off on this one so I'll do what I can to help you out.

Royal Dutch Bank of the Antilles contracts multiple contracts (security, cadre, counter-intelligence) right after word sneaks out that T2M is going to spearhead an UN initiative to counter 'corruption' in Columbia, Venezuala, and Northern Brazil (UN Resolution 14-503). The Cartel gets wind of this and starts massing a warchest in its off-shore accounts (DIA, CIA, and OAS signal intercepts- you will have to do your own digging, sorry). Enter the RDBA making calls to DeVries.

Now Anna, being no dumbie and knowing that these guys are thinking with their dicks as much as their brains, knows this is going to be a bloody dust-up with nothing but bad PR for DeVries (mere conjecture on my part, but it fits in with past DeVries concerns over negative publicity). Does she take a stand and show the world what three or four teams of her Elites can do when confronted by T2M, or does she turn this to her advantage, make a bloody fortune, give much of her B-list Elites some excellent combat time, and subtly let Utopia know that she is going to let them recover some of their crumbling image because the threat of T2M is what really drives so many clients to her?

Weeks pass with the usual escalations. Finally, T2M masses and smashes and the Cartel takes it on the chin. Major good PR for Utopia, but no negative PR for DeVries (I can't recall them even being mentioned in any Utopian press releases). At the same time, the Cartel doesn't have anyone else they can turn to for help (after all, who else would even touch drug trafficers?), so their pretty much stuck with DeVries.

That, boys and girls, is called business acumen. No conspiracy. Just watch the flow of money and power.

DeVries gets combat exp. for its younger Elites while making a fortune for both the Elites and Anna. There is no negative publicity, so no business is lost.

The Cartel may be pissed that they took some lumps, but they are still intact and most of their key facilities remain secure. They may have taken a hit, but they're still in business and they wouldn't be if Utopia had a free hand against them.

Utopia gets to smash an evil Drug Empire and grab some nifty headlines for a week or two. Even Pax didn't look to hideous when he boasted about the number of arrests and tons of drugs seized and destroyed.

That's not a conspiracy, just modern business. Except for the bank statements, most of it is readily accessable by the public. Yes, I conjectured Anna's state of mind, but her pattern of behavior and decisions that were made fit in with previous decisions. She is shy of bad PR and she likes to make money for herself and her people. She also clearly understands that novas are her assets and protects them accordingly.

What don't you get?

By the way, though Wendy the Wonder Secretary could definitely work for DeVries, since when would she be considered an Elite? I was under the impression that all Elites work for DeVries, but not all DeVries novas were Elites. Was I misinformed? Have things really changed that much since I left?

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Note the Jager and me part, Blondie.

This is what I referred to as the multidimensional battlefield in the "young Novas and combat" thread.

You don´t have a problem with me? Why, you probably should - if you stick by those morals and the ceirtain four-color mentality that you´ve been ranting about on these very forums. Great power and great resposibility? You have No. Fucking. Idea.

Still, good to hear that you can be so relaxed about things; you seem to spend such an awful time whining and moaning about our true fucking purpose, our duties and just how tired you are of all of this mindless slaughter. An idealist, huh?

Wakey-wakey; I´m not in this shit for no fucking paycheck. I´ll leave it at that; if your connections are half as good as you seem to claim, maybe you can even dig up some shit on yours truly (I´d be impressed, but that wouldn´t be the first time); things should clear up a little bit.

A stone-cold killer? Yeah. And not sorry. Also not boasting. Things are being set in motion on a massive scale; the world is rearranging itself between the ticks of a second. Someone has to take care of the shit in the machinery; sometimes, what´s good for the biomass is contrary to what is good for the individual.

We all know where that equation ends.

I know what you´ve been up to, Jager. I sure as hell don´t know where you came from (would you believe that I suspect that people are hiding things from me? The humanity!), and I can´t claim to know where you´re going - I do, however, smell a lecture in the near future.

Sure, everyone can understand me. I´m really not all that complicated. I tried to point out that what I do is different from pulling battlefield duty, and that I know this because I´ve pulled every fucking kind of op there is. I might not be the very best at what I do (you just never are), but I do claim a versatility that few can match.

Now what the fuck where we discussing...? Damn, I got to stop OD:ing these pills.

[ 06-12-2002: Message edited by: Nimrod ]

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Wendy the Wonder Secretary *giggle* sounds like all I'd be worth to them. -_- Sakurako the Pretty Pencil Soldier... *sigh*

Jack: You said something that REALLY got me wanting to do the "I'm not worthy" line.

"Every day a few more of us erupt. A few more of us find our way

without needing or desiring mentorship or approval. The world you knew

is gone. This one is ours. End of sermon."

I think that pretty much sums it up. I don't plan on being an elite any time soon. Besides, my first photo shoot for the new Transport division of Hino Corp is tomorrow. I'll see if I cand get some pics to you guys. ^_^


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The thought of getting into yet another exchange of book length posts to nail your dodgy old butt to the wall is without appeal. Apology accepted. Nice two-step. Yeah, things have changed that much. The Carrington you knew is gone. If you actually thought beyond your liking of the man you'd be able to figure out why and the inevitability of it.

And I wasn't talking about Elites in that little sermon. I was talking about novas. Endeavor understood. So did Nimrod. A pity you didn't though it must seem glaring in retrospect.

Nimrod and Vile Bill

I thought you'd both understand. I guessed that neither of you would play Endeavor if she asked a question.

And thanks, Bill. It actually took me several tries to edit out the names and settle for just asking if he was being dense instead of telling him.


If you weren't worthy I wouldn't be spending the time on it. Keep smiling smile

[ 06-12-2002: Message edited by: Jack Chance ]

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I'm going to ignore the argument over morality and ethics for the moment. However, I do have a comment about Elites.

They are extremely professional. I have hired two freelancers and three Elites for jobs that needed doing. One of the freelancers performed quite well. The other's performance was a complete debacle. She was hired through a common acquaintence for a very delicate job. I learned after the fact that she, for some reason, was terrified of me. She got caught, but through no fault of her own, i.e. bad intel. Rather than contact me directly or attempt to fix the crisis, she decided her only option was to kill me. Needless to say, that was a bad decision for the both of us and made for an uncomfortable week. The situation was eventually resolved, but to no-one's satisfaction.

After that, I decided to grit my teeth, pay the money, and hire through DeVries. I was amazed at the difference. The DeVries agent was courteous, professional, and lived and died (figuratively, of course) by the contract. I was so impressed I hired DeVries for the next two jobs as well, and each time they fulfilled their contract to the letter. And they were all as discreet as I required. I will never again hire a freelancer. Too much risk and you don't know what you are getting into. With a DeVries agent, you have an entire portfolio to back them up.

Consider this testimony from a satisfied customer.

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Originally posted by Endeavor:
...my first photo shoot for the new Transport division of Hino Corp is tomorrow. I'll see if I can get some pics to you guys. ^_^

Good luck, LNSE.

And you could do worse than inviting a Team Nipponhai to the shoot just as a courtesy. You'll only see one or two of them show but the odds of some node-spark crawling out of the woodwork is a little better than average with recent events. It's always nice to have people with a vested interest on scene.

Mr. Nashoba
Thanks for taking the time to weigh in on the subject. It was fun.
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...and its somewhat of a pity, too.

You think my world is gone and yours is coming? Your absolutely right. That you believe that you know what your 'world' will be like and where its heading is the greatest tragedy of all.

When you finish burning the old world away and crawl out of the ashes, I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

I, too, am tired of trying to talk to you, Jack. Your going to do what your going to do, no matter what. You know what's right and best for you, there is no discounting that. The best thing about the future is that it is coming for both of us. Adapt or perish.

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*grins* Jack, is that sarcasm drip, drip, dripping off your canines?

Anyways, there is one member of Nippontai watching the shoot. I hope it's not Tenshi. She's too stuffy for me to take.

Huh? Wait a sec... . . . .

Oh man.... -_-; My mom's gonna be in the shoot too? And I'm her superhero's side-kick?!? ARRRGGGHHH!!!! What do I look like? Mini-Me?!? I bet she'll even have a corny codemane like Dr. Neutronica or some crud like that.... Oh well, at least the gig pays good...

I'm gettin' paid, And I'm still the Pretty Nova Senshi.... Endeavor!

O_O; ...Umm.... I'm starting to resemble a superhero gimmick... I'm going to my room, I need to sulk for a while... -_-;

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Hey, Sakura-Chan, it was my idea in the first place. You seemed to like the costume I made earlier. Oh well.

Besides, afterward we'll be having lunch with some novas at that exclusive novas-only restaurant you like. Consider it your first appearance. You need to develop that "Pretty Nova Senshi" gimmick as your own to give it weight. And "The Face" will be there!

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LNSE wondered:
... is that sarcasm drip, drip, dripping off your canines?

Sarcasm? Moi?

I'll have you know that I am the very soul of propriety. A subscriber to the ways and means of modern interpersonal...


Do you have any idea how difficult it is to say any of that with a straight face when you have someone hanging on you and laughing like a madwoman?







Okay. Maybe a little. Good luck on the photoshoot and send us lots of pictures. I'll be looking for you on N!Prime.

Hey, if you're interested I have some friends of friends that told me there might be a spot open on an Opnet show called Valor of Heroes. They're looking for a new face. Probably fifteen minutes of screen time In one episode with quest appearance through the year if it tests well.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll drop them a line so they can send you a character synopsis and set up an audition.
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Well, the photoshoot is complete for the new "Firebrand" advertisement campaign. Did 3 shoots, and MAN talk about cameos. Me and my mom participated on one where WE pick up Nippontai and get them to a nice little brawl. Some nameless XWF fighters were being the bad guys. In two others that I was at, the Stone Badass himself was driving it, stepped out, and said how badass the vehicle was, and that was a damn fact! Then on the third ..ohhhh... I'm still a flutter. The Face saved little old me from some "supervillain", dropped the face hammer on him, and took me to safety in the new vehicle. WHOA. He's SOOOOO HOT!

The post-production party is just getting into the meat of the night as I talk to you guys. "Valor of Heroes"? I haven't seen that one, but after talking with the Stone Badass and The Face, they're getting some XWF agents to talk to me soon. I've also heard of a future "REAL" martial arts tourney for novas being organized. Let me find an Episode of Valor of Heroes, and I'll let you know if I'm interested, Jack.

Sayonara! Oh, incase you're wondering, the Firebrand is a VERY uber looking truck/car hybrid design. We'll be sending seperate designs around the various elite employers for a more armored and combat ready version. We'll call that one the "Lightning Dragon" class of vehicles.

Now, stay dry, and sober....

[ 06-13-2002: Message edited by: Endeavor ]

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Hey, Sakura-Chan, don't get your hopes up. You're already slated to be in a pilot for a kid's show. Yeah, I know you hate the "sentai" style superheroes, but just try to level with me. I know you want to be a little tougher with your friends, bu trust me, you'll like it.

Oh, and I'm partial to Lance Stryker myself... *blush*

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*blushes* Oh boy... I guess the secret's out now...

There's a pilot for a series on Japan's N! affiliate fr a superheroic style "sentai" series called: "The Cherry Blossom Soldiers" or in Japanese: "Senshi no Sakura". Great... I guess I'm a natural, huh. My main attack alone screams I'm in this... -_-;

The series deals with 5 Nova schoolgirls who fight with magical-girl style heroics. As long as they don't have me fishing out a sceptre outta my @$$, I'm cool.

I'll be playing the character "Ryoko Sakurajima" and guess what? Each of the other 4 characters have "Sakura" in their name... Corny huh? I guess this is what My mom was planning.

[ 06-13-2002: Message edited by: Endeavor ]

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Um, sorry Sakurako... I just got a call from NeoFujita Films. They've cancelled the production... -_-; And I was looking foreward to you wearing that cute little sailor suit...

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But you still have to wear that outfit to the costume party on friday. Okay? I spent two months making it for you. The least you could do is wear it once.

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