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Aberrant RPG - Nova Index Update


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Well I preparing to release the Nova Index update, but I have been having a little trouble identitfying a few points.

First off I have been plagued by a reference on page 79 about a list of nova last names (Dated May 2008).

Corbin, Meztiszo, Holm, Greer, Yannik, Cherpa, and Fong.

I have identified Corbin (Andre) and Yannik (Christoph) aka Shadow Artist.

Fong cannot be Caroline Fong of the Teragen since she is currently entombed in the Baihrain Facility (2004-14). So I am left the following nova last names:

Meztiszo, Holm, Greer, Cherpa, and Fong.

If anyone has found any references to them I would appreicate a note.

Then there are a set of Nova identites, that I found and prepared to enter, but lost the source reference. I believe most are from one book:

Name, Affiliation, Haven, Eruption, Death, BirthName, Gender

Gillian Jones, ???, ???, ???, NA, Gillian Jones, Female

Marietta Jackson, Indie, Costa Rica, ???, NA, Marietta Jackson, Female

Violet Chao, Utopia, ???, ???, NA, ???, Female

In addition, there are these which I know where they are from , but I am lacking a lot of information Almost all are QNA members: When I am lacking a last name its hard to be sure it is a unique individual.

Name, Affiliation, Haven, Eruption, Death, BirthName, Gender

Dr. Q, QNA, ???, 2008-, NA, ???m Male, A:PG 180

CopyKat, QNA, ???, 2008-, NA, ???, ???, A:PG 179

Flamer, QNA, ???m 2008-, NA, ???, ???, A:PG 180

???, Utopia, ???, 2008-, NA, Jean ???, Female, Ab 23

???, QNA, ???, 2008-, NA, Derek ???, Male, A:PG 179

???, QNA, ???, 2008-, NA, Evan ???, Male, A:PG 179

And lastly there is a 'Stasia that Raoul writes too in the aberrant core bok, pg 34, anyone have a clue who it is? the context almost suggests Sophia Rousseau's group...but "Stasia"?

Anyway thanks for your time reading this, any info is appreciated. With out further delay, here is My Aeon Page Link


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