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Aberrant RPG - Character and XP


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I sorta need help determining how many XP a certain character has...I'm probably going to end up disallowing it, but in the interest of being fair...

First, here's the character:


Second, the challenge:

The character is an Edenite, and thus built as per 2008-rules, as opposed to normal Trinity-era rules. This means 30 NP, 15 Freebies, and Quantum starts at 1. Assuming no merits, flaws, and Chrysalis, ho many XP were spent on getting this character to where she was today?

Any help is appreciated, and I'll post my figure (backed by logic) after a couple of posts have been made here...

Thanks in advance!


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The short answer is, at least 147.

The real answer is more than that.

Bonus is spent on 1 background point and +2 Quantum.

Assuming you only spend nova points on the most efficient stuff.....

You never spend experience on attributes or abilities because they are cheaper to buy with Nova points, then you have spent 2 and 3 respectively (total of 5). (Note that you are missing a specialty).

Similarly, there are 2 nova points in backgrounds (and one point from bonus).

3 Willpower points for 3 nova points (total of 10).

2 Points of Quantum (both untainted since you have a taint of 2) (total of 20 nova points).

3 Mega-Attributes (total of 29 nova points, the 30th is unspent).

At this point you still need to buy:

2 Mega-Attrib & 1 Enhancement (17 exp).

3 Powers (42 exp)

2 Points of Q (88 exp)

All Cybernetics (Assuming they are all gadgets, no experience cost).

Total Experience: 147

And the answer is wrong, because it is obvious the character wasn't build this way. The points don't add up and there is Chrysalis to worry about (and taint is too low).

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A bit more explanation...

1) I'm aware the Taint's a bit low and that's there some interesting math going on. That's sorta what prompted me to post in this forum. Read: The character probably was built from scratch based on an estimated XP total. Normally, I'd just disallow the character, but I'm curious as to what other people would come up with as to an XP total...

2) If it helps, the only two house rules in effect are that a) Eden novas are built like Nova Age novas (only real change is that Quantum starts at 1 and Taint is Q-3), and that the Resources Background Enhancement was okayed for non-Inspired (the only such enhancement so far okayed, despite some interesting arguments). Also, assume that the cybernetics were bought as equipment, not the Devices background. Lastly, there is a hidden Extra on the Cyberkinesis, but that can be ignored due to high Quantum....

3) The only givens are that Quantum has to be high as to high as you can get it for a beginning character, while still allowing for two Level-Three powers (with one dot each) and any other expenditures. Otherwise, I'm curious as to how you'd spend the 30 NP and 15 freebie points, and how many XP the rest would cost you.

Again, thanks!


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Ok I stoped counting xp on the skills alone, she has over 50xp worth of skills above a starting characters stats, how much xp/bp are you charging for the robotics, since I don't see 5 dots in device anywhere?

p.s. I always assumed that all edenite novas are moderately tainted (I'm guessing taint 3).

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Ok I stoped counting xp on the skills alone, she has over 50xp worth of skills above a starting characters stats...

Not if you use Nova points. All of her abilities, attributes, background, and willpower can be trivially purchased with nova points (total of 10 points for all of them).

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True but look at all her powers and she's also over on attributes, I already assumed they were purchased with nova points, the character is in some serious nova/bonus/experience point debt.

True, but that's the point of this.

You have this character, you have a fixed number of nova points, and you want to minimize the number of experience to build it. You can buy a level 2 power for 3 nova points (saving 6 experience), or you can buy all of her abilities (saving 50+).

Complicating the issue is the fact that she is a Terat, a cyborg, and her points don't add up (i.e. her taint is low). I suspect this character has a long history from a game. She may have gone through Chry. once (to reduce taint), and have god knows how many house rules applied (cyborging).

As such, it is impossible to give an exact answer (or even a good answer) with the available information. That is why I've stopped with "at least 147". It is an imcomplete answer, but it is as good as it gets without making assumptions based on information that isn't available. (Although I only briefly skimmed her history. I wouldn't be surprised if this were a 250 experience point character.)

If you want a more definitive answer, then supply more information or start making assumptions (a good one would be that she erupted as a "techie" with enhanced IQ and some control over electronics).

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Not a bad guess, Alex...The total I came up with was 252. Of course, I was hoping to get some input from ProfPotts, but, oh well...

Base Assumptions: 2008 rules, Background enhancement OK, and cberware is actually a shell (using Cyberkinesis, with a version of the Parasitic Possession. I knew the Taint was an issue, but I needed some kind of yardstick to use (the other characters have around 180 XP). And, yes, there was Chrysalis in their somewhere, but it was of the "while I building my space station, I must have statistically botched at least 40 times, which I then converted into temp. Chrysalis" type, and disallowed when I found out about it...

Basically, the player has been "persuaded" to play a new character, and has, unfortunately, become an argument against trusting players::crazy ...

I've been debating taking up bookkeeping ::bigsmile ....

The Math:

NP: 30

4 Mega-Atts 12

2 Level-3, 1 dot 10

+1 Quantum 5

+6 Attributes 2

+5 Abilities 1

Freebies: 15

+2 Quantum 14

+1 Background 1

Note: Starting Quantum: 4

XP: 252

+3 Quantum 120

Warp Mastery 3

Molecular Authority 21

Adaptation 5

Backing +2 10

+3 Resources+WBA 30

Skills: I reduce all skills to 2/3 dots each; it's actually cheaper in the long run

+2 Engineering+Spec 15

+2 Subterfuge 14

Resistance +1 4

+1 [Athletics, Gunnery,

Acasemics, Martial Arts,

Computer]@6 XP 30

For those who were curious...

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Not a bad guess, Alex...The total I came up with was 252. Of course, I was hoping to get some input from ProfPotts, but, oh well...

That's flattering ::blush , I guess, but Alex is usually much better at this maths stuff than I am - it just makes my noggin hurt! ::biggrin ::wink

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Part flattery, but mostly objective...It just seems that discussions involving you, Green, Ayre, any of the Horsemen, Sprocket, and myself tend to be te most...interesting, as each of us have no problems either defending our various viewpoints or trying to find some sort of cmpromise...usually ::biggrin ...Backed by Datsun IRL, it'd be sorta fun (I think) to get us all on the same development team ::devil ....


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