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Aberrant RPG - French Novaes

Ange Gardien

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If you wish to create french characters, since my french is a lot better than my english (i'm a good reader, a poor writter and an awful speaker), submit your proposals. I will translate.

It's a little bit disturbing to read in Adventure! " l'ordre des femmes nouveaux" 'cause it should be " l'ordre des nouvelles femmes "

Ange, who discovered aeon continuum a piece of months ago...

Well, i'm not mastering the game the way you do. I'm mixing it with my to favourites games (Shadowrun - the aeon is in a parallel universe - and a mix Cthulhu/Mage - in which some characters from 1990 will erupt, i have translated werewolves, vampires and highlanders in proto-aberrants) but it works.

Oh... Yes. Ange Gardien means Guardian Angel... :)

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Well I have mixed Trinity's psychic powers with my own ideas (and some piece of stuff from Mage) to create 13 disciplines.

These ones could be the only thing, with quantum powers (and the forbidden knowledge of cthulhu's myth) that exist in the universe.

For Aberrant, I'm rolemastering the cthulhu campain Utati asfet in wich one PC and one NPC are very special.

the PC is an highlander (sort of, i call this : eternaute), a proto-form of aberrant.

the NPC is an highlander too and is the mentor of the PC + the clone of Maxwell Mercer (without all his powers) generated by a very weird quantum effect...

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well it won't be easy to translate.


Let's put the strings like this, my ideas... :

Maxwell Mercer generates weird quantum effect each time he is time travelling. The last woman he had a love affair with fall pregnant and gives birth to his exact clone. But in a Highlander like version...

Highlanders for aberrant.

They are sort of proto aberrant with these powers

Mega dexterity (one action +, a power that fits in meag wits or mega dex) 1

Mega Stamina (adaptability) 1

Mega Perception (quantum perception) 1

Mega willpower (i created it, magic and quantum resistance) 1

They cannot boost these mega-attributs (or other mega-attributs) more than one by level of Quantum and cannot have more than two in a mega attribut

they can gain three enhancements per dot of mega attribut (with experience points gained the normal way or by killing rare character gifted with powers or strong willpower (above 6).

They have the unique power Immortal. They cannot be killed, excepting by two ways (head's off and closed in small places)

They, also, gain : one heroïc knack per point of quantum.

They have a level four in quantum at the begining.

They cannot gain quantum excepting when they kill powerfull creatures (novaes, vampires, werewolfes - they are proto form of aberrants, too).

They are the big hunters of the shadows.

They cannot gain powers.

They have a lot of disavantages, too. And the setting has nothing to do with highlander the movie.

They are kind of psychic vampires. They don't need to kill to survive, but it's the onky way for them to developp their quantum.

They suffer off an inextinguishable thirst for power. When they use the quantum perception power, they crave for absorbing power.

In 1998, they will erupt in order to gain the possibility to have :

more knacks

more aberrants powers.

Kurgan, the four hundred years mage killer, could be like that.

Quantum 7

Mega Strengh 1 (crush, lifter, precision)

Mega dexterity 2 (Action + 2, rapid strike, physical prodigy, accuracy, catfooted)

Mega Stamina 1 (adaptability, regeneration, hardbody)

Mega Perception 1 (quantum, "that creepy feeling", blindfighting)

Mega willpower 1 (magic/Psy resistance, quantum resistance, luck)

Mega charisma 1 (commanding presence, dreadful mien, natural agitator)

Knacks : one man army, jack of all tongues, indomitable will, lightning reflexes, steely gaze, universally deadly, untouchable

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