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Aberrant RPG - Density Control [Increase]

Obsidian Shade

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hoi folks

can you really use the Attunement background with Density Control [i/D] in the way Figment did on p 77 of the A:PG? Figment decreased the density of the bomb. so you should be able to increase the density of your cloth or armor, rigth? i thought of +1 B/L Soak per dot Density Control [increase] is used.

and: do you really need the extra of Affect Others? Attunement works as well and don't increase the power level of Density Control [increase].

so long

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Usable on Others: Only applicable if you are using offensively (generally); it's a Champs thing, but the best way to think about it is if you are deciding how it's used, not the person it targets (in Champs, there's an advantage called "Usable BY Others).

Attunement: Used on objects or willing subjects (generally)...

If it helps...


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Attunement wouldn't help someone else in this case.

Attunement mainly prevents other people/objects from taking damage from your powers. It also lets you pick up things and carry them (again, without hurting them). It sometimes let you use your powers on them in a generally defensive way (Invis, FF). Making someone immune to your Q-Bolt doesn't give them the ability to create one.

In the case of Figment, she used attune to pick up and move that bomb, so the bomb didn't take any damage from her powers while she was holding it. Of course she did leave it in an ackward situation, but that happened after she de-attuned it.

Normally making someone more dense would be fatal (they couldn't breath enough O2, their bones would break, that sort of thing). It is at best unclear if attune would do anything for Density increase but even if it did let you make them heavier without killing them, it wouldn't make them stronger. It might grant more soak, but that is very much an ST call.

Attune wasn't built for this sort of thing. What you are trying is similar to trying to use Attune to grant someone your Mega-Stamina or Armor. In addition, there actually is a power in the Teragen book which does let you do this sort of thing (i.e. give other people your powers), it is called nova proxy or some such.

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Oh no, then what happens to my shapechanger's Gucci bag?!? ::blink

My take on it was that Attunement was ment to simulate the superhero effect of their costumes not shredding or being absorbed, and the Human Torch's ability to catch a falling person without giving them 3rd degree burns. that how I use it. i.e. we play it as granted immunity to your powers, not the investment of the powers (this may not follow the official ruling, but this is how we decided to impliment it). So my bodymorph flame does no harm to the outfit. but your fireball would, unless the outfit is eufiber, but thats another special effect and story.

<Warning House Rule Interpretations Here>

This falls in line with our interpretation that only sentients possess a noetic template, and therefore no sentient can be assimilated into another template without major forces at work (i.e. a Prometheous Tank, Level 3+ Powers) This is beyond the scope of Attunement. So your clothes could be absorbed by the Bodymorph, but Alice the girlscout would not be absorbed, her noetic template would not wend or wiel (err it would not be changed), but it would temporarily adopt the quantum signature to protect her from the flaming form that is holding her, once she was Attuned. so that potted plant "could" be absorbed into the power's effect, but a constant power would not absorb anything. This also put a balance in the Aberration Permanent Power ForceField, Shapechange, etc..

Our take on Eufiber:

[Eufiber is a noetic mimic, it assumes the quantum signature of its bearer, and thus literally becomes a physical extention of the nova (it is quantum metamorphic substance). The Attunement power is a lesser ability, where quantum neutral matter is integrated temporarily]

</Warning House Rule Interpretations Here>

thats how we dealt.

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