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Aberrant RPG - Abberant LARP

Dr. Arbitrary

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I've got a friend who is really into the LARP business and has been attempting an Abberant LARP. Anyone have any suggestions, or ideas as to how Abberant could be adapted into a LARP. The Mega Attributes are the major concern, they go far beyond the WOD powers, Mega Str, would beat even extremely high level potence.

i'd apreciate any ideas


Dr. A

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Live Action Role Playing

White Wolf created a streamlined version of Vampire the Masquerade for use by large numbers of people. Most conflicts are determined by the use of paper rock scissors. The Vampire book is Laws of the Night (I think) although the complete rules are present in all the other WoD adaptations (mage, hunter etc.)

The problem is that the system places huge emphasis on attributes. Basically, one can have a number of attribute aspects (wiry, clever, rational ...) for the three attribute categories. Tests use paper rock scissors instead of dice, with ties going to the person with more attributes and the loser loses one attribute temporarily.

There is more to it but the huge emphasis on attributes makes finding a fair system for Mega Attributes difficult.

I hope this clarifies things a little. I appreciate the interest.

Dr. A

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As for Abbie LARP, I just don't see it working too well, there's just far too much on the characters to break down in the normal ways (mind you I've never played a LARP game, I have read the rules of 2nd ed and some of 3rd ed though)... I see Adventure! and Trinity both working flawlessly under a LARP system, I think Adventure! would be the new LARP king actually ::bigsmile . I'm gonna look around, hopefully I'll spot a few homebrews for A! and Abbie LARP, who knows maybe my first LARP experience will be an Aeonverse game.

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Well somebody I know quite well did actualy come up with an Abberant LARP system. Okay it was only for a one off game set in the Amp Room.

Okay, I'll admit it, the sad loser was myself ::blush

I worked the system something like the following.

Basic stats.

I retained the 9 basic statistics from the main rule book rather than using the MET idea of traits. While traits can be nice at some points they can limit the way the game plays and bog it down at times.


Str Dex Sta

Chr Man Appr

Prec Int Wits

To these I allowed players to take a number of level of skills in the normal 1-5 range but caped charecters to only one 4 at gen (before NP).

Tests were worked out on the basis of attribute + skill = rating with standard met rps against that rating.

The newfangledness came with the introduction of mega attributes.

Rules for mega attributes. Attribute + Mega attribute = difficulty level of task. outside of combat the task is automatical done with no test.

thus somebody with dex 4 and a mega dex of 2 could easily walk a wet ledge (difficulty 6) without haveing to make a test.

Having a mega attribute also gives you a number of free retests on that stat equal to your level a night.

in contested tests between two players, assuming they are outside of combat, i had the one with the higher mega attribute win all ties.

After that i got down to the powers.

Rather than charecters having 30 nova points to buy powers i reduced this to 15 and has level 1 powers cost 1 point, level 2 powers cost 2 and level three cost three. Please note that i did modify certain powers in this structure.

Basicly i did a lot of stuff to the system but never got to play due to lack of player interest. Oh well. There is always the new EonCon. ::devilangel

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