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Aberrant RPG - Web Page designer(s) needed


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I appologize that this is perhaps not the best place for this, But I didn't know where else it should go.

I would like to redesign my website but I have even less experience doing this than the average lightbulb.

Sooooo here is a chance for all you budding Web page designers to do your stuff!

I am looking for one or more person(s) to build or assistor offer suggestions for a new look for my webpage. Quantum Continuum

All credit will go to those person(s) who do the work. Just because I am the registered owner of the site, You will have 150% of the credit. (how I can give you the extra 50% I don't know but I will try)

unfortunatly it doesn't pay anything besides my gratitude. (and my bad spelling)

what I am saying is


you can respond here or email me at s.brown17@sympatico.ca

Thanks in advance for any and all responces

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Tha would be great! Anything you could offer would be fab!

But if you make webpages, wouldn't that make a person a webdesigner?

What would the correct term be?

Quick question though. for you and anybody else.

I added a new page to my web site but now when you see my page and click on a link in the rightside menu, it opens up in that frame. I tried putting it to _parent and _main but it still shows up the the wrong frame. what could I do?

I had this prob once before and it took me forever to fix it. I hate frames but I don't have a clue when it comes to tables.

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What would the correct term be?









*remembers he admins this site, including the webby stuff*

Any advance on sad git or sucker? ::confused ::biggrin ::tongue ::biggrin

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Talking of Webmonkeys, that's one website I use for information on any html I need (for my now now broken down, barren AND obsolete websites).


I have 3 tonne of those kind of websites. If you want more, I can post 'em for yeh...

That reminds me... I need to start weeding my little net gardens again... I think the algae has killed the fish... ::smiley4

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