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Aberrant RPG - Matter Chamaleon in Eufiber


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One of my players has recently got Matter Chamaleon, and he has a suit of Eufiber.

What if he decide to MC himself in eufiber?

Maybe he can get some Quantum-specific effect, like quantum regeneration?

He can get some protection power?

Eufiber is a very special substance, so would be cool that the power granted would be something special/weird (without unbalancing the campaign).

... and think of a MC in VAMPIRIC eufiber ...

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Just refer to the usual properties of eufiber - strange though they may be.

It grants extra Soak - up to it's 'dot' limit, & as long as there's enough QP 'charging' it. Matter Chameleon suggests that the limits for a copied substance can be altered due to size differences between the character & the copied substance (such as in the electricity example in the power's text), but we also know that the limits on a eufiber colony are nothing to do with size (they're all 'clothing' sized, but have different dot ratings). Therefore the eufiber transformed Matter Chameleon gains, at most, as much Soak as the eufiber's dot rating. For Matter Chameleon, that's pretty low.

The character could also (in theory) gain the ability to 'store' the colony's rating in QP - but being a Nova, he can do that anyway, so it's a little pointless.

Eufiber can automatically be Attuned, even by Novas without that Background. Some type of ability to copy another Nova's power immunity / Quantum signature may be in order (i.e. "Quantum Forgery" from the Teragen book).

Eufiber can alter it's appearance, & (via Weave from the APG) shape. Shapeshift & / or Flexibility spring to mind. Or you could just allow the character to 'Weave' his own body (using the bonuses that ability provides - much less than full Shapeshift).

'Vampiric' eufiber can drain QP or Health Levels from it's victim... ::devil er... 'owner'... ::halo So Quantum Leech or Quantum Vampire - Health Levels may be allowed.

Or... The Matter Chameleon may just turn into a spotty Costa Rican... ::wink

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