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Adventure! RPG - Nobody can stop the Stinging Spider!!

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Storyteller Rifts = All WoD+All Trinity+A glitterboy or two

**wheels out a large, cake shaped package labeled "Do Not Open Till Ayre's Next Birthday", giggles maniacally and leaves waiting for him to open his early b-day prezzie*


Make Trinity Version of a Glitterboy

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Woohoo! he'll either suffocate, dehydrate, or starve in that cake withing a few short hours/daysa/weeks/ a month tops! My next birthday is in may!!! Muahahahaha!!!! Ok evilness aside, get that man a doctor! and that one *points at StingingSpider* a copy of Trinity STAT!!! ::devil

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A gift from me, to you, from me...to you:

(All the special stuff is in the Rifts core book)

Glitter Boy

VT: Man Shaped Assult Vehicle

Tech: Y

Handling: +2

Base Mass : 8 Tons

Maximum Weight : 10 Tons

Base Combat Speed : 50 kph

Base Top Speed : 80 kph

Strength : 6 [5]

Base Armour : 15 [10] v All non-physical (beam, sonic, ect.) weapons, 10 [8] v all other

Base Life Support : 1 Month...not very inviting to do that though

Base Height : 8 ft

Base Radar : 24km Radius

Tolerance: ****

Cost: ***** ***** ***


Glitter Boy Boom Gun

Tech: Hard

Acc: +2

Damage: [20]+20d10 L, For each shot there is a sonic boom doing no actual damage, but Defening anyone within a 20ft radius and knocking them down. Deafness lasts for 1d10 days.

Range: 50 km

Mnv: N/A

ROF: 1

Clip: 200

Conc: N/A

Mass: 3 tonnes

Cost: Too Rich for your blood (***** **** for thoes who must know)

*note: When using the Boom Gun A glitter boy cannot move...they need to take a turn to dig pylons that are installed in their feet into the ground. It takes a turn to disengage them. The Pylons can be disengaged, but without them the glitterboy will fly back 3d10 feet and lose a turn getting up (no damage to glitter boy)

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