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Aberrant RPG - I am Bummed


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Ok, I mentioned this over at RPG.Net in a thread about what was wrong with Aberrant as a game.

I am currenty running a tt game with some really solid players. They have gone through some published adventures as well as some of my own. They started off as members on an independent investigative firm owned by a wealthy & powerful nova.

They began to investigate Slider's death & through solid work on the part of the players & good uses of Mega-Mental attributes, they began to discover some stuff about Proteus. Then they sat down in the last session & really thought out what it all means.

Here's the problem, the pcs are beginning to grasp the reach of the cannonical Proteus & have come to these conclusions.

Number 1: We can't go public. No one would believe us. They would think we were all conspiracy nuts. Besides if we were believed, then damage to Utopia would be too much. Especially consdiering all the good it really does.

Number 2: We can't beat them. To function Proteus must have access to Utopia's resources to some degree & Utopia has more novas working for it then anybody else & more money then God.

Number 3: They are watching us right now & can kill us whenever they choose. See reasons behind Number 2.

Number 4: A war is coming. If the most apparently benevolent organization toward novas has their hands dirty like this, then it is just a matter of time before humanity sees nova as more of a threat then a benefit & will do what they can to wipe us out.

The players are really bummed & considering having me run something else. Oh & by the way, none of the players have read anything but the core book & a little of the APG. This is also the first Continium game any of them have had any exposure to either.

I did suggest seeking help from another faction. They laughed. None will step near the Teragen, they don't trust them. They think the Aberrants are too weak to matter. They trust human governments & the Directive about as much as they trust Utopia now. As just being Elites, the players figure that Proteus will just engineer a conflict to kill at.

One of the players had a great monologue where his character cried & talked how he could never go home & live any sort of life knowing this. How all he knew was destroyed in an instant.

So what do I do now to salvage this? How can I return the one nova making a difference theme to the game (it is really gone now)?

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What kind of characters are they?

And I've never quite figured out the whole, "If PU is dirty then novas are bad" thing.

Project Pro is basically a baseline organization. The Novas of PU are doing good (with the exception of that telepath and Pax).

The whole Project Pro thing could be spun into "the mistake PU made was not having novas in possitions of authority"... which would also do something to defuse the whole PU vs. Teragen thing.

And that is *if* you go public. Other ways to go are...

A) Join Project Pro, work from inside to reduce their excesses.

B) Blackmale Project Pro into reforming.

C) Goto Max (or PU's parent organization's leadership). They would remove Thesis and that would deal with most of the bad parts of Project Pro right there.

Telling the sherif that one of his men is bad news might not lead to him getting fired, but he might get moved to a desk.

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One other thing you might do is have them hook up with the Protectors (see the Aberrant Player's Guide for details). If life on Earth is beginning to look mighty unfeasible to them, then starting over on an extrasolar colony planet could prove to be very attractive... It's not very heroic, but it does sound pretty reasonable. ::biggrin

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Actually a strategy that might help here (this depends on the party composition, and setting) is to get them involved in "fixing" things within the sytem, i.e . the Portman meta-plot. When my players discovered all the bad things going on and how deep it was, they decided to support Nova leaders within the base-line system, as governors and President...It was slanted against them, but they felt at the end that they had made a difference and had hope ::biggrin ...until a bunch of them died ::devil ...but thats beside the point. ::tongue

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