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I am about to start an Adventure! series in a week or so. It is a challege because I haven't run anything like A! in my diverse RPG career. I just came out of an amazingly successful Call of Cthulhu game. This is a 180 degree change in direction and tone for me as a storyteller. I'm going from telling a story about utter nihilism to a story of hope. And I am moving from a genre which I know like the palm of my big hand , to one which I am not so familiar with. I started this thread in order to talk about our serials ; their strenghts and weakensses , and every other thing that made them special and unique for you and your group.

I will start by giving you a glimpse of my game:

My game will be about the reconstruction of Mexico by a group of righteous inspired men. The gentlemen have joined hands , hearts , wits ,and guns to save Mexico from anarchists, criminals , terrorists , and other things that lurk in the country side. Accompanied by a Jazz soundtrack , it is a truly Cowboy Bebopesque tale inwhich ( like John Woo would brilliantly say): "You give a man a gun and he is superman. You give him two guns and he is god." . I'll post some more details as the game is underway.

Come one ladies and gentlemen , write about your serials ( or the heroic version that you had in your head before it became a disaster in the gaming table) ,and don't spare any amazing detail!


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