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Aberrant RPG - Mutate Background


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New Background

For those who prefer a game involving more “crunchies” (either as enemies or as characters) or just prefer to keep actual novas rare. Some may even prefer to fight on the side of an Aberrant faction in the Trinity era (not all of em are bad – right?).

Even in 4-color games there are many “supers” who gained their powers from experiments or otherwise artificial means, usually with scary and/or unstable results. Guys like Bane, U.S.Patriot, Green Goblin, and even Capt America are all the result of “super-serum”, government/underworld projects, or mishaps related to such.


The majority of the aberrant hordes of 2121 consist not of Aberrant (which is fortunate for earth) but of ‘humans’ who have been mutated by the inhuman skills of their aberrant masters. Artificially ‘enhanced’ humans do exist during the Nova age of 2008, some like mites are the product of nova based experiments, while cyborgs, and genetically engineered creatures (human or otherwise) are certainly within the abilities of Mega Intelligent Novas. Only baseline characters can purchase levels in this background (storytellers discretion).

System: Each level grants mutate points with which the player may raise the characters attributes at a cost of one dot per point (only strength can be raised above 5 in which case the character gains mega strength p with no enhancement), Body Modifications, Armor, or Claws, purchased as per nova points - no other nova powers may be purchased. Characters with this background can only gain new powers by raising this background. Taint accumulated from this background results in aberrations from the first dot.

p The character has 3 mutate points and gains 1 point of Taint.

pp The character has 5 mutate points and gains 2 point of Taint.

ppp The character has 7 mutate points and gains 3 point of Taint.

pppp The character has 9 mutate points and gains 4 point of Taint.

ppppp The character has 15 mutate points and gains 5 point of Taint.

Body Modifications

Enhanced Healing (2 Nova points/6 experience points): The character heals lethal damage as though it were bashing. If a character is killed by lethal damage it is still lethal however.

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welcome Captether, and thanks for the contribution. we appreciate it, although chill might not as much since he did 157 of them yesterday ::wink i'm sure he'll get over it though. ::biggrin i hope to see you around more often, and feel free to sendor post more things whenever you'd like. ::cool

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Hey there, Captether- glad to have you around here. ::smiley5 Your new background looks like just the thing for generating some of the sapient critters that were said to be so prevalent in the Adventure! setting. I can think of several Aberrant-era novas who would certainly like to have a pet that they could actually have a conversation with... It's likely just as good as talking to baselines, or maybe even better! ::hehe

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