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Trinity RPG - Mucho Alien Races


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Like a lot of people here, I once tried to make a game system...Sort of a "Star Trek/Cyberpunk meets fantasy on parallel worlds" (Piers Anthony fan ::tongue ) thing...

I was looking over my notes and, well, there's roughly a dozen races there. It was me doing some serious experimenting with cultures, and so I ended up with a lot of weirdness...For example, a race of speedsters with four sexes, technologically-advanced caninoids, and trading "grasshoppers"...

Anyway, I was curious just how bad you people wanted alien races, and if I put them all into a .pdf or something, would anyone be interested in looking at it ::unsure ?


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Sort of a \"Star Trek/Cyberpunk meets fantasy on parallel worlds\" (Piers Anthony fan  ) thing...

That would do it. Piers Anthony is a decent writer, but his puns just suck. I was almost turned off him permanently by some of the later Xanth books. Thank heaven I read the Mode series first.

Anyway, yes! Alien weirdness is always good. You might even go so far as to post a sample here ::smile

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I'd have to agree with Knave- unhuman alien races fit the Aeonverse much better than any of the "humans with weird foreheads"- type of aliens that Star Trek ever portrayed. I mean, the Red Dwarf show did a better job with their aliens (ok, they're GELFs, so what?) AND with a much smaller budget! ::laugh

So go ahead and put 'em up, Finbar! The more good stuff we get on EON, the better the site will become. ::halo

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Don't sweat it, Finbar! We'll give you a grace period before we put you on the "to-do" list for White Wolf's Jackbooted Thug Corps... ::hehe

Nah, just get them posted when (and if) you can, friend. There'll always be somebody here willing to take potshots at 'em! Just check out the responses I've gotten on the "New Powers" thread on the Aberrant forums... ::laugh

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Okay, I solved Hardware Issues I, now I just have to scan them in...Here's the basics, however (keep in mind that these were for a game I developed then scrapped a decade ago, so be nice ::wink):

Francissoire: A strictly male race that lives to battle;

Hazishk: A four-gendered race that lives at full speed;

Istarii: Tragic angels; think Angel from X-Men Omega (the last Age of Apocalypse issue) and make that into a race;

Kaninkti: A canine race that lives to tinker;

Kl'cm'nst'r: Arachnid traders; they'll sell anything for a steep price;

Manteels: An aqautic race with some interesting mating rituals;

Ocelots: Primitive were-cats (think Balam, but mine were first, goshdarnit!)

Sharaki: A race of assassins, that can walk through walls;

Technoids: Intelligent shape-shifting robots;

Thrax: Insectoid weapon-dealers;

Zzythys: A race of space-faring reptile-men; and

Sterma: Living elementals.

Admittedly, some are lame, but I am working on getting them up to speed. Also, there were three others, but two of them are too close to current sub-races (I had cybernetic ninjas (think Superiors) and mutants (think 10-NP Aberrants), and the third became Spartans.

I may need to re-write them, but I'll try to post as time allows...


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I'd have to agree with Knave- unhuman alien races fit the Aeonverse much better than any of the "humans with weird foreheads"- type of aliens that Star Trek ever portrayed. I mean, the Red Dwarf show did a better job with their aliens (ok, they're GELFs, so what?) AND with a much smaller budget!  ::laugh

It was a general sort of control freakish rule with Roddenberry that aliens had eyes where humans had eyes so that sort of limited what they could do. Then again I think socially it would be hard to relate to anything you couldn't look at in the eye.

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all those alien races sound so cool. Are they available for download anywhere?

I would have said this before but I just bought an AEON book last week, ::biggrin now I am looking for ANYTHING to go with it.

I think the alien races listed above would be great. ::thumbsup

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After much threatening...Let me know how you like these guys....

Some miscellaneous notes:

Any skills listed in the “Advantages” section must be paid through the original dots you start with in character generation. In other words, if you’re playing a Blur, then, from your original 23 dots, you must pay for Legerdemain 2 and Intrusion 2.

Disadvantages are mandatory. Basically, like advantages, they’re part of the race. I didn’t try to balance them; they just felt “right” for the race. However, in some cases the ST can rule that there is a merit called “Racial Exception” that negates the particular disadvantage, but not each one. I have tried to put point values on the various disadvantages to facilitate this.

Allegiance skills were listed for each race to show a racial tendency. “As per Legions” can mean two things: Either the default Legion skills (Athletics, Command, Firearms, Melee, Survival, and either Brawl or Martial Arts), or the expanded Legion allegiances as per the TPG. Obviously, these may change if the character joins a group with different skills (such as an Ocelot pirate). However, this will not change the character’s mandatory skill picks.

It should be noted that some races are not technology advanced. One of those interesting things about sci-fi is that some sort of Prime Directive is in effect on a universal level. When I first created these races, I thought it would be interesting if the Sterma basically just said, “Hey! That looks perfect for what I need it for!”, and used the race in their war for galactic conquest. In case you were curious...

It should be noted that a blowgun is a blowgun regardless of tech; the materials are different, but the concept (blowing a dart through a tube) is the same. Any penalties due to using technology greater than the race’s limit do not apply to items that are simply made of a high-tech material; the item as a whole has to be high-tech (like, say, guns to a primitive tribe).

Design Notes: Originally these races were created for an RPG I was debating doing. The basic setting was two Earths, one hi-tech, and the other high-fantasy, sort of like Piers Anthony’s Phase (from the “Blue Adept” series), except that the hi-tech world was more cyber-punk with huge radioactive wastelands, and the high-fantasy world was more Middle Earth than Xanth. Adding to the mix were a pair of races that were both “Imperial”-types, but whose power was on the wane, so they decided to combine into a single race: The Sterma, who commanded vast elemental and telepathic powers. Who knows, I may just do it up as a d20 book, if I get bored enough…

Francissoire (Gladiators): Originally born and bred by the Sterma as a form of entertainment, they were tried in combat when a fleet of various forces attempted to destroy a planet where an army of Francissoire were performing. When the fleet landed, the army attacked the invaders, even though they were out-num-

bered 100 to 1. The invaders were annihlated. The Francissoire were then pressed into service for their master's plans of galactic domination.

However, over the last few centuries, more and more Francissoire have escaped, and are trying to build their own colonies, usually on difficult to live on worlds, or asteroids.

General Reputation: You need an obstacle removed, call in the gladiators. If you need it destroyed,, tell them that it is invincible.

General Physical Traits: Male humanoid, 8'0"/450 lbs. Body covered in tight black clothing. All other details vary by specimen. Bulky without being slowed down. Also, each gladiator gives off a weak radio signal, possibly due to genetic manipulation to make them easier to track down.

General Psychological Traits: Very aggressive. A tac-nuke is generally subtler. Very chauvinistic. Prefer straight battle to diplomacy. Modesty is a foreign concept. They prefer traditional weapons to more modern ones.

Tactics/Strategy: Hire out to the guy with the biggest guns; he might let you use them. Brute strength is far more important than that gray stuff between your ea s. In combat, dodge the lasers, tear the sword out of your foe's dead hands, then trade fists. Glory above all!

Eating Habits: Carnivorous

Total Population: 75,000

Reproduction: One sex: Male. Gladiators serve their masters as studs soon after puberty. They tend to view intercourse as a pleasant business exchange. Although they are capable of mating with any humanoid female, such as humans, ocelots, and greks, the result of said union is always male, and 10% are gladiators.

Allegiance Skills: As per the Legions.


---Combat Training: All gladiators have Alertness 2, Brawl 2, Melee 3, Athletics 3.

---Exo-Suit: Although a nifty piece of equipment, the Exo-Suit ([10/5,0], counts as a eufiber (2-pt) BES) is the only armor a gladiator may ever own.

---Physicality: Gladiators begin with Quantum 1, Mega-Strength 2 (Shockwave and Crush enhancements), and Mega-Stamina 2 (Hardbody). These (along with Quantum Pool and other Mega-Str/Con enhancements) may be increased in play, but additional mega-atts and powers may not (Quantum-based backgrounds up to ST; default is “no”). Taint is not gained by a gladiator; however, they do suffer from a sort of “racial taint” (see below).


---Bulkiness(4): Stealth and Sneak skills are at +4 difficulty. Also any Dex-based skills (excluding Melee and Athletics) are +2 difficulty.

---Retarded Mental Development(5): All non-(Strength, Stamina, Dexterity, and Appearance) based skills are limited to 3 dots.

---Sensory Problems(3): All gladiators show up on radar and may be tracked by their individual radio signatures (as well as by their Quantum signature).

Design Notes: One of two “design ancestors” for the grek lupines. Also, thanks Guido, aka Strong Man, I made some interesting changes…Originally, I had gotten the idea from the X-Men comic (#245) where they just nail DC’s Invasion summer cross-over; there’s a line of guys trying to out-arm-wrestle Colossus (then having the ability to lift (press) 75 tons) (DC: Every race in the cosmos decides to invade the Earth; Marvel: X-Guys go out and to fend off every race in the cosmos invading Australia). Many laughs were had by all; it was also interesting to see Wolvie dip-kiss Storm, and Havok drunk (Clasic Scenes: The mothership flying off, and the aliens trying to shoot it down. Havok sneers at them, says,”Blasters? Those aren’t blasters. This is a blaster!”, then proceeds to blast the ship. Wolvie playing poker with a Superman-wannabe, and wins by betting his life on a pair of two’s (even though the wannabe has apparently used some sort of X-Ray vision (“I know all he has is a pair of two’s. But I can’t risk my life, it’s too valuable”). Heehee…

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Genesoldiers: Various military and private factions noted that violence in the various intercorp conficts had not only increased in frequency, but in the damage that it caused. Thus, they felt the need for a new kind of security, one that mixed the analytical abilities of a computer wiith the intuitive abilities of a human. Although most of the experiments were failures, there was one success.

Born in test tubes, raised in vats, and trained by virtual reality, genesoldiers form the elite of the most private security divisions. Also, It should be noted that the FSA uses genesoldiers the most, as well as colonies that utilize cloning. Most countries, either still feeling bound by the old treaties or having religious beliefs that don’t the creation of life, don’t’ have genesoldiers.

General Reputation: The group to have on your side when you need something done discreetly and efficiently. Need to lighten up, hovever.

General Physical Traits: Humanoid. 6'6"/220 lbs. Greenish skin. Otherwise, as per human. Clothing has a definite military flavor. All forms of physical defacement (especially tattooing) are looked down upon.

General Psychological Traits. The ultimate soldier: Hybrids prefer rank and order to their organizations, as well as a definite chain of command. All hybrids belong (in the most literal sense) to someone.

Tactics/Strategy: Organization is the only day to go. An organized group can accomplish miracles, in life as well as in combat.

Eating Habits: Omnivorous, mostly meat

Total Population: 90,000

Reproduction: No; All genesoldiers are neuter. They must be created in test tubes from human genetically-manipulated sperm and ova.

Allegiance Skills: As per the Legions.


---Death Coma: A genesoldier may place himself in a death coma, effectively becoming a vegetable that will last up to [stamina] weeks. Any physical contact will cause the body to explode, doing 10d10[5] damage to any within 5m (-2d10[1] per 2 m afterwards).

---Genetic Manipulation: Disease and radiation effects are at -5 levels, and all senses a enhanced (-3 difficulties to sense-based rolls; however, intense effects are at x2 dice when effect is rolled). Also, Soak is [staminax2] for Bashing Soak, [stamina] for Lethal Soak.

---Military Training: genesoldiers have Alertness 3, Firearms 2, Melee 1, and Martial Arts 2; they gain no Allegiance dots, and only receive 18 dots at the start. Their allegiances are as per Legions. Also, Strength +2, Dexterity +1, and Stamina +2 (max of 6).


---Lack of Socialization(3) : All social skills (excluding Intimidate and Command) are at +2 difficulty.

---Property(2): Although theybelong to someone, they also gain Backing 2, and Device 3 (this is usually a group of objects, not one specific object).

Designer Notes: The other “design ancestor” of the grek lupines, genesoldiers were a race based loosely off a one-shot Heavy Metal comic titled “Friday.” Consider them a Heinlein tribute…

Hazishk (Blurs): Rats have followed humans around the globe, stowing away on ships headed for colonies, trucks headed to far away locations, even planes headed for isolated islands. This is hardly the only example of one species dependent upon another one; remoras and sharks, disease and insects: The list

goes on forever.

Such is the relationship between the Blurs and The Sterma. On the gigantic Sterma ships, the worst duty one may receive is "Blur Duty", where some private is told where to go and not to return without the carcass of a blur.

Thus, the blurs developed a from of defense. As stealth would be sort of ridiculous to develop on a ship with clairsentient beings, the blurs instead developed their speed.

General Reputation: Never try to kill a blur; after all, the Sterma have been trying for millennia and the blurs still live. How they have survived is unknown, since a simple grenade does wonders...

General Physical Traits: Thin, humanoid and always in motion. 5'6" and 100 lbs. They have greenish skin and pointed ears, but little body hair. Their clothing is loose if they are expecting trouble, somewhat tight when they are "at home".

General Psychological Traits: Blurs tend to do everything at a fast pace. They take what they need to survive; if they are called thieves, then so be it. They prefer to hide in the shadows, and in crowds. It does not matter if one dies, so long as the rest survive. Death is not glorious; avoid it if possible. If you can escape without losing a life, even your opponent's, and if he has only the slightest clue who did it, then you have the makings of a true hero.

Tactics/Strategy: Recon is what you do best. You check out a place to see how easy a mark it may be. When you actually go in, your friends fight the guards, you fight the locks and traps. If you actually do have to fight, then you fire from afar, or go into and out of melee as quick as possible.

Eating Habits: Omnivorous. Blurs must eat their weight in food every 24 hours.

Total Population: 200,000,000 (M: 75,000,000; F: 75,000,000; N: 20,000,000; P: 30,000,000)

Reproduction: Four sexes: one male, one female, one neuter, one potentate. Blurs tend to gravitate towards each other. A male and female are the romantics of the group, with the potentate playing the cynic, and the neuter playing the idealist. The potentate is usually the brains, the neuter does the more daring things (like combat), and the couple do the stealing. Should either of the pair die, the potentate can change its sex within six months to whichever one died and a new potentate will gravitate in. A new neuter will gravitate in if the group is neuter dies, and will be even more obnoxious than the old one for at least a year before settling into his role. When the male and female mate, 3-12 children will be born 6 months later.

Allegiance Skills: Legerdemain, Intrusion, Style, Firearms, Stealth, Survival


---Anti-Detection: Blurs impose a +3 difficulty on anyone trying to use psionic or quantum-based abilities to detect them, even when in plain sight.

---Slice: This is an attack of last resort. Once the slice has occurred, all Physical characteristics drop to 1 and Movement and number of actions equal a human of equal characteristics. A slice requires a path clear of force fields and walls equal to 3xRurming Speed. (If either a wall or a force field is hit, the blur takes 1 bashing for every 10' he has traveled when he hits the obstacle (no, gladiators do NOT count)).

The slice takes one strategic round to implement. The blur starts at 0 mph and accelerates for the first six (1/2xRunning Speed) of the path and decelerates for the last sixth of the path; he collapses at the end of the

path. For the rest of the path, the blur is in a state of molecular flux and everything along that path is molecularly disrupted (including molecularly disaligned clanswomen and Faded psions, and novas using Density Control (Decrease); they all take 1d10 [2] Aggravated for every point of the blur's Stamina. This damage ignores all armor; only Armor (Impervious) is good enough to stop this damage.

---Speed: Blurs are naturally fast; Movement is x7 that of human. Also, they gain an extra full action.

--- Thievery: Blurs start with Legerdemain 2 and Intrusion 2.


---Hunted (4): The Sterma treat any discovery of a blur colony like we would a termite problem; immediate extermination.

---In Motion (3): A blur, even sleeping, is always in motion. Any skills requiring staying in place for any amount of time or patience suffer +2 difficulty.

Design Notes: First, for those who have seen my alternative Teleportation paths, this is part of my inspiration for the various Warp abilities. Second, I wanted a “stow-away” race, and realized that I faced some interesting issues on a ship with clairsentients. I think the blurs would do okay…

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Istarii (Angels): The Istarii have been slaves of The Sterma so long that they have forgotten their native valleys. They are also the victims of a one of the nastiest cruelties ever visited upon a single race.

On Istar, birds were feared by all; Istar’s skies were filled with feathery death. Birds like doves, turkeys, and gulls had been hunted to near extinction (by both the natives and the other birds), and owls, hawks and shrikes ruled the skies.

One day a lone istarius looked to a cobalt-blue sky covered with cotton-puff clouds and watched a flock of birds pass by. A nearby Sterma saw the gold-bricker just before blasting it to jelly, but had been inspired by what it had seen. The Sterma liked the idea of seeing winged humanoids flying across an orange sun, creating fear.

It could not figure out why the Istarii, did not want to soar on feathered wings or see with the vision of an eagle. The genetic engineering was finished in a matter of years. The suicides continue to this day

General Reputation: A tragic race. When you feel the deadly claws of the angels, The Sterma are not far behind.

General Physical Features: Humanoid, 5'10"/100 lbs. Wide variety of eye, skin, and feather colors. A pair of white wings with a span double that of the angel's height. They prefer robes and loose fitting clothing. The back and shoulders are generally left naked.

General Psychological Features: Hide grief through partying. Genetically ornithophobic, which seems to increase as the istarius gets older. Berserk in battle in an attempt to kill yourself. Pluck out your eyes, amputate your wings, and encase your bones in metal to destroy the part of you that you hate the most. Both sexes are equal.

Tactics/Strategy: Fly in, blazing away, hoping that you All go down in a blaze of glory. Battle or the social scene, it does not matter; both have opponents capable of totally destroying you and thus your fears. You wish to party hard, and die harder; little else matters.

Eating Habits: Insectivorous, and grains.

Total Population: 30,000,000 (M: 10,000,000; F: 20,000,000)

Reproduction: Two: male and female. The male presents the female with several expensive gifts. She then decides if he is worthy based on those gifts. If she decides that he is worthy, they enter into a life-long monogamous relationship. If she decides otherwise, he goes into a bout of depression lasting

months. Children are rare bright spots, until they begin to sprout wings just prior to puberty.

Allegiance Skills: Firearms, Pilot, Athletics, Arts, Style, Endurance, Bureaucracy


---Berserk: Any time that an Istarius is involved in melee combat, he may define a target and roll against Willpower. A successful roll puts him in a berserk state: all wound penalties are ignored, soak is increased by [stamina], and melee damage is +2d10. However, no ranged weapons may be used (except as melee weapons) and strictly defensive manuevers may not even be attempted. Also, the only way to get out of the berserk is to be killed, go unconscious or for the target of the berserk to be removed from combat. Lastly, anything that gets between the target and the Istarius must either be dodged around (if possible) or attacked until it is out of the way.

---Bird Nature: Acute Sight, and Flight at x3 Movement for up to Staminax10 minutes; must rest 1 minute for every 2 flown.


---Bird Nature(4): Their light bones make them suffer +2d10 damage from melee attacks. They cannot fly if they a down to Maimed, at which point they may only glide. Lastly they have dull Touch and Taste, and suffer +2 difficulties to any rolls involving either sense.

---Ornithophobic(2): Around birds, all rolls are at +2 difficulty; spending one Willpower will negate this penalty. This is muted around other istarii, but they still suffer +1 difficulties on social rolls involving other istarii.

Design Notes: It’s been said that everyone wants the same things, right? Well, what if what was good for one group was a nightmare for others? That was sort of the point with the istarii; I keep hearing that people want to fly, but I’m afraid of falling. Originally, they were meant to be a group of self-loathing miscontents, sort of noir-on-crack types.

Of course, then Age of Apocalypse, came out, and I sorta fell in love with Angel. If you think back to Warren Worthington III, and his suicidal attack in “X-Men Omega”, you have the perfect istarius.

Kaninkti (Mechdogs):

On a planet where prehistoric primates had been wiped out by a rhinovirus, raccoons became the predominant species. Their technology advanced quickly, but their culture did not: Eventually, they had hi-tech science fighting with a feudal mentality. Various factions dabbled in genetic engineering in hopes that a super-soldier could be created.

Most did not survive the wars.

One faction used the native canines, mostly due to the canine's strength, loyalty, and adaptability. The dog-soldiers were unleashed into battle, and were working very well, surpassing all expectations. However, the other factions started using strategic nuclear weapons. The raccoons were soon eliminated themselves from the planet.

Some of the canines quickly figured out how the machines worked, and were soon able to start building a better world, using the raccoons' society as a story to scare children. Eventually, the canines had a pacifistic hi-tech culture.

The Sterma found the Kaninkti and sold the entire race into slavery, destroying the Kaninkti's home planet in the process. The "Mechdogs", as they are now called, are valuable, because they are highly skilled and very loyal to their masters. However, they have sworn that someday the Sterma will pay for what they did to their planet, and enslaving their race.

General Reputation: You need something fixed, take it to a mechdog. However, watch out if you try to steal his wrench They have a nasty bite!

General Physical Traits: Humanoid with canine features. otherwise, there is a wide variety of types. They usually dear overalls with lots of pockets and a good pair of boots.

General Psychological Traits: Loyal to their friends and family to nth degree. Live to discover everything about something and to tinker with anything they can get their paws on. Will defend, but rarely attack. Otherwise, wide variety of personalities. Men are chauvinistic, and females tend towards manipulative. Also, respect anyone who is a good mechanic (“still not up to Kaninkti standards”), and look down on anyone who is mechanically inept. Non-kaninkti are treated as “good pups” at best, “pups that need a good time-out” at worst.

Tactics/Strategy: Study everything about the situation that you can, then make a precise report about it, if for no other reason than to clear the situation up for yourself. Then do what you can to solve the problem as quickly and with as little cost as possible.

Eating Habits: Carnivorous; must be well prepared.

Total Population: 3,670,000,000

Reproduction: Two sexes: Male and female. Females are only fertile for one week each year. During that time, they will seek out a male that they think will improve the species. The rest of the year they will not even look at the males. The males that are not deemed suitable mates subvert their sex drive into their machines.

Allegiance Skills: Survival, Endurance, Melee, Brawl, Arts, Intimidation


---Dog Nature: Acute Hearing and Smell; they may track with their sense of smell. Their bite does Str+3d10 L. Also, they gain +3 Willpower when commanded to do something against their master.

---Focus: They have one Intelligence-based skill that they receive +2 dice with; also, any Engineering or Science rolls are at +1 die (cumulative with the +2 dice if the skill chosen is any Science or Engineering). All other Intelligence-based skills are -1 die.


---Academic Training(5): All combat skills (Melee, Firearms, Brawling, Martial Arts, Athletics, and any other skill involving weapons) are limited to 3 dots. Any other non-Intelligence-based skills are limited to 4 dots.

Design Notes: Although I like how dogs have generally been anthropomorphized in fiction in games, I always hated how they generally were forced into the “beta” role. Using Barf (“Spaceballs”) as a model, I decided that it would be sorta cool to have a race of mechanical adept dogs, BUT I wanted a much more assertive race; I wanted the dogs to be loyal, but to be the alphas.

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Kl'cm'nst'r (Crawlers): A decidedly non-technological race, the crawlers are in the habit of trading land and prey to get what they want. The crawlers take advantage of the lush jungles that they live in, as well as their own formidable abilities, to cut deals: In exchange for their mercenary skills, the crawlers are attempting to create and hold a powerbase. With only the superstitions of their new-found neighbors to hold

them back, it may be interesting to see how far they get.

General Reputation: Creepy. Crawly. Nasty Fangs. Would sell their own mothers for a decent meal. Nothing a good lance won't take care of.

General Physical Traits: Imagine a tarantula about 6' across. The front four appendages have a manipulatory digits. They usually wear a thick leather belt on the abdomen.

General Psychological Traits: Ruthless and unforgiving describe crawlers best. They are constantly spoiling for a fight, but they live for the deal. After all, how can you survive as a race without the wealth to

bury your enemies? Hate to serve under anyone. Even beings as powerful as The Sterma.

Tactics/Strategy: Outbid your opponent; make what is his yours. That is all you should worry about in life. In battle, be where he is not; strike from where he cannot; defend from where he cannot attack. Simple plans succeed far more often than complex ones, and a knife mid-abdomen is the simplest plan of all.

Eating Habits: Insectivorous

Total Population: 7,800,000 (M: 5,200,000; F: 2,600,000)

Reproduction: Two: Male and Female. Reproduction is a one-shot deal. The mating ritual is more to tire the female than anything else. After consummation, the male, fatigued, is eaten if he can’t run away fast enough. The female lays her eggs a few months later.. Her young, cannibalistic for the first few hours, soon separate. They live a feral existence for their first few years, and are then rounded up by a group of either slavers or "beneficiaries". The former eventually sells the young after training them for subservience; the latter eventually lets the young join the community after a period of training.

Allegiance Skills: Style, Savvy, Bureaucracy, Etiquette, Subterfuge, Linguistics


---Arachnid Nature: Movement is doubled, and a crawler may crawl just as easily on the walls and ceilings as it can the floor. Soak, due to the exoskeleton, is +5[5]. Acute Smell and taste. Their Willpower is +5 when a non-arthropod attempts to use telepathy on them. They may spin up to three 10' radius webs per

day (each entangling its target for 5 minutes for every point of Strength less than 10 (an opposed extended Might roll against Str 7, gaining three successes, is required to break free)), or a web-rope for each web they do not spin (each rope is 150' long and lasts for two days). They may also use a poisonous bite, with a Poison Rating 6, a number of times per day equal to their Stamina.

---Social Abilities: All social rolls are at +2d10 to the dice pool, unless the person is arachnophobic (in which case Intimidation is +4d10, all other social rolls are +3 difficulty). Note: They are social predators, and actually enjoy social events.


---Arachnid Nature(4): Besides everyone trying to kill the "giant spider", all Alertness checks not smell- or taste-based are at +3 difficulty.

---Technical Ineptitude(5): All skills involving technology better than medieval technology are at +3 difficulty.

Design Notes: Okay, one of my obligatory insect species. There’s not a whole lot you can do to change a race with this many things no one likes about it, but I thought it’d be an interesting touch to make them socially adept, instead of the usual multi-legged monsters.

Side Note: One of my fellow players remarked once that these sort of reminded him of Ironclaw spiders (cute and wooly). If you’re not an Ironclaw player...I wonder what they’d think of their futuristic cousins…

Manteels (Gillmen): In their native oceans, gillman are a totally aquatic race, fighting only to defend themselves. Then The Sterma found them.

Seeking an amphibious soldier, The Sterma manipulated representatives of the races so that the gillmen had lungs, as well as their gills. The gillmen adapted quickly to their new status, and eventually supplanted the old version (which is presumed to now be extinct).

They have since rebelled and are trying to rebuild their nation. However, Process 418 hit the gillmen sqaure on. Some of them have allied with the Erin dolphin tribes, hoping to develop technology to terraform a suitable planet. Others have allied with the dolphins to find a way to harness their new abilities.

General Reputation: Able to attack enemies on land and then disappear into the sea, gillmen are very capable allies and even more dangerous enemies.

Physical Traits: Humanoid. 5'8"/200 lbs. Covered with fine green scales. Eyes have second, clear eyelids, and fingers and toes are webbed. Clothing is usually limited to a a bare minimum.

Psychological Traits: Generally cheerful, always emotional. They prefer hand-to-hand combat. They are intensely loyal allies,, and implacable foes. All three sexes are equal in the sense that all three have their own jobs, and any legislative body has representatives of all three sexes.

Tactics/Strategy: Peace is created by sentient life agreeing to compromise. From compromise springs the greatest of strengths: compassion. A group is far stronger than the sum of the individuals that form it. Sometimes it is necessary to fight: fight with all that you have, but allow for the possibility of truce with your enemy. If he does not surrender, then slay him. But only give all a chance to surrender no matter what else they have done.

Eating Habits: Omnivorous. Food is usually raw fish and kelp.

Total Population: 3,750,000 (M: 1,550,000; F: 1,850,000; P: 350,000)

Reproduction: Three: Male, female, and processor. A male goes to a matchmaker, who sets up a date with a female. If the two find that the relationship would be amicable, a processor is found. The male and female mate, then give the processor the fertilized eggs to store in its body. When the 8-10 eggs hatch, the three parents take on their respective roles: the male defends the family, the female raises the children, and the processor tutors them. The children are asexual until puberty, when one or two become processors, and the rest have an even chance of becoming male or female.

Allegiance Skills: Athletics, Science, Melee, Brawl, Medicine, Survival


---Amphibious: Gillmen may breath in water or air. They swim twice as fast as they walk, and have the Athletics specialty of Swimming for free. Lastly, they can swim down to one mile before even worrying about the effects of pressure. Armor gives them +3[3].

---Electro-magnetic Abilities: Gillmen were originally able to merely detect electromagnetic auras with 50m just by concentrating, allowing them to sense living beings (and, by extension, anything with a magnetic field or an electric current) in the dark reaches of the ocean. The Sterma allowed them to keep that ability, and added the ability to project an electric shock. This shock may either affect one target within 30m, causing 6d10 L damage (if used in air). or all targets within 10m, causing 6d10 Bashing damage (if used in water).

---Psi Possible: The legacy of Process 418 is that the gillmen have begun to develop telepathic abilities. All gillmen are coinsidered strong latents in Telepathy. For 7 freebies, he may be a true telepath, with all the abilities of a dunked telepath.


---Aquatic Adaptations(7): Gillmen must be completely covered with water for at least 5 minutes of every hour or all Physical characteristics drop by 2 points every 10 minutes. When any one of them drops to 0, the gillman dies. Submersion into water will heal 1characteristic point per 5 minutes. Due to their second (nicitating) membrane, all ranged attacks are at +2 difficulty.

Design Notes: Originally, I wanted to make them basically extra-terrestrial versions of Aquaman, with telepathy and control over sea animals. However, for the Trinity version, I decided it would be interesting to make them having to deal with the Process 418 issues (thus the revised telepathic abilities).

Side note: The reproduction cycle on these guys has to lot of "Alien Nation" to thank...

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Mutants (Muties): In some abbie-controlled areas, the taint has caused some people to mutate. Once the genes started mutating, Their mutations were passed on to their children.

These are usually found on KLG and in the LAST Zone. However, there may also be found on generation ships with leaking nuclear reactors, or in areas where “river gods” are found.

General Reputation: Nice people, but hardly predictable.

General Physical Traits: Humanoid. All other traits vary by individual. Clothing tends to be ragged, and tattoos and branding are popular. Barking is also on the rise.

General Psychological Traits: Same as humans, except that life is viewed as being cold and up to change at any moment; only your differences remain the same. There are no real differences between the sexes; constant change has seemed to equalize that part of the equation.

Tactics/Strategies: Stay in the protective shadows. Get avay from others. Attack en masse.

Eating Habits: Omnivorous.

Total Population: 400,000 (M: 250,000; F: 150,000)

Reproduction: Two: male and female. It is worth noting that 30% of mutant pregnancies result in miscarriage.

Allegiance Skills: Endurance, Resistance, Survival, Drive, Savvy, and Medicine.


---Mutations: His scrambled DNA allows a mutant to choose any two of the following advantages (however, the mutant may not choose both options 2 and 3):

1) +6 Attribute Points and +10 Ability dots; two abilities may be raised up to 6, and three abilities may be raised up to 6, otherwise a max of five;

2) Gain three dots of psi abilities; the character is limited to six modes, and up to 3 in any particular mode (this is a permanent limit); the character’s Psi score is determined normally;

3) Either Taint=Willpower and any three abberant abilities, or Quantum 1 and 10 Nova Points (may only be spent on powers, mega-atts, enhancements, Quantum, and Quantum Pools); the character is limited to Quantum 3 (this is a permanent limit)

4) 8 points that may split between Soak, Initiative, and Willpower. Willpower may not excceed 10, and Soak is +X/+(X/2) (Bashing/Lethal; X=points spents). Spend on a 1:1 basis;

5) +10 points of merits.


---Deformities(6): Mutants must take mental and physical limitations totalling six points. These mutations do not count towards the character's limits on flaws, nor do they gain him points.

Design Notes: For that little something special…Originally, I needed something for the radioactive wastelands; these guys seemed tailor-made for the KLG and the Blight Zone…

Ocelots (Felinoids): On the Yucatan Peninsula, a group of humans developed practices that were in tune with nature. However, when the Norca started taking over the local govenrments, the Ocelots retreated into the jungle. The Venezuela Incident sent shockwaves throughout the world; the entire group gained the ability to become cats, as well as heal and mysteriously transport themselves. That they were curious as to what happened, and thus they decided to send scouts out into the world.

General Physical Traits: Humanoid. Highly attractive. Clothing tends to be almost non-existent.

General Psychological Traits: Arrogant, and very ecological minded. Also, very curious. Sexes are completely equal. Live hard, play harder. Party as long as you can, then sleep for a while, then go back to the party.

Tactics/Strategy: Your claws may only be backed by a blowgun, but only up close can you see your prey sweat. Steal what you can; it's only property. The world is your oyster, and everyone knows that cats love seafood.

General Reputation: Lovers, not fighters, although they can hold their own.

Eating Habits: Carnivorous.

Total Population: 43,000 (M: 18,000; F: 25,000)

Reproduction: Two sexes: Male and female. Extremely erotic, and based on sensory overload, but otherwise same as human. The one major difference is that ocelots have been born recently in litters, of four fraternal twins (usually two of each gender, with same-gender litters rare).

Allegiance Skills: Style, Subterfuge, Etiquette, Stealth, Awareness, and Survival


---“Cat” Abilities: Ocelots have access to the “rio del gato”: Basically, the three modes of Transmogrification, Translocation, and Iatrosis have been combined into one aptitude; all other abilities (including modes normally associated with the above) may be bought as auxillary modes. The ocelot counts as a dunked psion in all other respects.

---Earth Connections: Ocelots have Acute Sense: Smell for free, and are at -2 difficulties on any roll where they are outdoors, that doesn’t involve them using technology.


---Curiosity(2): Being part-cat does have its problems. All ocelots have the Curiosity flaw (for no points).

---Non-Tech Nature(5): Ocelots are +2 difficulty to use any technology above the “spears and fire” stage. Strangely enough, thre is an actual itching.

Design Notes: Originally a straight shape-shifter, the publication of Bastet for W:TA caused a few changes. I think I like them. Also, it’s worth noting that IC and forum debates have noted that the aptitudes are separated more by belief on how psi works than how it actually does work. Ergo, I thought an aptitude based on felines (allowing them to change into cats, taking into account the mystical healing properties of a cat’s lick, and their ability to disappear) would be interesting…(If you really want to have fun, take out the Shimmer effect (the one that allows you to pull off multiple short-range ports; no cat would ever make that big and noisy a spectacle of himself) and replace with Fading…)

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Pseudonukenin (Ninjteks): In some Nihojin colonies, magnificent mansions are surrounded by huge farms. Battles are no longer fought on the battlefields, but in the boardrooms. Every executive has a dozen plots going on, and has a dozen aimed at him; all of them attempting to raise the status of his company and himself. The corporations are run by family, and ruled by tradition.

Most crimes are punished by death or imprisonment, but those crimes against the executives are punished by "tech-ing" the criminal. The ultimate punishment is not the death of the transgressor, but the destruction of his very soul.

The criminal is forced into a physical fitness regimen. When he has reached a level of physical readiness, his mind is wiped clean, by mechanical and chemical means, of all his memories and all of his knowledge. Skills are then implanted, and the criminal is fitted with cybernetics.

This “ psuedonukenin” is then made to protect his victim's family. Suffice, to be made into a sunukenin is extremely dishonorable, and the criminal is kept as a reminder, a latte-day “head on a pike”.

General Reputation: Spooky, very silent. They stay in the background, and they somehow to manage to be ignored even while attacking. Even more mechanical than the technoids…

General Physical Traits: Humanoid: 5'10"/175 lbs. Usually Japanese. Wear dark business suits and shades.

General Psychological Traits: They live and die by their honor code, which is similar to that of samurai. They may be angered, but only rarely; they knew no other emotions. They must serve someone; otherwise, they are free to do what is needed to follow out the commands that they have been given.

Tactics/Strategy: The monofinger is the epitome of combat. Always strike fast, hit invisibly, and do damage precisely. Your employer comes first, then his assets, then you. He deals with all else; you deal solely with keeping him alive.

Eating Habits: Organic Mush and Electricity.

Total Population: 17,000 (M: 13,000; F: 4,000)

Reproduction: Two: Male and female. Not that it matters; their sex drives have been removed. Only by re-programming are other ninjteks created.

Allegiance Skills: Etiquette, Might, Resistance, Melee, Firearms, and either Brawl or Martial Arts


---Cybernetics: All ninjteks have the following implants: Armor [5/3,0], Sensory Equiment (-2 difficulty on all senses), +4 Initiative, and +1 to Strength and Stamina. Also, one finger on each hand has been into a “monofinger”: an implant that looks like a finger, but when detached, has the finger attached to the rest of the hand by a monomecular thread on a reel. The stats are: Hard-tech; Dam: Str+5d10 L, Man W (only!), +3 diff to dodge; a botch counts as a successful attack by


---Brain Drain(4): All abilities (except Etiquette, and any skill based off of Strength. Stamina, and Dexterity, or Appearance) are +2 difficulty.

---Servitude(2): All ninjteks must serve someone. They all serve unquestioningly. Should their current master die, another suitable master shall be assigned.

Design Notes: Obviously a Gibson tribute…That, and there was this “Strike Force: Morituri” (Gee, wonder where we’ve heard that in Jamais’ work;-)…), which when they attempted a revival of sorts via a 5-issue mini-series called “Electric Undertow”, had a group that used “cyber-ninjas”. They were so creepy that I knew had to find another use for them…

Sharaki (Clanswoman): Found on a small world at the edge of the galaxy, the Sharaki (pl; singular is "Akshar") soon found its fans among the Sterma; after, of course, certain "modifications" had to be made.

The first was to the chromosomes of the women; the men were soon killed. The other was to their adaptation; the predators of their native world were so vicious that the only way to escape them had been to evolve the ability to disalign their molecules from normal matter, that is, they can walk through matter like it's not even there. Originally, the ability was adrenal-based; it would only work if the akshar was under attack, and it would tire the akshar quickly. Now, it lasts as long as a held breath, and is only as tiring as a quick jog.

Suffice to say, they have a definite grudge against the Sterma, and the Sterma have found a use for this trait: The Sharaki are generally used as to assassinate other Sterma.

Note: "Sharaki" translates as "Revengers". "Akshar" translates as "Avenger".

General Reputation: As assassins, they are second to none. As swordswomen, they are without peer. They leave a lot to be desired as long-range combatants. Messing with one is debatable; messing with a whole clan is suicide.

General Physical Traits: Humanoid female. 5'10/140 lbs. Athletic with no bulk. Clan tattoo on right hand, personal tattoo on left, and face is tattooed with a graphic design. Hair tends towards red, eyes tend to be green. They are completely clothed, usually in dark colors. They always carry a sword of some sort.

General Psychological: Traits: Pragmatic. Will do anything to damage, preferably kill, the Sterma. Deeply religious; every akshar has its own day in which she may do no nothing but atone for murders she has done. on that day, she may not kill or even draw blood; there are no other limits. Some akshar have a specific time each day that they do nothing but pray on their knees for at least ten full minutes; they do this to remember their men. Some have converted to Catholicism, finding solace in that specific religion’s rituals, especially the confessional.

Tactics/Strategy: Quickly in, quicker out. Your target needs to die so that you may eventually kill a bigger target; be at least merciful to he whose death is but a way to final revenge. In your off time, meditate and practice so that your revenge shall be quick and sweet.

Eating Habits: Omnivorous.

Total Population: 250,000

Reproduction: One: Female. Mostly nonexistent; as most are chaste. The few that do require a long courtship ritual before they will even consider a suitor's advances; they require an oath of life-long fidelity afterwards. The child of an akshar will usually (90%) be female, and an akshar (60%). Some clans, however, have an “inverted harem”; up to twenty clanswomen will share a male, who is secluded; the man will be spoiled in all ways, excluding freedom.

Allegiance Skills: Awareness, Survival, Meditation, Athletics, Stealth, Melee


---Assassin Training: Stealth and Athletics rolls are +2 dice. Melee is +3 dice.

---Molecular Disalignment: Sharaki may walk through matter as if it does not exist for as long as they can hold their breath. They may not carry any living beings into the disaligned state with them, and they may not go through force fields. While disaligned, they take damage from energy attacks like any other being, but are unaffected by any physical attacks (including gases). Basically, treat as Density Control (Decrease) (as per the Aberrant power), but gases don’t effect the akshar.


---Assassin Focus(5): All Intelliengece-based skills (except Intrusion and Survival) and any other combat skill (excluding Athletics and Melee, and either Brawl or Martial Arts) are limited to 3 dots.

---Obsession: Revenge(2): Besides the noted religious beliefs, Sharaki will volunteer for any mission with the Sterma as targets.

Design Notes: Kitty Pryde is not someone to mess with. She has twice taken on Wolverine, and kicked his butt on both occasions. She’s also taken on an ersatz version of one of Galactus’ Heralds (Airwalker), and has helped save an entire planet from Sentinels. Her “ninja” skills, strategic knack, and phasing ability definitely make her a force to be reckoned with. I was curious what would happen if you combined her with Red Sonja…

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Technoids: A GatesTech lab experiment gone awry, the Technoids have their supporters. They are used solely on missions which require no more than one entity, such as infiltration or assassination. Otherwise, they tend to get in each other's way. Also, one may be assigned to a unit as a backup, or the

unit may be assigned to it to ensure that the mission gets accomplished.

Recently, entire colonies of technoids have been found, leading to speculation that the techno-organic creatures are sentient. Although the application of Turing's Theory (essentially, if you can converse with a computer and you are sure that you are not hearing pre-programmed responses, then the computer

is intelligent) has shown signs of awareness, the overall sophistication of the technoids has sown seeds of doubt into the argument.

General Reputation: Technoids are creepy. They show up out of nowhere and kill, then disappear in the confusion. They are about as emotional as rocks. The calculators are cold, mechanical,, and efficient.

General Physical Traits: Humanoid. 6'0"/250 lbs. A tangle of black, red and white wires taken human form. Eyes are glowing red, no hair. Clothing is used only for disguises.

General Psychological Traits: Intelligent, logical, and cient; technoids research a target as much as possible, use tactical firepower. They are cold and ruthless in combat, and "rest" by reading encyclopedias. Groups are more powerful together than apart.

Tactics/Strategy: You have but a short time before your parts self-destruct. Do what it takes to get your mission over, but take the time to do it right or someone will waste his life merely correcting your mistakes.

Eating Habits: Electricity (in very small doses).

Total Population: 3000

Reproduction: “Sex” is merely programming a smaller module and allowing one of the two programmers to educate the smaller module by long-term interface. This is inefficient. Instead, each technoid will assemble a “child,” that will mature within months. Generally, each teknoid will only “birth” two children.

Allegiance Skills: Subterfuge, Perform, Academics, Intrusion, Engineering, Linguistics


---Cyberempathy: Technoids may extend a feeler up to 10' away from their main body. This gives them Technokinesis 3. This ability may not be increased.

---Limited Shapechange: Technoids may duplicate any person that they have observed for at least two days, and researched for at least five. Treat this as -4 difficulty Disguise. They may also stretch their arms, legs, and necks up to 2m per point of Dexterity.

---Physical Regeneration: A technoid may regenerate body parts by eating metals and silicates. They heal 1 health level per 30 lbs of metal and silicates eaten..


---Robotic Thoughts(2): Social difficulties are at +2. However, they do gain +5 Willpower against telepathic abilities.

---Technological Nature(Can’t be bought off): They suffer triple effects from electric and magnetic attacks. They trigger any disadvantages based on tech,, such as hatred or fascination of hi-tech. Also, they be hacked, with their Willpower acting as Failsafe.

Design Notes: Keep in mind that when this race was first designed, Warlock was member of the New Mutants, and Douglas Ramsey had not given his life for Rahn. Also, the idea was “Tech Marvel finding it’s own way in the world”…)

Thrax (Hoppers): Originally from a world of almost twenty sentient races, the thrax were weapons dealers even then. When The Sterma came, the thrax helped to enslave all of the races and soon became the supply sergeants of The Empire. The other races soon became extinct because they simply didn’t serve The Sterma’s need.

Recently (about two centuries ago), they have had a major change of heart and have been supplying underground factions in The Empire. It is unknown why there has been this change of heart, but it is being taken full advantage. It is also worth noting that they have really started to trade intensely with the greks, especially for things to make their steamrooms more, chic.

For their part, The Sterna began to track down and destroy any rituals not involving their specific element around three centuries ago. Fire-attuned Sterma have been really fervent about water-based rituals.

General Reputation: It is almost a given that every thrax grandmother has been sold at least once by every one of her grandchildren for some semi-important piece of gear.

General Physical Traits: They are grasshoppers that walk like men. 5’0/200 lbs. Exoskeleton coloration varies with specimen. They generally dress in business clothing of the race they are currently dealing with, and robes while in the steambaths.

General Psychological Traits: Profit is the bottom line. They like to sit in steambaths when they are not cutting deals; in fact, while inside it is forbidden to cut any deals. Although both sexes are completely equal, they remain segregated throughout the year.

Tactics and Strategy: Ruin your rivals by buying up his business and then driving it to the ground. In battle, hire mercenaries, and hope you don't have to use your rifle.

Eating Habits: Herbivorous

Total Population: 1,750,000 (M: 900,000; F: 850,000)

Reproduction: Two sexes: Male and female. Once per year, all the males and females of a given colony go into an underground space for one night of debauchery. A few months later, eggs are laid in the nursery. The young are evenly distributed among all the inhabitants. Deals in these matters are forbidden.

Allegiance Skills: Style, Savvy, Bureaucracy, Etiquette, Subterfuge, Linguistics


---Insectoid: Smell and taste are Acute. Their exoskeleton provides +3[3] Soak. They may leap up

to 10xheight (but consider it vulgar and barbaric to do more than walk or ride). Should a non-arthropod try telepathy on them, their Willpower is +5.

---Social Skills: All social dice pools are increased by +2 dice.


---Insectoid(4): All sight-and hearing-based Awareness rolls are at +3 difficulty. They also tend to face a bit of discrimination as insects.

---Non-physical(3): All Physical ability dice pools are at +2 difficulty.

Design Notes: Anyone who claims to be a sci-fi fan doesn’t recognize an obvious Alan Dean Foster tribute should be shot on sight…

Zzythys (Lizards): originally from a backwater island, thelizards have been forced to become the foot-soldiers of aliens. They do an excellent job, and like the rewards that they reap. The Sterma treat them as warriors should be treated, with respect, and the Zzythys like this.

However, any large group have their dissenters, and the voices of dissent have begun to get louder. There is a movement, strong and numerous, that wishes to return to their homeplanet, and return to their ancestral swamps. As more and more of the race tires of unending battle, this faction threatens to turn the race into a civil war.

General Reputation: Primitive, yet very good at what they do. Very easily irritated, and without a sense of humor.

General Physical Traits: Humanoid. 5'4"/150 lbs. Covered in dark green scales. Wear little clothing, and it's usually leather.

General Psychological Traits: Easily irritated with no sense of humor. Honorable,, and somewhat religious. Both sexes are equal, even though females must be protected while hatching eggs. Prefer a loose hierarchy.

Tactics/Strategy: All of life is a battle; enjoy what time of peace there are to the limit, but always keep an eye out for trouble. Missile fire merely allows cowards to kill without thinking about qho they are firing upon. Sneak up on your enemy, then charge him. Enjoy the sight of fear as you cut him down. If necessity demands that you strike from far, then use silence as a you would your sword; a weapon of devastation.

Eating Habits: Carnivorous. Raw meat only.

Total Population: 8,750,000,000 (M: 5,250,000,000; F: 3,500,000,000)

Reproduction: Two sexes: Male and female. After a mating ritual involving ritual combat, the couple mates. The male guards the female until the eggs hatch. Both raise the children until the children reach maturity (2 yrs.). Then the children must fend for themselves. The couple then splits up, hopefully to never meet again.

Allegiance Skills: As per the Legions.


---Lizard Nature: Acute smell and taste; may track by scent. Scales give them +5[5] Soak.


---Bad Mood(2): They incur a +1 difficulty on Social skills due to their constant bad mood.

---Primitive(5): Using technology above the level of South American tribesmen (knives, blowguns, herbal remedies) incurs a +2 difficulty penalty.

Design Note: The obligatory reptile race. A bit cliched, but a decent antagonist.

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And last, but definitely not least...

The Sterma: Aeons ago, two races developed on different worlds. They were conqueror species, who killed, enslaved and, well, conquered star systems by the score. There was a price to be paid, however; although extremely powerful, and extremely long-lived, they could not procreate as fast as the other races.

One race developed fantastic psionic powers, and evolved to the point where they needed to temporarily take over hosts in order to deal with the physical world. [Editor’s Note: NO! Not the Doyenne!] The other race became as one with the elements of their world, even able to change into those elements for extended periods of time. Time whittled these species until only a few hundred of each existed.

And then there was a fateful accident. Just over two centuries ago, an energy wave of unknown origin washed over the various fleets, just as they were about to transport themselves, forcing them into the same system. After a few skirmishes, they began to talk and compare notes. Although the psi/quantum would be problematical, each race had what the other needed for actual immortality! They decided to merge every so often, which should keep their vital energies refreshed enough.

One of each race volunteered. However, on merging, the psi and quantum reacted with each strangely. The disembodied alien lost their psionic abilities, while merging (psychologically) completely with elemental,

who gained quantum versions of some of their powers, and the overall power of the amalagated being was more than any other being previously.

In a few short decades, the original species were extinct, while the amalagated beings, now calling themselves “The Sterma” (literally, “the”=”power”, “sterma”=master(s), so “Master(s) of Power). And they’re intent on taking over the universe.

General Reputation: Malicious, power-mad, and willing to succeed no matter how many people die. The Sterma are like Galactic Roman Nazis, trying to build an empire on the bodies of their servitor races.

General Physical Traits: 30”/10 tons. A single Sterma has a definite elemental focus, and its form incorporates that element. A Sterma is vaguely humanoid, and composed of whatever element it favors.

General Psychological Traits: Think Chaotic Evil with emphasis on the “Chaotic”. They are definitely selfish, conceited, and willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead; assassination, war and love are just tools. However, they tend to do apparently random things that tend to work in their favor, whether it’s losing a battle, letting someone “sneak” past them, or even encouraging the “good guys”, who happen to be taking out other Sterma. Imagine a race that’s figured it’s on the way out (due to their highly competitive nature) and wants to take out everyone with it, but still feels that the survivors should be comfy.


Tactics/Strategy: Do what you can to win. Lose on purpose to break a tie, then slay the victor. Don’t cheat, because then your opponent feels he can as well. Taunt your enemies to attack by telling them all your plans, then go ahead with them to the letter; sometimes you’ll upset him to the point of winning quicker than you planned. Find a group of so-called “heroes” and send them against your enemies, all the while acting as the poor, defenseless mentor. You may be as powerful as some fleets, but might doesn’t necessarily make right; the victor does.

Eating Habits: Raw Quantum.

Total Population: 250

Reproduction: Not applicable.

Allegiance Skills: Command, Style, Martial Arts, Interrogation, Science, Engineering


---Quantum Nature: The Sterma start with Mega-Int 5 (Analyze Weakness, Eidetic Memory, and Mental Prodigy (Tactical)) Quantum 6, Quantum Pool 34, Node 3, and Telepathy (Surreptitious and Channeling) 6, ESP (Distance Scan) 6 and either Armor 4 or Flight 4. They also have Elemental Authority 5, Transit (Incontiguous) 6, Bodymorph 6, all on a common elemental theme (specifically: fire, water, earth, or air; no others have been seen). The sole variations on this theme have been increased power, different extras, or more powers, but all Sterma have these powers as a base. They also have other mega-attributes and quantum backgrounds, but those are highly individualized.

---Personal Fleet: The Sterma also have the Legions, Avarice Beyond Dreams, and Sanctum Sanctorum background enhancements, as well as Menagerie 5 and Backing 5.


---Alien Thought Process(7): Enough to give telepaths a +5 difficulty, The Sterma tend to be so far ahead of anyone that reads their mind, that it’s more like reading a thousand CPU’s working in parallel. This gives them a +2 difficulty on social rolls, and reduces their Initiative (regardless of enhancements or powers) to 1.

---Taint(Not Applicable): All Sterma have Permanent Power: Bodymorph. Keep in mind that they have Taint=Quantum -3, with no Chrysalis, giving them other Taint problems. This is usually manifested as personality problems.

Design Note: Just think…The original version is worse…If you change the origin of the two species from “two separate systems” to “two separate dimensions”, and “fateful accident” to “accidentally pierced the dimensional veil while attempting to take over Earth” you get the gist of the original version.

Shooting the player who ABSOLUTELY HAS TO PLAY ONE, BTW, is legitimate grounds for exteme prejudice in some states…

Basically, I needed a race of bad guys, and, well, um, they were the only ones to apply. After noting that other races that had thought about applying had either run from the position, had “reconsidered”, or had mysteriously become extinct, I thought that these guys would do okay in the position…

Seriously though: It’s worth noting that I created The Sterma before the Trinity game was even conceived, and well before the revelations of Earth: Final Conflict. But that’s just me being bitter; I still love both!

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